Chapter 246 The Third Brocade Sachet

Soon, two tree houses were built.

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan climbed up and down, feeling very excited.
Everything seemed completely different from during the assessment when Han Fei and the other four were sitting there like five monsters and looking so scary.
But now they found that these people were actually easy-going.

One hour later.

They sat down around the big, round table.
This table was customized.
Otherwise, the 12 of them wouldn’t have enough space to sit down.
Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan respectively sat beside their grandfather and mother.

Qu Jinnan’s grandfather looked quite pleased.
“I’m very glad Nannan can join you.
Please take care of him for me.
Thank you.”

Xiao Zhan laughed.
“Grandpa, you can be rest assured! Now that he has entered our academy, no one dares to bully him.”

Ling Yuan’s mother also said gently, “Yuanyuan, listen to your teachers and senior brothers and sisters, understood?”

Ling Yuan nodded lightly.
“OK!” Xia Xiaochan looked at Ling Yuan and then Luo Xiaobai.
“Oh, I find that they are somewhat alike in character!”

Han Fei nodded.
“I find that too.”

Luo Xiaobai ignored the two of them.


This was the first time Qu Jinnan had eaten such tasty food.
His family was poor, so he hadn’t tasted The Fish Dragon hot pot or anything like it, nor had he heard of them.
Ling Yuan’s family was quite wealthy and she had eaten hot pot before, but she was still stunned when she saw the other dishes.
She had never eaten any of these delicacies!

Looking at the dishes on the table, Ling Yuan’s mother secretly gasped.
These things never appeared on the market.
If they were launched to the market, they might change the dietary habit of the entire Blue Sea Town?

At first, they were attracted by the hot pot, but when they took a bite of the Plate Ray, they were immediately fascinated.

Especially Qu Jinnan, he had never eaten anything so delicious before! As the tender flesh rolled over his tongue, he had fallen head over heels for this food.
Was there really such a delicious thing in this world?

Qu Jinnan and Ling Xuan couldn’t stop glutting themselves with delicacies.

Unfortunately, after only a short while, the two of them were steaming all over and smoke was coming out of their hair.

Wenren Yu said, “The two of you, quickly find an open space and sit down to cultivate.
You cannot eat anymore for this meal.”

Although the two still wanted to eat a few more fish, the spiritual energy in their bodies was surging so violently that they had to put down the chopsticks and sit on the ground to cultivate.

Qu Jinnan’s grandfather was grinning from ear to ear.
No wonder so many people tried to enter the Thug Academy! Look, I have worked so hard for decades to help Nannan get to where he was today.
However, having only one meal at school, he had made a breakthrough.

Ling Yuan’s mother did not speak but was overjoyed in her heart.
Sure enough, Yuanyuan chose the right place! See what they eat here? Rare creatures caught from the level-two fishery! Even if they just eat and drink and do nothing all day, their cultivation speed will still be faster than in the other three academies.

Of course, she didn’t know that Han Fei rarely cooked so many dishes.
Usually, the cook was Le Renkuang or Old Bai and Xiao Zhan.
They wouldn’t be able to make these delicacies.

After dinner, Qu Jinnan’s grandfather and Ling Yuan’s mother left.
As for Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan, they had not awakened from their cultivation.

Since Han Fei and the other four were still present, Xiao Zhan suddenly shouted, “Gather.”

Han Fei and the others became serious.
After a long rest, did the third brocade sachet finally come?

Soon, the five of them lined up.
Even Han Fei was very looking forward to it.
They had been working so hard just for this moment!

old Bai stood in front of them and Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu stood on both sides.
They were all expressionless at the moment.

old Bai looked around at them and slowly said, “So far, you have performed well.
Wenren has told me that you have mastered the most basic fishing skills and have found your own contractual spiritual beasts.
To tell you the truth, now you have truly entered the top 100 of the four academies in the Blue Sea Town.”

