Chapter 258 Sixth in the Top 100

Just when this mutant Devil Fish was almost cut into pieces by Han Fei, it finally accepted its fate.
If it still didn’t surrender, it would only die.

Han Fei smiled.
Just now, he almost wanted to give up catching this damn fish.
What if he got a creature similar to this creepy fish after he refined it with the Demon Purification Pot?!

Collecting the mutant Devil Fish, Han Fei looked at the Mist Hidden Grass.

Han Fei put away the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and held the Water Stirring Seal in his hand.
After four consecutive combos, this shield had become weaker.

Maybe the person who arranged this shield was not as powerful as he thought.
At least, after being hit by his fourth arrow, the shield shook and flickered several times.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Han Fei kept hitting the shield violently.
Each time he hit it, the surrounding water rippled.
Soon, the seawater in the cave was all shaken out.


After Han Fei hit dozens of times, the first crack appeared.

But at this moment, Han Fei suddenly turned around, only to see two boys running in.
One of them was dripping with blood and covered with wounds, and his face was disfigured.

The other person didn’t seem to be injured though.
Han Fei could feel that this boy was not weak and probably a peak-level great fishing master.
Seeing Han Fei, he was quite calm.

The two looked at Han Fei and the Mist Hidden Grass protected by the shield, then turned their eyes to the rock wall that Han Fei had smashed a big hole in, and frowned.

Han Fei waved at them.
“Hello there!”

Before the two answered, a girl rushed in from the other side.
Carrying two daggers, the girl was surprised when she saw Han Fei and the other two.

Han Fei grinned, it seemed that the situation was better than he expected.
If he guessed right, there were at least three Fiery Mountain Tokens on the two boys, and one on the girl, which meant that he was about to get four Fiery Mountain Tokens soon… That was great!

While Han Fei was still thinking of how to trick these three people, the girl suddenly approached him.
“I don’t know who you are, but the guy opposite you is Kong Yunfei of the First Academy, the sixth in the top 100 list.
We need to cooperate.
Otherwise, neither of us can run away.”

Han Fei blinked.

Over there, Kong Yunfei frowned slightly.
“Give me the spiritual grass and hand over your Fiery Mountain Token.
Then you can


Han Fei said, “Humph, don’t be arrogant.
I, Gu Tao, rank 80th in the top 100 list.
Kong Yunfei, if you dare to rob me, I won’t let you off!”

If Gu Tao were here, he would be stunned.
Shit, even if you wanted to pretend to be me, you should learn something about me, OK? I rank 96th, not 80th!

Kong Yunfei sneered.
Is this guy out of his mind? What makes him think he, the 8th in the top 100, can beat me, the sixth? Kong Yunfei had never paid attention to students below the top ten, so he didn’t know Han Fei was lying

But the girl suddenly sent him a message, You are not Gu Tao.
Have you met him? How is he?

Han Fei froze.
Damn, Gu Tao said he had a companion.
Is it this girl?

Han Fei responded, Don’t tell them! We are allies.

On the other side, Kong Yunfei gestured with a glance, and the boy beside him immediately rushed to another hole and held his armor box in his hand, ready to fight at any time.

Han Fei looked at the girl next to him.
What is Kong Yunfei’s profession? The girl was stunned.
You don’t know that?! Come on, he is the sixth in the top 100!

But she still answered, He is a soul warrior.
His spiritual beast, Phantom Eel is extremely fast and his Electric Light Slash is very powerful.

What about the other person?

The girl shook her head.
I don’t know him.
He is not in the top 100.

What about you? Han Fei asked.

The girl said, I’m the 100th in the top 100, Yuan Jia.
Who are you? Is Gu Tao still alive?

Yes… I, well, I am a lonely walker in the ocean.
Don’t ask me where I come from or where I am going.
I’m not going to tell you.
Yuan Jia: “???”

Yuan Jia wondered if this guy was a fool.
We’re in danger.
I’m not in the mood for jokes, okay?

Han Fei finally became a bit serious.
Well, why didn’t you run away just now?

Yuan Jia’s voice sounded serious, Only if I could.
I know you are also dangerous, but at least you need me now.
I can deal with the injured person, and I will help you after solving him.

