Chapter 220 You Can’t Make the Same Mistake Thrice

Han Fei hurried to perform the Divine Healing Technique.

He asked, “How did this happen?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled bitterly at Han Fei and said, “Its caves are all over this place.
I was the one walking in the front.
Naturally, I was hit first.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was lost for words.
He asked Zhang Xuanyu to enter the channel first because Zhang Xuanyu’s body was not as sturdy as himself.
Little did he expect that a giant serpent was hiding below the sand.

Seeing that Zhang Xuanyu was in better condition, Han Fei grabbed his daggers and charged forward.
He was surprised by the data he read.

Ghost Serpent

This is a mutation that has absorbed the blood of dragons.
It has a unicorn and many sword-shaped scales with which it hangs its enemy.
The Serpent Pearl that it contains can build up stamina.



2,328 Points

Serpent Pearl, Ghost Horn, Serpent Veins, and Ghost Serpent Gallbladder

Han Fei had never seen a more valuable serpent.
The Serpent Pearl which could build up stamina alone was worth fighting for apart from everything else.
Han Fei rushed forward and performed Blade Storm.
Different from Le Renkuang’s Torrents of Knives and Swords, the Blade Storm was made of swirls of blades.

Luo Xiaobai tried to catch the Ghost Serpent with her vines, but it was too slippery to be caught.
Le Renkuang was quite lucky.
Because of his sturdiness and ferociousness, he was regarded as the primary threat by the Ghost Serpent.
He had been knocked away too many times and was covered in blood.

The fatty might be unwilling to face dangers, but now that he was really involved in a battle, he unleashed his Bloodthirsty Broadsword, the Thousand Blade Slash, and the Torrents of Knives and Swords; all while establishing a shield, attacking the enemy, and protecting himself at the same time.


Le Renkuang was blown away again.
It was Han Fei’s turn to attack.
He easily cut the scales on the Ghost Serpent with his spiritual weapons.

Not far away, Wenren Yu stared at Han Fei’s daggers, deep in thought.

Xia Xiaochan had torn off the scales of the Ghost Serpent because of her explosive power, and although Le Renkuang had cut the Ghost Serpent with all his weapons, the Ghost Serpent was not really hurt.

Han Fei, in comparison, shattered a large part of the sharp, hard scales of the Ghost Serpent like a mincer.

Besides, in order to finish the battle sooner, Han Fei even set Little Black loose when he shattered the Ghost Serpent’s scales.
Of course, since Wenren Yu was here, he did not dare to go too far, or he would raise too much suspicion if the Ghost Serpent was killed before anybody else did anything.

But even so, the Ghost Serpent was still writhing in its cave with such enormous power that Le Renkuang couldn’t approach at all.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Be careful! It’s mad! Kill it


In the next moment, Han Fei unleashed his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, and Xia Xiaochan’s Red Fire Tricky Lobster entered the Ghost Serpent too.

Han Fei said anxiously, “Xia Xiaochan, don’t burn it up.
This serpent contains a lot of treasures.
We must take it back.”

Xia Xiaochan was rather speechless.
“You eat this too?”

Han Fei said, “Not that I want to eat it, but this strange serpent must be from unique bloodlines, as can be told from its single horn.
Also, serpent gallbladder is highly nutritional.
How can you eat it if it’s burnt up?”

Xia Xiaochan snorted.
You still want to eat it, don’t you? She recalled the Red Fire Tricky Lobster, which made Han Fei greatly relieved, because he didn’t want Little Black to be accidentally burnt by the Red Fire Tricky Lobster.

Han Fei then tried his best.
Before Xia Xiaochan took action, he had clutched one of the sword scales and crouched on the Ghost Serpent.


Scales were torn off by Han Fei one after another.
The Ghost Serpent was in such agony that it jerked in the cave.

Han Fei sneered, I’ve killed a Dragon Eel.
You think I can’t deal with you? You do not have the high-voltage electricity that the Dragon Eel had.

Han Fei tore the scales off nonstop even though his own hand was cut, as the creature was only level thirty and couldn’t really hurt him.
After tearing off dozens of scales, Han Fei stabbed his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers into the Ghost Serpent, and the Ghost Serpent immediately lost its momentum.

