Chapter 239 A Different Outlook

Han Fei walked out of the garden, only to see He Xiaoyu, Xia Wushuang, and the others looking into the plantation.

Seeing Han Fei, He Xiaoyu quickly waved at him.
“Han Fei…”

Han Fei said with a smile, “What are you waiting for? Come on in! Let me make two dishes for you guys.”

There were four or five people coming, He Xiaoyu, Xia Wushuang, Wang Baiyu, Xiang Nan, and Chen Qing.
They were all on good terms with Han Fei.

He Xiaoyu asked chummily, “Han Fei, where have you been these months?”

Han Fei stopped his footsteps and looked back at them.
“Where else could I go? Of course the fishery.”

Han Fei didn’t say which fishery he had been in, because he wanted to save some face for them.
If he frankly told them that he went to the level-two fishery, they might feel uncomfortable!

Since seeing He Xiaoyu last time, he knew at that time that their goals were actually very simple.
Taking He Xiaoyu as an example, she just wanted to be a great fishing master to make up for her father’s regret.

The goal of Wang Baiyu, who had been the hope of his family, was to bring honor to the Wang Family and become the best armorist of the Wang family.

As for Xiang Nan and Chen Qing, their talents were about the same as He Xiaoyu’s, and Chen Qing’s talent was even much worse than He Xiaoyu’s.
Being a great fishing master was good enough for him.

But Han Fei had entered the Fourth Academy.
Xiao Zhan, Wenren Yu, and even Old Bai had been reminding him that being a Dangling Fisher was the real beginning of cultivation.
And he felt that what they said was quite right and was preparing for the next brocade sachet.

Since he had entered the Fourth Academy, he must go to the level-three fishery! As well as the Unknowable Place!

Han Fei suddenly didn’t know how to get along with them.
They were still his friends but his goal was completely different from theirs now.

Of course, Han Fei still greeted them with a smile.
“Come in and take a seat.
Eat whatever you’d like in the plantation.”

Wang Baiyu was surprised.
“Can we? I heard that Mr.
Jiang didn’t like being disturbed by outsiders.”

Han Fei waved his hand.
“The old guy is gone.
Now, this plantation is mine.
So feel free to eat the spiritual fruit in the plantation.
You can’t eat much anyway.”

“Is he gone?”

He Xiaoyu was surprised.
“But we saw him yesterday…” Han Fei cut him off, “He left early in the morning.
He didn’t know anyone else in the Heavenly Water Village, so he left this plantation to me.”

Inviting them to come in, Han Fei grabbed a bamboo basket to go to the field to pick some fruit.
Then he waved his hand and a pot of freshwater immediately appeared on the ground.
“Just feel at home.
Help yourselves.”

Xia Wushuang was shocked.
“Han Fei, aren’t you a spirit gatherer? How can you control water?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Oh! This is just a little trick.
It’s not worth mentioning, haha.
Wait, let me make some dishes for you.” He Xiaoyu hurriedly said, “Let me help you.”

“Can you?”

He Xiaoyu stammered, “I… Of course.”

Han Fei blinked and threw a Plate Ray on the ground, saying, “Then wash it clean and disembowel it.”

He Xiaoyu was dumbfounded, so were Wang Baiyu and Xia Wushuang.
What was this? They had never seen this fish before.

What was this fish? A fish five or six meters long?

More importantly, where did Han Fei get this fish?!

Suddenly, Xia Wushuang pointed at Han Fei in shock.
“Sea Swallowing Seashell? Do you have a Sea Swallowing Seashell?”

Xiang Nan was shocked.
“Shoot… Han Fei, where did you get it?”

“I just want to ask, what kind of fish is this? Is it a ray?”

Han Fei was a little embarrassed and said with a smile, “Well, my teacher gave a Sea Swallowing Seashell to me.
Yes, this is a ray, an, um… Common fish… In the level-two fishery.”

The others all looked at Han Fei.
Do you think we’re stupid?

Chen Qing didn’t believe him at all.
“Don’t lie to me.
Although we can’t go to the level-two fishery, this is definitely not a common fish in it.
Strip Fish, Pearl Fish, and Yellow-Boned Fish are common fish in the level-two fishery.
Rays won’t even appear in the level-two fishery.”