Suddenly, Old Bai sneered.
“But what’s the use of it? Let me tell you, any random boy or girl in the Thousand Star City can enter the top 100.
So, this is not worthy of pride.
Even in the 36 towns under the jurisdiction of the Thousand Star City, there are many strong masters, not to mention in the Thousand Star City.
The Blue Sea Town, in all towns, is only ranked at about 20th.”

“Twentieth?” Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed in surprise.

“Shut up.”

Xiao Zhan snorted and glared at Zhang Xuanyu, who immediately shut up.

Old Bai raised a finger.
“Even if we pick out the 100 most talented teenagers from each town, there will be 3,600 people in total.
Of these people, even if you can beat half of them, then you’ll still have 1,800 competitors.
Now, are you still proud?”.
Han Fei and the others took a slight breath.
Yes, it seems that they do have nothing to be proud of.
But the point is… We are not proud!

Old Bai put on a look as if he knew what they were thinking.
“Geniuses are usually conceited and strong masters are usually proud.
But, you must know that you’re not strong enough yet.
Our former students had crushed all those so-called geniuses.
Now that we have returned to the stage again, you’ve gotta continue the glorious record of your predecessors.
The Blue Sea Town is not the target, neither are the 36 towns… Your goal is to crush the heavenly talents in the Thousand Star City!”

Old Bai’s voice sounded solemn and stirring.
The other four felt their blood was boiling.

old Bai continued, “Of course, you should learn to walk before you run.
The first two brocade sachets just let you know yourselves better, your strengths and weaknesses, and to familiarize yourselves with combat skills, and strengthen mutual cooperation.
That’s all.”

“Now, starting from the third brocade sachet, you’ll face dangers and even crises that can kill you at any time.
Do you dare to accept the challenge?”


The five of them answered almost in unison.
If it weren’t for that, why did they bother to work so hard?

At this time, Xiao Zhan took a step out, holding a brocade sachet in his hand, and looked coldly at them.
“OK, then you must… Ms.
Wenren stopped you from entering the Fiery Mountain when you were in the level-two fishery, but now you’ve got a chance to enter it.”

Xiao Zhan threw the brocade sachet to Luo Xiaobai.
“Read it.”

Luo Xiaobai took the brocade sachet and opened it.
After reading it, she looked solemn.

Zhang Xuanyu quickly took it from her hand, and after reading it, he was a bit surprised and then looked solemn too.

Xia Xiaochan grabbed it.
“What is it? Fiery Mountain, Secret Realm?”

Han Fei was surprised too after reading it.
No wonder Wenren Yu didn’t allow them to enter the Fiery Mountain.
It turns out that the Fiery Mountain was a secret realm where all kinds of sea beasts and almost all the special creatures in the level-two fishery could be seen there.

And what they were going to do next was to explore the secret realm with the people of the three other academies.
Of course, it was not that simple.
There were also chances in the secret realm.

But there was a problem.
The top 100 students of each academy could enter, but the Thug Academy only had the five of them! Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan couldn’t go there yet.
This meant that the five of them would have to face nearly three hundred people from the other three academies.

What was more, the brocade sachet read that they couldn’t get the fourth brocade sachet until they entered the top ten.

Xiao Zhan sneered, “This is just the minimum requirement.
My requirement for you is the top five.”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Respectively?”

Xiao Zhan answered coldly, “You five are one.
Is there a difference between you as individuals or as a team?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
This task will not be easy to finish.
Although they had a one hundred-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena, only one of the top ten students of the three academies showed up back then.
This time, they were not only desperately outnumbered, but also had to enter the top five.
This meant that they must be the strongest.

Was the top ten of the other three academies really weak? Not necessarily.
Last time, Su Yebai and his team members injured Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu.
She and Le Renkuang weren’t obviously stronger than the other party in strength.
If it weren’t for Han Fei, even if they could win, it would have been a narrow victory.

Xiao Zhan immediately shouted, “Are you confident?”






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