Chapter 243 An Academy of Monsters

“Don’t push.
Line up, Line up!”

Le Renkuang shouted loudly and the fat on his face jiggled, “Line up.
Pay the assessment fee first.
Anyone can participate in the assessment upon paying 10 mid-quality pearls.”

Someone shouted, “Little brother, isn’t that too expensive? My son is very talented.
Can we be spared from this fee?”

Le Renkuang shouted, “Those above the level of a great fishing master can be spared from the assessment fee.
Those under the level of a great fishing master will have to pay unless they are super talented… Besides, to be honest, those below fishing masters have very little chance of entering our academy.”

Many people were stunned hearing what he said.

Among the crowd, a boy asked his father, “Dad, why should we go to the Fourth Academy? Can’t we just go to the First Academy?”

His father scolded, “Shut up.
If you can enter the Fourth Academy, why would you go to the other three academies?”

Some people who couldn’t afford this fee and were not very talented chose to leave, but most people chose to stay.
Anyway, compared to the reward, 10 mid-quality pearls was simply nothing.

Old Bai was way more interested in money than the assessment.
At this moment, he was sitting alone at the gate of the school and collecting money with a long table in front of him and a big basket beside him.

The crowd all thought this old man was just the janitor of the school.

Except for Le Renkuang standing and yelling at the gate, the other four were sitting in the open space at the gate.
They lined up with a sign hanging beside each of them, respectively reading Spirit Gatherer, Soul Warrior, Hunter, Manipulator, and Armorist.

Of course, because of the shortage of manpower, the armorist Le Renkuang had to stand at the gate and greet the crowd and his chair was empty.
The people paid the fee and stood in front of the four of them one after another.

Le Renkuang finally walked back over.
“OK! Everyone, please listen to me! Choose one of the five major professions.
Anyone who can hold on for three minutes is eligible to enter our academy.
Our five examiners are absolutely fair and unbiased, understood?”

The first candidate came out and looked at them in fear, saying, “My name is…”

Before he finished speaking, Luo Xiaobai said, “We don’t need to know your name, it’s a waste of time.
Report your name when you become a member of the Thug Academy.”

The boy froze a bit and then made up his mind, picking up a rod and saying, “I challenge the spirit gatherer.”

Zhang Xuanyu wasn’t surprised at all.
It was reasonable.
Everyone thought that the spirit gatherers were the ones protected by others in combat because their combat ability was extremely poor.

The problem was, however, they forget where they were.
This was the Thug Academy.
How could Han Fei be a normal spirit gatherer?

Le Renkuang shouted, “Everyone, quiet! The next one… Remember, as long as you can hold on for three minutes, you’ll pass the assessment.” Han Fei got up, lowered his strength to that of a level-nine fisher, and picked up an ordinary fine iron rod.
“Come on!” The boy took a deep breath.
Before he came, his father gave him information about the five of them.
He bet that Han Fei was not as strong as him when he lowered his strength to that of a level-nine fisher.


The boy shouted and the fine iron rod exploded with spiritual energy.

However, Han Fei just held the rod casually, slightly dodged the attack, and gave a whack with the rod, and then with a thud, the boy flew directly out of the school gate.

Han Fei said casually, “Don’t try to use a spiritual energy explosion.
It’s meaningless!”.

Le Renkuang shouted, “Next!”

The people in the queue were all stunned.
What?! Was that boy eliminated? So soon?

Han Fei scoffed.
When I was still a level-nine fisher, I was able to kill Li Jue! Why did that boy think he could beat me?!

Then a girl came out.
Before Han Fei walked back, she shouted, “I also challenge the spirit gatherer.”

She drew out two daggers.
Han Fei grinned.
“A junior great fishing master, hunter? Come on!”

At the moment when the girl disappeared, Han Fei slightly moved his body and then casually punched out, and the next second, the girl’s petite figure was sent flying and fell she outside the gate.


“Wait a minute!”

The girl struggled to get up from the ground and said, “If you had lowered your strength to that of a junior fishing master, how could you find me?”

“Yes! This girl is a hunter.”

