Chapter 230 I’m Back!

The Plantation of the Heavenly Water Village.

Old Jiang was fiddling with his vinegar tank.
A large plate of Small White Shrimps was on the table, sending out the aroma of liquor.

“Swish… Bah!”

Old Jiang took a bite and felt the taste was good.
Carrying the wine jar, he sat at the table and was about to eat and drink.
“I’m back!”

old Jiang had just stuffed a Small White Shrimp into his mouth when he heard Han Fei’s voice coming from afar.

“Huh! Did I just hear Han Fei? This brat came just on time.”

Han Fei trotted into the plantation, only to see that Old Jiang was eating the Small White Shrimp.
He was helpless.
“Grandpa, why are you still eating the Drunken Shrimp?”

Old Jiang glanced at Han Fei, stuffed the shrimp into his mouth, and then spat out the shrimp shell.
“Phew, look, who is this? So you came back alive?”

Han Fei: “…”

What do you mean? Did you expect me to die?

“Grandpa, eat it! Come on, eat as much as you can.
I’m going to make a new dish for Sister Qin.
You just eat the Drunken Shrimp!”

Hearing this, Old Jiang immediately put the chopsticks on the table.
“Humph! Now I don’t want to eat it! I think you must be damaging the plantation of the Fourth Academy every day when you were in the town, right?”

Han Fei sat across from Old Jiang.
“Hey, Grandpa, you know Old Bai well, don’t you? Are you also from the Thug Academy?”

old Jiang snorted.
“It’s none of your business! I’m just a farmer.”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Come on, old Bai obviously knows you well! So what is your real strength? Are you already a Hidden Fisher? Or even stronger?”

Old Jiang shook his head.
“Are you crazy? If I were that strong, do you think I’d stay here? Get your ass off to cook.”

Han Fei blinked and smiled.
He didn’t believe Old Jiang’s words.
Yes, just keep pretending.
I’ll see how long you can pretend! However, it’s not bad to enjoy retired life in the Heavenly Water Village.
Old Bai enjoyed his retirement in Blue Sea Town and Old Jiang in Heavenly Water Village.
Both places have beautiful scenery.

Han Fei took out a bag of flour from the Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Old Jiang’s eyelids twitched and he was a little surprised at this.
Is this kid progressing so fast? Is he already an intermediate peak-level great fishing master now? He has even got a Sea Swallowing Seashell!

The old man looked at the flour.
“What is this white stuff?”

“Flour! I’ve brought you seeds.
I’ve tried planting it.
It grows fast and will mature in half a month if you irrigate it with spiritual energy.”

“Is this stuff tasty? Let me try it.”

Old Jiang grabbed a handful of flour, licked it, and immediately frowned.


“What kind of stuff is this? It’s tasteless.
Do you think it’s delicious?” Han Fei was helpless.
“…What’s your rush? How can you eat flour raw? Let me show you how to cook it.
Then you can do it by yourself when I’m not around! Don’t blame me if you can’t learn it!”

In the evening.

The breeze was gently blowing and the sky was full of stars.

When Jiang Qin came home from work, she saw the old man and the boy standing around the table muttering something.

Old Jiang tilted his head.
“How did you put the dumpling wrapper together?”

Han Fei raised the dumpling in his hand.
“You see? Gently pinch it with two fingers.
That’s it!”

old Jiang wondered, “Is this edible? I can eat one in a single bite!” “Maybe you can eat one every two bites!” “Han Fei?”

Hearing Jiang Qin’s voice, he looked back and smiled at her.
“Hi, Sister Qin.”

Jiang Qin asked, “When did you come back?”

“I just came back.
Wanna try a new dish I made?”

“Huh? Are you already an intermediate peak-level great fishing master?” Han Fei grinned.
“Yes! I was already a great fishing master when I left, so it’s not a big deal.
The students of the Thug Academy are all monsters.
They are all advanced great fishing masters.”

Jiang Qin took a breath.
“How long is your holiday?”

“Half a month.
I’m afraid something bad will happen in half a month though.”

Jiang Qin nodded and looked at the dumplings at the table.
“Is this your new dish?”

Han Fei clapped his hands.
“Yes, Sister Qin, have a try! Now let me put the dumplings into the pot…”

After ten minutes, one large plate was placed in front of each of them and there was still a large basin of dumplings in the middle of the table.

