Chapter 298 Humming Fish

Perhaps because he was in a new environment, but Han Fei felt that the air smelled really fresh.
The sky was as cyan as jade and the sea was as blue as sapphire! All he could see was the vast blue sea.


Han Fei had just landed the fishing boat on the surface of the sea, and humming sounds came from a near distance.

“Huh? What sound is it?”

Han Fei poked his head out, only to see a few colorful fishes, like butterflies, covered in red and white, and less than half a meter long, sticking their heads out of the sea one after another.

Data appeared in front of his eyes.

Humming Fish

It’s a common fish that tends to move in schools and is inedible.
They will make a crisp and pleasant sound… Their skulls can be used as a musical instrument.



462 Points


Music Skull

Han Fei thought it was incredible that there was such a special fish! They could make a sound and their heads could be used as a musical instrument? That was awesome!

The Humming Fish didn’t seem to be afraid of humans.
Seeing Han Fei looking at them, they also gathered around.
Like a group of curious babies, they stared at Han Fei curiously with their big watery eyes as they made humming sounds.

At first, there were only three or two Humming Fish and they were scattered.
However, because Han Fei didn’t have any aggressive behavior, more and more Humming Fish came over.
Only a moment later, hundreds or even thousands of Humming Fish appeared in front of Han Fei.

“Hum… Hum…”

At first, Han Fei thought the Humming Fish were very cute.
However, when thousands of Humming Fish gathered around, it was not cute at all.

At this moment, Han Fei only felt that his brain was hurting, and his head was vibrating.

Han Fei picked up his fishing rod, poked a few Humming Fish, and pressed their heads into the water.
But as soon as the fishing rod was retracted, they popped up and made more violent sounds.

“Shit… Go away! Go away… You’re too noisy!”

Han Fei struck the sea surface with his fishing rod and drew a splash of water in the water, frightening the Humming Fish.

Han Fei laughed as he watched the Humming Fish escape.
“You coward fish.”

Han Fei was not in a hurry to fish.
He took out two fish-skin maps and read them.

However, before he could open the maps, the humming sounds came again.

“Damn! Are they back?”

Han Fei poked his head out, only to find that the sides of the fishing boat were densely covered with Humming Fish.

This time, the humming sounds became louder and louder, and Han Fei checked around the fishing boat and found that there were Humming Fish all around.
These guys huddled together, head to head, opened their mouths, and were humming at the fishing boat.
This creepy scene stunned Han Fei.

“Fuck off! I have no time to play with you.”

Han Fei took out his rod, stirred around the fishing boat, and the schools of fish retreated again.

But before Han Fei sat down again, these shameless things came again.
“Go to hell…”

Han Fei was speechless.
Were the fish crazy? If the level-three fishery is full of all these annoying things, how could he embark on this adventure?

When a Humming Fish was killed, to Han Fei’s surprise, it began to become chaotic.
These Humming Fish began to flop and jump on the surface of the sea.

And their humming voices seemed to be magical, like a 3D stereo, echoing in Han Fei’s ears.

After a while, the sea was shaking.
The intermittent tremor of the sea caused by the high-frequency humming sound caused Han Fei’s fishing boat to shake violently as if it were equipped with a large electric motor.

This kind of sound wave came from the outside to the inside, and Han Fei felt that his head was being pricked by needles and he had a sharp pain in his brain.
“Million Knife Art… Kill…”

As the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shuttled in the sea, Han Fei even summoned Nine Tails, and the nine-star chain was churning wildly in the sea.
In a moment, a large number of Humming Fish were shredded.

While Han Fei thought he had scared them away, the humming sounds rang again.

“Hum, Hum, Hum…”


Han Fei drew a long face and was very angry! I’ve just come to the level-three fishery and what welcomed me was these crazy fish?! Shit! “F*ck you…”

Han Fei put away the maps and chose to fly the fishing boat into the sky.
Okay, you win.
I give the sea to you, OK? This was the first time that Han Fei had ever met a fish he didn’t know how to deal with!

After flying out more than five hundred miles in one breath, Han Fei let the fishing boat land again.