Han Fei glared at him.
“Shut up.
This is called a Plate Ray.
Although there are not many of them in the level-two fishery, there are some.
I caught this one by a fluke.
Just eat it! Don’t waste it!”

The others didn’t know what to say.
So this was a rare fish.
He caught a rare fish from the level-two fishery just to eat it?!

He Xiaoyu pouted.
“Ask, ask, ask, why do you ask so much? Isn’t fish for eating?! Xiang Nan, come on, help me clean it up.”

Xiang Nan agreed and came over, but the fish was so big that he didn’t know how to deal with it, so he shrugged helplessly.
“The fish won’t fit in this pot, will it?”

“It’s okay.
I have a bigger pot…”

Then he took out a big pot nearly one meter in diameter from his Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Usually, there were eight people for dinner at the school.
Now there were only six people here.
This pot should be big enough.

Everyone gaped and He Xiaoyu exclaimed, “That Sea Swallowing Seashell! What a precious treasure! How can you use it to contain this big pot?”

The others all nodded.
Look what you stuffed into the Sea Swallowing Seashell! Pots, food… Were you really out for cultivation?

Han Fei said casually, “Come on, what’s the big deal? Food is a prime need of people.
Xiang Nan, cut the flesh on either side of the fish.
The flesh there moves a lot, so it’s very tender…”

Xiang Nan: “…” Seeing Han Fei take out jellyfish, squid tentacles, and sea urchins from the Sea Swallowing Seashell, everyone was stunned.
Now they were quite sure that this bastard was not out for cultivation but to look for ingredients.

Wang Baiyu said leisurely, “This is a Thorn Nest Sea Urchin, a rare creature…”

Xia Wushuang sighed.
“So Han Fei, it’s all food ingredients in your Sea Swallowing Seashell!”

Han Fei confessed, “I want to fill it with treasures! But I don’t have any.”

When the hot pot was made and five or six dishes were placed on the table, Han Fei also took out half a jar of wine.
This was the only wine left because Old Jiang almost took away all the other liquor.
“Let’s have a drink?”

Xia Wushuang nodded.

When the hot pot was ready, the fragrance of food struck their noses and their mouths were almost watering.

Xiang Nan clicked his tongue.
“Han Fei, do you usually eat like this?”.

Han Fei picked up a piece of fish and put it into his mouth.
“No, do you think this is a Big Yellow Croaker? We usually eat Big Yellow Croaker hot pot, which tastes best!”

He Xiaoyu put a piece of sushi into her mouth and narrowed her eyes as she chewed it.
“This is really delicious! Is this really sea urchin?”

Han Fei snickered.
Sea urchin has no flesh but an anus, but I will not tell you that, in case you spit it out.

Chen Qing ate several pieces of fish meat in succession, and his face suddenly turned red, and he said, “Wait a minute, there seems to be a lot of spiritual energy in this meat, and a lot of energy is pouring into my body.” Wang Baiyu rolled his eyes.
“Of course, this is a rare fish in the level-two fishery.
Do you think everyone will just stew it as hot pot material after catching it?” That was true.
How many people in the Heavenly Water Village would stew the Plate Ray they caught? No one, except Han Fei who was such a foodie.

In the end, only Han Fei was eating.
As for the others, even Xia Wushuang had put down the chopsticks although he seemed to want to eat a few more pieces still.

The others had already sat on the ground and started to cultivate.
The fish meat contained a lot of spiritual energy, which was very helpful for their cultivation.

Several hours later.

Xiang Nan, Chen Qing and He Xiaoyu had made breakthroughs one after another and had become intermediate fishing masters.
Wang Baiyu who was already an intermediate fishing master failed to upgrade but his strength improved greatly.
Xia Wushuang’s strength also greatly increased.
When he stood up, he hurried to get more fish meat in the pot, but he was dumbfounded to find that the fish meat was gone.

Han Fei instructed, “Stop it.
There is still more than half a fish left here.
Take it with you guys and eat it slowly.”

Xia Wushuang’s eyes widened.
“You don’t want to keep it?”

“I’ve got plenty more.”

Xia Wushuang: “…”





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