Wang Baiyu sent Han Fei away first because he did not want Han Fei to know the real purpose of his trip.

Han Fei did not want to pry into it, either.
Being rescued was good enough for him.
The only bad thing was that he owed the guy a favor.

In the departure port, the receptionist was surprised to see Han Fei.

The receptionist asked, “It’s been five days, you’re still alive?”

Han Fei said, “Sister Qin, it’s a long story.
My boat was deliberately damaged…”

Han Fei explained everything quickly.
The receptionist frowned, her face cold and expressionless.

She said, “I’ll have someone investigate it.
If it’s true, the Supervision Department will give you an answer.”

As Wang Baiyu said, the port did not levy fish tax on him, because Han Fei’s indictment still required investigation.
If it was fake, Han Fei would have to do much more than paying fish tax.
If it was true, the port authorities wouldn’t let go of whoever sabotaged the boat.

Han Fei left the port with seven mid-quality pearls, six of which were from Wang Baiyu.

Han Fei’s return did not catch any attention.
Instead of going home or to school, Han Fei decided to increase his capabilities since Wang Baiyu mentioned that his enemy could be a peak fisher.

He was not so desperate before, but it was impossible for a level-five fisher to defeat a peak fisher who was multiple levels higher than him, if not a fishing master, whatever his weapon was.

After an hour, Han Fei walked to the business area in the western port of the island, where he found a blacksmith.

A brawny man with exposed arms smiled at him.
“Brother, what can I get you?”

Han Fei asked, “Can you coat my rod with iron?”

Unlike He Xiaoyu, Han Fei did not have a fishing master father, who ensured that her bamboo rod wouldn’t be looted.
Although Han Fei could count on Tang Ge, he did not think that it would be easy to meet Tang Ge again after Fang Ze took him away.

The blacksmith was amazed by Han Fei’s purple bamboo rod.
“Where did you get this rod? Wow, it’s so extraordinary!”

Han Fei said warily, “One of my seniors gave it to me, but I found it too high profile.
Uncle, can you coat it or not? If not, I’ll find someone else!”

The blacksmith said, “Of course I can! But this is a great rod as it is.
Is your senior a fishing master?”

Narrowing his eyes, Han Fei said, “A little bit higher.”

The blacksmith lowered his voice, “A peak fishing master?”

Han Fei asked, “Uncle, are fishing masters the best experts you’ve seen?”

The blacksmith was shocked.
“You mean the village leader? That’s impossible.
The village leader doesn’t have a nephew.”

Han Fei said, “Uncle, do you really think that there is only one grand fishing master in Heavenly Water Village?”


The blacksmith changed his face greatly.
Some people said that the grandfather of the Wang family became a grand fishing master a long time ago.
The leader of the Tigers was also reaching for the level of grand fishing master.
Was this boy related to them? Or were there more hidden experts in Heavenly Water Village?

Han Fei said, “Uncle, certain things are best left unknown, do you understand?”

Seeing that Han Fei was proud and confident, the blacksmith nodded.
At the very least, Han Fei’s look was rather convincing.

The blacksmith said, “I can do that.
It will only take a moment.”

Han Fei waited for a quarter.
He was quite satisfied with the rod once it was entirely blackened.
Ignoring the blacksmith’s puzzled looks, he disappeared into the crowd.

What Han Fei did not know was that the blacksmith locked the door and left immediately after he left.

Han Fei visited many stores before he finally left the western port and returned to the eastern port he came from.

After returning to the place that he was familiar with, Han Fei finally cursed the expensive service aloud, which cost him eighteen low-quality pearls.

In Wang Jie’s store, the manager was calculating the accounts when he saw a familiar person.
Wasn’t it his boss’s student?

Guan, what are you busy with?”

Guan said, “I didn’t expect to see you.
Why, are you rich again? What would you like to buy?”

Han Fei asked in a low voice, “Mr.
Guan, is there anything better than the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid here?”

Guan immediately asked in surprise, “Better than the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid? Do you want the Spirit Refilling Pill? Can you afford it?”

Han Fei was surprised that something was indeed available.
He asked interestedly, “Mr.
Guan, I’ve earned some money.
How much is the Spirit Refilling Pill?”

Guan said, “The Spirit Refilling Pill can quickly refill three hundred points of spiritual energy.
It’s mainly sold to the peak fishermen.
Why do you want it? Besides, every pill costs two mid-quality pearls.
Can you afford it?”

Han Fei was rather shocked.
Two mid-quality pearls for three hundred points of spiritual energy? That was too expensive.

However, Han Fei still asked, “Mr.
Guan, how fast can the Spirit Refilling Pill refill spiritual energy? It’s rather expensive.”

Guan smiled.
“It only takes ten seconds.
Two mid-quality pearls is actually a fair price.”

Han Fei chuckled.
Guan, is there anything better? Do you have anything that can nurture the veins or increase spiritual energy?”

“You’re quite a dreamer, aren’t you? Even if they are available in my store, they will be reserved by my boss… Huh, there’s a bottle of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid that is of no use to my boss anymore.
I can sell it for six mid-quality pearls, since you’re my boss’s student.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
Guan, I would like that.”

He took six shiny mid-quality pearls from his pocket.

Guan was immediately shocked.
“You’re just a student.
Where did you get the money?”

Without thinking, Han Fei said, “My brother gave it to me! My brother was recruited by the angel as a disciple for his Level Seven Spiritual Heritage.
He gave you a couple of mid-quality pearls.”

Tang Ge is your brother?”

Han Fei asked, “Mr.
Guan, do you know my brother?”

Guan said, “Of course.
Who in Heavenly Water Village doesn’t know Tang Ge? His Spiritual Heritage is too good even for the town.
Wait, if you are his brother, why don’t you ask him for it instead of buying it in my store?”

Han Fei pretended to smile bitterly.
“I wouldn’t buy it if I could meet him.
Angel Fang Ze has been keeping him busy.
With the Fishing Trial coming, I can’t waste all my time waiting!”

Guan nodded.
“It does make sense.
Since you are Tang Ge’s brother, I’ll give you a 10% discount on this bottle of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid.”

Han Fei said, “Wow! Thank you, Mr.

Guan looked at Han Fei thoughtfully and said, “I know that you are eager in cultivation, but you must not be anxious.
The Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid is designed for peak fishermen.
You’d better not try it until you’re level six and not use too much at once.
Also, you must not make a breakthrough with the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid.
It’s a medication for cultivation, not for breakthroughs.”

Han Fei said, “Got it.
Thank you for your concern, Mr.
I would like to buy another two bottles of Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid.”

Han Fei felt like weeping after he left the store.
Training was truly costly! He thought he was rich just now, but in the blink of an eye, he had only 42 low-quality pearls left, which were not even enough to buy a knife.

However, Han Fei was much more relaxed now that his money had been spent.
He bought two big whelks, ten clams, and several kinds of sauces.
In the end, he had only six low-quality pearls left.

Han Fei mumbled all the way home.

If it weren’t for Tang Ge’s celebration, he wouldn’t buy anything so expensive as big whelks.
Two of them cost 24 low-quality pearls.
His heart was bleeding.

“They’re just big whelks.
I can catch several hundred of them later and make a fortune with them.
They’re everywhere at the bottom of the ocean.”

While Han Fei muttered to himself and approached his home, he saw several people at the gate of his house from far away.

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