Fortunately, this time he didn’t encounter a horrible fish like Humming Fish.

Han Fei held the fishing rod and waved the hook out with a “swish”.

Han Fei did not continue to look at the map but to check the situation underwater.
After all, he was not familiar with the environment here.
The fish here were all level-30 or above, so he’d better explore it first.

He wouldn’t hesitate to take an adventure, but he still had to be careful.

After a year of practice, Han Fei had borne in mind the third piece of the God Scaring Painting.
Now his scope of spiritual perception was 250 meters.

He spent most of his time studying the arrays.
Otherwise, if he concentrated on practicing the God Scaring Painting, at this moment, his scope of spiritual perception would have exceeded 500 meters.

Underwater, as soon as the fish hook was dropped, he saw some finger-shaped shellfish.
These shellfish had a tentacle placed outside the shell and moved forward by spraying water.

He didn’t need the Demon Purification Pot to give him any information.
He had read about this creature in the book Wenren Yu gave him.

This shellfish was called Razor Clam, but although it was seemingly small and vulnerable, it was actually a level-10 creature.
Once in danger, thousands of razor clams would gather and turn into a huge stone.
And there would be barbed thorns sticking out of the shell for defense.

Then Han Fei saw some palm-sized prawns.
Their bodies were arched but there were two tentacles nearly half a meter long on their foreheads.

These were Red-Browed Prawns.
When they were swimming, their two “red eyebrows” were dancing in the water, which looked beautiful.

In addition to Red-Browed Prawns, there were some common creatures such as Butterfly Star Worms, Snow Snails, Gluttonous Fish and so on.
Because the biological species were too complicated, Han Fei just recognized a few hastily and didn’t pay any more attention to them.

The first thing Han Fei did was put the hook into the water, trying to test the depth of the sea.
However, the hook quickly went 500 meters deep without touching the bottom of the sea.

Much large fish had appeared around, and these creatures were the main threat in the level-three fishery.

When the hook was 800 meters deep, it finally reached the seabed.

Huh, a random place is more than 800 meters deep.
The water depth of a thousand meters must be normal in the three-level fishery.

Han Fei was thinking about the depth of the water, but suddenly saw a big fish of four or five meters long casually swimming past.

“Huh? Black-Moon Sickle Fish?”

This was a black, yellow, and white fish with an erect, flat body and a beak-like mouth.
Its back was different from other fish.
Other fish had dorsal fins, while this fish’s dorsal fin was a sickle-shaped scimitar, which was extremely sharp.

When Han Fei saw this fish, the first thing that came to his mind was Horned Sickle Fish.
The two were so similar, except that the size of the Black-Moon Sickle Fish was dozens of times the size of the Horn Sickle Fish.

Han Fei changed the fishing hooks and lines into the water and had them approach the Black-Moon Sickle Fish with the Winding Snake Technique.
But when Han Fei was launching the Flash Hook Technique and Thousand Twining, the fish swished away and suddenly slipped tens of meters away.

“Shit… Is the fish so smart?”

Han Fei was surprised, but then he saw the Black-Moon Sickle Fish flash past, cutting the fish line with the sickle on his back.

Han Fei was shocked.
I have already concealed the fishing line with the Water Vein Technique! How could the fish discover it?

But Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let it destroy his spiritual weapon-level fishing line.

Just when the sickle cut across the fishing line, he instantly activated the Thousand Twining, but this fish was too big, before it was tied up, it slipped away again.

“Ha, it’s interesting! No wonder it’s said that the fish in the level-three fishery are very smart.
It seems that they are really smart!”

Han Fei was not discouraged.
Although this fish ran off, he still had many others to catch.

So Han Fei changed his strategy.
I can’t catch the fish, but I can still fish them!

The fish hook of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Pole turned into a small fish with forearm length.
It was controlled by Han Fei to dive into the sand and rocks on the seabed, pretending to be foraging.

As far as Han Fei perceived, there were no less than 30 kinds of creatures interested in this spiritual energy fish.

“Haha, a fish is a fish.
How can you be smarter than me?”






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