At this point, Le Renkuang was slashing the Ghost Serpent’s head so hard that one of its eyes was broken by him.

Xia Xiaochan was lost for words.
“Fatty, the head of the snake is not critical.
You need to attack its central nerves.”

Xia Xiaochan drew a cross where the central nerves of the serpent were located with two daggers.
Then, the Ghost Serpent erected its scales, and Xia Xiaochan finally gave up.

But Luo Xiaobai played her role.
Vines grew out of the Ghost Serpent, making it so painful that it was knocking into the wall.

A moment later, the Ghost Serpent was finally dying, and everybody held the vines while breathing heavily.

Wenren Yu stepped close and glanced at everyone, before she stored the Ghost Serpent.

She turned around and said, “This is the second time that I’ve intervened.
You all know Zhang Xuanyu’s weakness, but you neglected that.
His life would’ve been at risk if I hadn’t taken action.
The next time I give you a hand, your training will be over, regardless of the reason is.”

Everybody was slightly embarrassed.
Exhausted, Le Renkuang sat down next to Zhang Xuanyu.
“I’ll walk ahead of you next time.”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled.
“That serpent couldn’t have killed me! It only caught me by surprise, or I would’ve crushed it.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Would you stop bragging? Don’t you find it humiliating?”

Han Fei asked, “Master, is the gallbladder of the serpent helpful for Zhang Xuanyu? Why don’t we dig it out and give it to him?”

Wenren Yu raised her eyebrow, “It is, but the most useful part of the Ghost Serpent is the pearl instead of the gallbladder.
The Serpent Pearl can help build up stamina.
Are you sure you want to give it to Zhang Xuanyu?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Yes.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Just give it to him! He’s too weak anyway.
With the Serpent Pearl, he might not be the first one to fall next time.”

Le Renkuang said, “I have no objections.
I have my shields.
I don’t need it.”

Han Fei shrugged, showing no disagreement.
Seeing that they were united, Wenren Yu finally looked better.
She extended her hand, and a green ball appeared in her hand.

Wenren Yu said, “The Serpent Pearl partly contains the blood of dragons.
You’ll feel on fire within the next hour after you eat it.
Thankfully, this Ghost Serpent is not level forty yet, or it would blow you up if you take its Serpent Pearl.”

Zhang Xuanyu took over the ball and said apologetically, “Thank you, everybody.”

Le Renkuang clapped his hands.
“We’re brothers.
There’s no need to say that.
Just eat


Although Han Fei’s Divine Healing Technique had cured most of his external wounds, Zhang Xuanyu’s internal organs were still seriously damaged and would take hours to heal.
So, Zhang Xuanyu simply swallowed the Serpent Pearl without refusing it.

Everybody looked at each other in amazement, eager to find out how the Serpent Pearl worked.

At first, Zhang Xuanyu showed no reaction.
About ten seconds later, Zhang Xuanyu’s face was redder and redder.
One minute later, his whole body was crimson and smoking.

At this point, Zhang Xuanyu was clinging to the vine with both hands and gritting his teeth.
Veins were bulging on his arms and his neck.
He seemed to be in agony.
Le Renkuang shivered, “How painful is that?” Han Fei patted his belly.
“A man shouldn’t be scared of pain.
Just deal with it!”

Xia Xiaochan chuckled.
“Next time we find a Ghost Serpent and get a Serpent Pearl, we’ll give it to you.”

Han Fei blinked with a smile.
“That’s all that I want.
But I don’t think we can find another Ghost Serpent.”

A while later, the power of the Serpent Pearl seemed to have reached its peak.
Zhang Xuanyu’s hair was standing up, and the water within ten meters of him couldn’t be hotter.

Han Fei controlled the water nearby and replaced the hot water with the cold water outside, which made Zhang Xuanyu slightly more comfortable.

Wenren Yu, however, said, “This pain is nothing.
There are much more excruciating pains in this world!”

Han Fei remembered his experience with the Hexagon Starfish and shivered.
He certainly did not want to try it another time.
The experience was horrible.

One hour passed.
Lying on the ground, Zhang Xuanyu looked at everyone and said lethargically, “Let me… Let me take a rest.”






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