Han Fei smiled.
So I’ll have to deal with Kong Yunfei? Why is this girl so sure that I can handle the sixth in the top 100 list?

However, Han Fei was not afraid.
He just responded with a smile.

Kong Yunfei frowned.
He felt this person seemed familiar.
But that was strange! How could he be familiar with the 8th place in the top 100?

Han Fei said, “Hoho, it’s impossible for me to give you the grass or the Fiery Mountain Token.
Leave now if you don’t want to regret it later.”

Kong Yunfei smiled and thought to himself, Very good! Then don’t blame me for being rude! I know the top ten of the top 100, OK?… Since you’re not one of them, what am I afraid of? I’m afraid the one who will regret later is you!

Kong Yunfei said, “Thank you for the noise you made here.
Otherwise, I might not have been able to notice this place.
So, I won’t kill you.”

Then, a spear suddenly appeared in Kong Yunfei’s hand.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
“A spiritual weapon!”

This was the first time Han Fei saw a student use a spiritual weapon.
This alone proved that Kong Yunfei was absolutely not weak.

But Han Fei didn’t care.
A spiritual weapon without a sealed creature was not much stronger than a magic weapon.
He rushed up carrying the Snow Silver Rod.


He gave a tentative blow and the seawater violently surged.
Under the huge shock wave, the boy coming with Kong Yunfei almost fell.
Kong Yunfei’s face changed slightly.
“You can’t be 80th in the top 100 list.”

Han Fei accelerated suddenly and hundreds of spiritual energy whirlpools suddenly appeared on his body.
He brandished his Snow Silver Rod violently.
Even in the water, there were countless shadows of the rod.

Kong Yunfei was startled.
This guy’s speed was too fast! His rod was waved so quickly that only shadows could be seen!

Kong Yunfei immediately raised his spear to block.
However, he found that every time he tried to block Han Fei’s attack, the spiritual energy in his body would be consumed by a percent.
In a few moments, he had lost almost ten percent of spiritual energy.


Suddenly, an electric light flashed and Han Fei quickly backed away.

But no matter how fast he was, he was not as fast as electric current! The thick electric arc directly hit Han Fei and its power was comparable to the high voltage current of dozens of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish! While Han Fei was shaking with electricity, Kong Yunfei stepped through the air, turning his body horizontally, and he thrust his spear at him.

Just when Kong Yunfei thought Han Fei wouldn’t be able to dodge it, the latter suddenly twisted his body into a strange posture.
His fat body was even more flexible than a girl.


At the moment the two passed each other, Han Fei waved his rod and hit Kong Yunfei away.

But it hadn’t finished yet.
The nine-star chain burst out in an instant, directly tying up Kong Yunfei’s hands, feet, head, and waist.

Immediately, Han Fei turned over his palm and hit Kong Yunfei hard with a big seal.


Kong Yunfei flew out like an artillery shell, hitting the rock wall hard and cracking the rock wall.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Jia and the boy were dumbfounded.

What was going on here? We hadn’t started to fight yet… And you guys had already finished fighting? The soul warrior who ranked sixth in the top 100 list was solved in a minute?!


On the rock wall, Kong Yunfei suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood and his eyes turned bloodshot.
As he broke free from the rock wall with a loud thud, a shadow of a huge eel appeared.
At the same time, a horn shark appeared in the water.

Kong Yunfei muttered, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Han Fei froze for a moment.
A shark? Besides Zhang Xuanyu’s Bloodthirsty Shark, this was the second shark he had ever seen and this one even had a horn on his head.

The one-horned shark instantly turned into a water blade.
Suddenly, a huge blade of tens of meters in length hacked straight at Han Fei.

“Water-Stirring Seal Technique!”

Han Fei turned serious.
The shadow of the huge seal tens of meters high floated into the air and hit the water blade hard.


The deafening noise shook Yuan Jia and the other boy so hard that they spat blood out.

The next moment, the big shark was hit flying to the rock wall, and Han Fei also flew upside down and hit the rock wall.

Han Fei shook his head, broke free from the rock wall, and even scratched his head.
Kong Yunfei was dumbfounded.
“Who the f*ck are you?”

The other two shouted at the same time, “Han Fei?”

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