Jiang Qin gaped.
“Can we eat so much?” Han Fei pushed the vinegar dish to them.
“Just have a try.”

Jiang Qin picked up a hot dumpling with her chopsticks, dipped it in vinegar, and took a small bite.
When the shrimp juice flowed out, her eyes lit up.

Old Jiang had already eaten a dumpling and even the wrinkles on his face were unfurled.
He picked up another dumpling and stared at it.
“Oh! How can this white thing be so tasty?”

Han Fei smiled.
“It’s just because you haven’t eaten it before.”

After they had dined and wined to satiety, Han Fei was called to the training ground in the plantation by Jiang Qin.

Han Fei scratched his head.
“Sister Xiaoqin, I just came back.
Do we have to fight today?”

Jiang Qin said coldly, “Is this how the Fourth Academy taught you? You don’t even bother to fight?”

Han Fei sighed.
“No! I had to fight every day there! So I came back to take a rest!”

Jiang Qin snorted and threw a punch at him.
Her spiritual energy shot out like a dragon and was even projected into the sky.

Han Fei paused a bit.
Although the attack looked powerful, he didn’t fear it at all.
Traveling throughout the level-two fishery, he had been much more experienced than


Han Fei also wrapped his fist with spiritual energy, punched it out, and defused that punch.
Then, the two of them began to have an armed battle.

Jiang Qin smiled.
Since Han Fei had become an intermediate great fishing master, she could exert a bit more power.
She stomped and spiritual energy was spouted out of her arms, and she threw a hundred punches in the blink of an eye.
At the same time, she leaned forward and rammed at Han Fei like a cannonball.

“Million Knife Art…”

“Seven Star Chain…”

Han Fei waved and ten Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot out in an instant, spinning in the air into a sword-shaped gyro, which collided with her fist shadow.
At the same time, he had Nine Tails attached to him, and seven chains behind him blasted out at different angles and were about to bind Jiang Qin up.


Old Jiang was not interested in watching the two of them fight.
But before he sat down, he heard a loud bang from deep in the plantation.
Dust flew in the air and spiritual plants were shattered.

When Old Jiang came to the training ground, he saw Han Fei holding double knives in his hands and jumping around as agilely as a monkey.
The ground had been covered with potholes and the training ground was completely ruined.

At the moment, Jiang Qin had leaped into the air and Han Fei’s double knives were spinning around her in mid-air.
Every time the knives struck at Jiang Qin, they were hit away and flew back to Han Fei’s hands, but within a second, they darted at Jiang Qin again.
The sky was full of glints and flashes of cold steel.

“Stop! Han Fei, How can you fight here?! You trouble-maker! Plow the land and weed tomorrow.”

Han Fei dodged an attack and jumped into an open space, saying helplessly, “Grandpa, not me! Sister Qin insisted on fighting here.”

old Jiang said angrily, “I don’t care! She is my granddaughter! Of course, I’ll punish


Han Fei: “???”

Jiang Qin finally stopped and looked at Han Fei up and down.
“Why do I find that you attack more and more like a hunter? Aren’t you a soul warrior?”

Han Fei blinked.
“Do I? I don’t think so!”


“Where did you get these knives? Are they low-quality spiritual weapons? No, although they are spiritual weapons, you can’t give a full play to their real strength yet, so they are at most ultra-quality magic weapons.”

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
“I got them from the level-two fishery and haven’t sealed spirits in them yet.
Sister Qin, do you know how to do this?”


Jiang Qin said, “Your body has become a lot sturdier and your spiritual power seems to rise too, but your combat style is not good! You need to practice rod techniques.”

“Do I?” Jiang Qin said without looking back.
“You are a soul warrior.”

Han Fei shouted, “But I am also a spirit gatherer! Besides, soul warriors can also use knives! Why do I have to use a rod? It looks lame!”

Jiang Qin stopped her steps and sneered.
“Strength is everything.
Although you’re good at using knives, you can’t control the spiritual weapons yet.
Learn to control them first.”

Before leaving, Jiang Qin said, “Tomorrow, go and see the Soul Awakening this year.
See if there are any seeded talents who can enter the Fourth Academy.”

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