Chapter 295 About the Level- Three Fishery

That night, Han Fei sneaked out and made multiple copies of the map.
At that moment, Han Fei felt that the whole world belonged to him.

The next morning, Han Fei ran into the library.
President, rise and shine!”

“Do you think I’m dead?”

Old Bai walked out of the library and said gloomily, “Why are you screaming here instead of making breakfast?”

Han Fei grimaced and asked, “Mr.
President, do you have the fourth level of the True Spirit Fishing Art?”

old Bai said angrily, “Are you really going to practice to the end of the True Spirit Fishing


Han Fei said, “I don’t have much time.
What else should I practice if not the art I’m most familiar with?”

Old Bai stared at Han Fei and returned to the library.
Soon, he came out with two books and threw them to Han Fei.

Old Bai said with mixed feelings, “Though the True Spirit Fishing Art is a regular art, all the fishing arts have been written and compiled based on this art.
These are the fourth level and the fifth level of the art.
You can take them…”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
President, what about the sixth level?”

Old Bai replied casually, “I knew you would ask.
The sixth level is rare, because it’s not created for ordinary people.
But of course, you may find it in the Thousand Star City from those who like to collect unique copies of books.”

Then, Old Bai looked at Han Fei and said, “However, I need to remind you that you might not find the seventh level and above of the True Spirit Fishing Art even in the Thousand Star City.
So, you can still change your art while you still can.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow.
It seemed that the higher the level was, the less cheap the True Spirit Fishing Art was.
It would be hard for him to find the higher levels.

Han Fei thought to himself, The deduction of the fourth level required ten million points of spiritual energy, so the fifth level would probably require a hundred million… As for the sixth level, he would probably be a dominator of the Thousand Star City after he could even reach the sixth level…

He immediately smiled.
“That’s fine.
I’ll pick up a different art by then.”

Han Fei walked away with a smile.
On his way, he browsed through the True Spirit Fishing Art.
Very soon, the fourth level of the art popped up in his head.

True Spirit Fishing Art (incomplete)

Hook Battle Technique (incomplete)

Note: This generic ancient art is now incomplete after the passage of time Repairing it will cost 10,000,000 points of spiritual energy.

Superseding Art: Void Fishing

Killing Hook Skill

Completion: 0/10,000,000

“Huh? Killing Hook Skill? Why is it not the skill of Thousand Kilometer Fishing?”

Han Fei then continued reading.

True Spirit Fishing Art (incomplete)

Foot Distance Art (incomplete)

Note: This ancient generic art is now incomplete after the passage of time.
Repairing it will cost 100,000,000 points of spiritual energy.

Superseding Art: Void Fishing

Void Breaking Technique

Completion: 0/100,000,000

Han Fei felt a strong headache.
Just as he expected, the deduction of the fifth level alone required 100,000,000 points of spiritual energy.
Where could he find so much spiritual energy?

Han Fei smiled bitterly.
The spiritual energy back in the Fire Cloud Cave seemed plenty enough, but it contained only twenty million points of spiritual energy, which meant that he needed five such spiritual springs for one deduction.

When Han Fei was deep in thought, Zhang Xuanyu appeared out of nowhere and laid his hands on Han Fei’s shoulder.
“Han Fei, let me tell you.
I’ve found a treasure!”

Han Fei asked, not entirely interested, “What treasure can you find in the town? The good stuff is in the ocean!”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled.
“Are you silly? Shouldn’t we get a map of the level-three fishery before we explore it? I’ve bought one with two thousand mid-quality pearls! Hundreds of dangerous places have been marked on it! Am I not good?”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow and looked at Zhang Xuanyu in shock, wondering if he could tell Zhang Xuanyu about his map that had much more detailed marks.

Han Fei decided not to tell him and simply show the map before their departure.
He was sure that the man would be stupefied.

Somewhere not far away, Xia Xiaochan and the rest of them had prepared their luggage.

However, Han Fei’s eyes cramped when he saw the pot three meters in diameter next to Le Renkuang that was filled with all kinds of spiritual fruits and seasonings.

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Are you going out to gain more experience, or are you going on a vacation?”

Le Renkuang chuckled.
“We’re going to be away for a year! Shouldn’t I carry enough of them with me? I would’ve carried more if the Sea Swallowing Seashell were bigger.”

