Chapter 252 Phantom Fish Tide

Then, more and more sand moved and many horseshoe crabs popped out.
Different from the first one, most of the horseshoe crabs that appeared later were large horseshoe crabs with a small one on their backs.

As far as Han Fei knew, the big one was the male and the smaller one was female.
This was why it was said that horseshoe crabs were very loyal to their spouses.
Once the male and female horseshoe crabs formed a couple, they would be inseparable.
However, Han Fei was a bit scared of this kind of creature because they looked a bit scary.
Of course, they were actually edible, either braised or fried.
But eating too much didn’t seem to be good for the human body.
After all, they were toxic.

However, Han Fei looked at the horseshoe crabs several meters long and had no appetite at all.
Shit, they looked so scary.
I certainly won’t eat them!

While Han Fei was observing these horseshoe crabs, the sea suddenly fluctuated 100 meters away, and a boy suddenly appeared in the air.

At this time, a mass of bubbles suddenly appeared next to Han Fei.
Han Fei was stunned.
Huh? I didn’t make these bubbles!

The boy who had just landed on the seabed was taken back by the bubbles.
But when he looked at this side, another mass of bubbles appeared on the other side.

Han Fei was also surprised.
Did these bubbles come from the sand? When Han Fei looked back, he saw a disc-like plant behind him, covered with dense small bubbles.

Bubble Algae

The unique algae in the Fiery Mountain, can filter the air from the seawater.



82 Points



Han Fei blinked his eyes.
So the algae here could provide oxygen! No wonder no one was worried about breathing when they came in… It was because there were a sufficient supply of Bubble Algae here…

re a

While Han Fei was thinking, a Bubble Algae in the open space not far away spat out a mass of air.

The boy who was 100 meters away was also relieved.
But when he saw the horseshoe crabs on the ground gnawing the Iron-Headed Fish, he suddenly looked tense.
Without thinking, he abruptly pulled out the sword behind him.

However, Han Fei certainly wouldn’t give him a chance to escape! Since you didn’t run away just now, you wouldn’t have a second chance to escape.

Feeling his feet entangled by a fishing line, the boy immediately brandished his sword.
However, as soon as the sword hacked out, the fishing line dodged it as if it had eyes.

The boy’s face changed and he immediately gathered all his spiritual energy.
But by this time, several Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers had shot into his hilt.


The boy immediately fused with his spiritual beast, which was a green snake.
Han Fei felt that the fishing line suddenly became loose and the boy broke free from it.

Seeing someone swimming at him, he understood what happened and his giant tail swept over.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly.
Green Snake Eel? Sure enough, none of the top 100 students were simple.
This boy managed to break away from his fishing line just in a few minutes.


Dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers instantly shot out, and the green snake tail was shredded.
The boy frowned.
At the moment the snake tail was shattered, he wrapped the long sword in his hand with a huge amount of spiritual energy and pounced at Han Fei.

“Hey!” Clang! The boy vomited a mouthful of blood.
When fighting head-on, even Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang were no match for Han Fei, not to mention him!

“Hand over your Fiery Mountain Token and I’ll spare your life.”

Han Fei stood quietly in front of the boy and reached out a hand.

“Are you Han Fei from the Fourth Academy?”

There were too few people in the Fourth Academy.
So Han Fei was easily recognized! The boy smiled sullenly, throwing out his Fiery Mountain Token and swam away quickly.

Han Fei curled his lips.
I’m not going to kill you.
Why did you run away so fast?

Han Fei threw the Fiery Mountain Token into his Forge the Universe and swam to the hazy mountain without haste.
He was thinking, since this mountain was so conspicuous, there must be some chances there!

He had only been swimming for less than 10,000 meters when he suddenly dodged in a strange posture.
What swam past his body was a silvery light.

“Huh? Not a person?”

Han Fei’s face changes slightly.
A stealth fish? He was standing still and sensing the nearby water.
Immediately, he found two ambiguous shadows swimming around him.