“Yes, did the examiner cheat?”

The crowd was in an uproar and someone began to doubt him.

Han Fei grinned.
“I found your location from the sound of the wind.
Making so much noise in combat, you’re really not a good hunter! Next!”

Han Fei didn’t have any pity for this girl.
This was an entry-level assessment, not a game.
Le Renkuang said angrily, “Don’t doubt our examiners.
Why should we bother to cheat? If you don’t believe us, you can leave.
The next…”

No one challenged Han Fei this time.
A handsome boy said, “I choose to challenge the armorist.”

Le Renkuang walked straight to the field.
“I am the armorist.
Come on!”

Le Renkuang pulled out a knife from the armor box, but the boy suddenly ran around him at a very fast speed.

Le Renkuang laughed, raised his knife and hacked.
With a clang, the boy stepped back six or seven steps and before he had any time to react, a knife appeared in front of him.

Le Renkuang asked, “Are you stupid? Yes, armorists are slow, but my knife is fast!”

One, two…

No one could hold on for even one minute, not to mention three minutes.

Someone challenged Luo Xiaobai and she just sent the challenger flying with her vines without even moving.

An armorist challenged Xia Xiaochan, but before he took out his shield, Xia Xiaochan had put the dagger on his neck.

Zhang Xuanyu had the fewest challengers because in people’s opinion, he, a soul warrior, had the greatest combat ability.

The assessment was carried out for nearly an hour, except for one who held on for one minute under Le Renkuang’s hands, the rest were mostly knocked out with one strike.

Seeing this scene, many people were desperate and left.
The people of the Thug Academy were monsters! It was impossible for them to pass the assessment!

Le Renkuang had made his voice hoarse from all the shouting.
He ran back to his seat and pulled Han Fei up.
“Now it’s your turn! I’ve lost my voice.
Give me some dried fish.
I’m hungry.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei took a handful of dried fish, handed it to Le Renkuang, and then kicked Zhang Xuanyu.
“You are the idlest one of us.
Don’t sleep.

Zhang Xuanyu was speechless.
Why me? It would be tiring to stand there.

But Zhang Xuanyu was really bored, so he got up and walked to the gate.
“We’ve told you that people below fishing masters had better not challenge us.
Those who can enter the Thug Academy all can skip levels to challenge.
If you can kill a junior fishing master when you’re a level-nine fisher, welcome, but if not, you’d better pack up and leave!”

At this time, a well-dressed boy walked out of the crowd, carrying a rod and saying, “I challenge the soul warrior!”

Zhang Xuanyu suddenly brightened.
There was finally someone challenging me? Zhang Xuanyu laughed.
“Come on!”

The boy’s feet moved, and the rod in his hand turned into dozens of rod shadows and shot at Zhang Xuanyu.

“Phew! Not bad! But the shortcoming is too obvious.
The spiritual energy can’t be balanced, which can be seen at a glance.”

Zhang Xuanyu hit away the real rod among the rod shadows and smashed his rod at the boy but the latter suddenly leaned back, pulled out two daggers from behind, and thrust them at him as fast as a bolt of lightning

“Ha! Wave!”

Zhang Xuanyu hit the boy again with his rod and there seemed to be a sea wave surging behind him, and the boy flew out with a bang.

Zhang Xuanyu dropped his rod and walked to the door.
“Your combat skills are not bad but your control of spiritual energy is poor.
You’re both a soul warrior and a hunter but not good at either of them.
Besides, you were too slow in combat… The next one.”

The people in the queue were speechless.
Come on, this is a dual-professional genius! And even he was eliminated?!

“Well, Sir, can you refund my money?”

Old Bai rolled his eyes at that man.
“Sorry, the assessment fee is nonrefundable!”


Another hour later.

The long queue disappeared and there were only less than a hundred people left.
This might be the fastest entry-assessment ever.
Many people cursed when they left.
“What the hell is this school! They don’t want to recruit any students at all.”

At this time, in front of Old Bai’s desk, a boy asked awkwardly, “Sir, I only have one mid-quality pearl.
Can, can I attend the assessment?”





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