Han Fei was lost for words, as the man was talking as if he had a Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Han Fei would’ve turned a blind eye to Le Renkuang if he hadn’t acquired a spacious Sea Swallowing Seashell from Sun


However, before Han Fei complained, Xiao Zhan had criticized him from far away, “Le Renkuang, are you going on a vacation? Why don’t you just kill yourself with food?”

Le Renkuang scratched his head pitifully.
“That’s not a lot at all! It’s only enough for a month, if I eat it frugally, or my life will be tough!”

Xiao Zhan almost burst into laughter.
“Wait… Who told you that you will be teleported to the same place?”


Everybody was stunned.
What was the meaning of that? Would they be teleported to different places like the trip in the Fiery Mountain?

Xiao Zhan said, “The level-three fishery is a dangerous training field.
If the teleportation can be oriented, would I have kept you so long? I could’ve organized a thousand people to explore the level-three fishery together, and no treasures would be left for you at all.”

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Are we not going to be together?”

Xiao Zhan was rendered speechless.
“Of course not! The level-three fishery is a life-and-death experience for anyone.
If the teleportation is oriented, why do you think I and Mrs.
Wenren do not go with you?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
They would be much more dangerous if they were dispersed after teleportation.

He knew that he was not weak, but his team had better comprehensive abilities with all the five classes.
After all, everybody had their own specialties.

Wenren Yu came too.
Looking at the hotpot ingredients all over the ground, she shook her head.
“I forgot to tell you that although the level-three fishery is huge, a lot of people from the 36 towns go there, and it’s not unusual for ruthless fishers to kill each other for treasures.”

Xiao Zhan said, “The level-three fishery is much more dangerous than the level-two fishery apart from other adventurers.
You need to deal with everything above and in the water.
Who’s going to cook for you?”

After a pause, Xiao Zhan went on, “Also, the level-three fishery is open to the Thousand Star City too.
Anybody not stronger than a Hanging Fisher is allowed to go there.
So, since you killed Sun Ye, Han Fei, someone from the Thousand Star City will definitely try to kill you.”

Le Renkuang was shocked.
“Then what should we do? Those guys are really strong.” Xiao Zhan snorted.
“What are you scared of? The level-three fishery is too big.
You think you can just run into them?”

Han Fei did not consider it a big deal.
He was confident as long as the enemy could not kill him with a simple slap.
After all, he was now a Dangling Fisher, and he could always escape.

Luo Xiaobai asked, “How can we reunite?”

Wenren Yu shook her head.
“It’s barely possible, unless you’re terribly lucky.
But of course, you might encounter each other on the dragon boat…”

“The dragon boat?”

Seeing that everybody was at a loss, Wenren Yu shook her head.
“We’re not asking you to go today.
Today, we’re having a special lecture on the things you should remember in the level-three fishery.”

Xia Xiaochan said unhurriedly, “I knew that it couldn’t be so simple! Le Renkuang, you’ve picked your spiritual fruits for nothing.”

Le Renkuang said bitterly, “I’m really unlucky!”

Han Fei, however, asked curiously, “Sir, what’s a dragon boat?”

Pacing before them, Xiao Zhan said, “The things I’m going to talk about concerns your life.
So, make sure they’re etched in your head.”

“Firstly, the dragon boat, which is the only safe area in the level-three fishery.
It’s thousands of meters in width and length.”

“On the dragon boat, nobody is allowed to attack one another, and adventurers can trade with each other, take a rest, or hire other people.”

Everybody was shocked.

Han Fei exclaimed, “Thousands of meters in width and length? Sir, you must be bragging!” Xiao Zhan snorted.
“You think I’m bragging?” Han Fei swallowed.
What kind of boat was that? It was more like a spaceship when its size could be calculated in kilometers instead of meters!

Xia Xiaochan counted her fingers and asked, “More than three thousand meters wide and thirty thousand meters long… How huge must that be?”

Xiao Zhan sneered.
“Huge? There are a hundred such dragon boats in the level-three fishery.”

Le Renkuang was dumbfounded.
“So many?”

Wenren Yu smiled.
“It’s not a lot, compared to the vastness of the level-three fishery… If you want to return to the Blue Sea Town later, you will have to take the teleportation array on the dragon boat.”

Luo Xiaobai took a deep breath and asked, “Madam, is there anything apart from the dragon boats?”

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