Little Black instantly shot out.
Stealth might work for others, but not for Little Black.
He bit something accurately and a cloud of blood mist suddenly burst out in the water.

When one of them swam to Han Fei, Han Fei waved the knife in his hand and cut through the stealth fish.
However, the fish was still running.

“You want to run away? No way!”

He took out his fishing rod, and the fishing hook shot out like a stream of water and tied up the stealth fish in a blink of an eye.

Han Fei inserted a knife into the head of the stealth fish, and then the fish showed its true body.
It was a fish with jelly-like flesh and white-colored scales.

Phantom Fish

It can turn its scales into water armor and sneak on its prey.
At the moment of attack, its scale armor spreads out and turns into a sharp blade, which can shred weapons below the mystic level.
This fish brain contains a phantom bead, which can strengthen the soul when swallowed.



633 Points


Phantom Bead

Han Fei cut open the fish head and a nail-sized transparent bead appeared, which he swallowed without hesitation.
The bead tasted refreshing and turned into a cool air in his stomach, which went straight to the top of his head.

“Um, not bad.”

In the distance, Little Black had killed two more Phantom Fish.
Han Fei casually absorbed the spiritual energy of the Phantom Fish and ate the Phantom Beads.
After eating five Phantom Beads in a row, Han Fei suddenly found that his spiritual perception range seemed to increase by about half a meter.

At that moment, Han Fei was shocked.
He locked himself up in the tree house for a month to meditate on the God Scaring Painting and only got a 50-meter increase in the range of spiritual perception.
However, these few Phantom Fish alone could provide such a large increase in his spiritual perception range.
It meant that with only a thousand Phantom Fish, his spiritual perception range could increase by one hundred meters!

“Great, this place is amazing.”


Han Fei slowly swam along the way, hunting Phantom Fish by the way.
Just less than thirty minutes later, his spiritual perception range had increased by 10 meters.
He was overjoyed at this result.

Perhaps because he hunted too many Phantom Fish, half an hour later, Han Fei felt the water in front of him was shaking and he saw the sea surging.

“What the f*ck…”

Han Fei felt a large swarm of Phantom Fish.
Their speed was not slow.
Before Han Fei realized what happened, these fishes were already less than 100 meters away from him.


This was Nine Tails’ first fight since he got his full nine tails.
The nine chains swung at the fishes with a swoosh.
Around Han Fei twenty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were spinning like a drill.

However, only one minute later, Han Fei’s Million Knife Art was crushed.

Two minutes later, the nine-star chains tied the huge school of fish up but it became more and more difficult for it to swing.

Three minutes later, Han Fei’s spiritual energy protective cover was shattered.

At this moment, Han Fei felt like he was back at one of the gates of the Hexagon Starfish where he was impacted by countless bonefish.
Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei was sent flying.
There were too many Phantom Fish, and in the blink of an eye, dozens of knives hacked at his body.
After a while, Han Fei was covered by countless blade slashes.


Han Fei struggled hard out of the school of fish, his clothes were ragged and his body was covered with scratches.
Before he ran away, he caught dozens of Phantom Fish with the nine chains and stuffed them into Forge the Universe.

Han Fei initiated the Wandering Dragon Art and began to run at full speed.
Damn, he couldn’t be killed here! Just now, he was slashed at least a thousand times.
Even the Million Knife Art and Nine-Star Chain couldn’t block these fish!

Han Fei was just a piece of cake to the dense school of Phantom Fish unless he did have 10,000 knives.
At the moment, there were dozens of bleeding holes on Han Fei’s body.
Although they didn’t bleed much, his defense had been shattered.
This was very dangerous! Ten wounds might be nothing, but what about a hundred or a thousand?

As he ran, he waved the nine-star chain, which was like a long sword and could pierce five or six Phantom Fish in one go.

But Han Fei also discovered that the Phantom Fish were chasing behind him closely.
Was it because the Phantom Fish were too fast or was he too slow?

Huh? Did the Wandering Dragon Art fail?

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