Chapter 215 Fantastic Creatures in the Ocean

Everybody was surprised to see Wenren Yu.
Why did she suddenly appear when she had told everybody to continue their training and she would observe them in secret?

Han Fei tried to please her.
“Master, we’re already at the Deep-Sea Jungle.
It would be a waste if we just go back without exploring it, wouldn’t it?”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded quickly.
“That’s right, Master.
You’re not asking us to return right now, are you?”

Wenren Yu had been busy swallowing the sushi.
She didn’t say anything until the two of them finished, “That’s why I’m punishing you.
Also, I can tell you that there are no treasures in the Deep-Sea Jungle.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Master, have you been there?”

Wenren Yu snorted.
“If you want to go down there, just go.
Don’t try to learn anything from me.
I’ll go down with you this time, but I will not help you unless it’s necessary.”


Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu had a high-five as their plan worked.

Wenren Yu slightly shook her head.
But then she remembered that she had been curious about the undersea world too years previously.
Actually, before she arrived, the teachers had discussed and agreed that they could allow Han Fei’s team to explore the ocean, which would be a good lesson for them.

Receiving Wenren Yu’s approval, everybody including Luo Xiaobai was delighted.

A moment later, Han Fei said, “Fatty, make sure that your weapons are prepared.
There are too many algae and seaweeds down below.
Slash them if we’re about to be tied up.”

Le Renkuang bashed his chest and promised, “You got it! But I don’t really think that those plants can be dangerous.”

Everybody jumped into the water, and Han Fei and Le Renkuang cut the seaweed and the broad algae with their blades.
After only a dozen meters, they met a shoal of fish, which was not really surprising.
Le Renkuang simply unleashed his weapons and cleared the way for everyone.

After thirty meters, they met bigger groups of fish.
The fish were regular but quite aggressive.
Soon, everybody was surrounded with chopped seaweed and fish meat.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Pay attention to the Broadleaf Algae.
They’re spreading to us.”

Han Fei said, “The Broadleaf Algae have to be completely minced.”

Han Fei recognized the plant.
According to the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants, this algae was carnivorous.

Le Renkuang said, “Rest assured.
I got this.”

Then, his elbow flashed, and the Thousand Blade Tortoise appeared.
In the next moment, blades were rotating and cutting the algae.

But to everyone’s surprise, the algae was not minced.
Instead, all the algae instantly rolled their leaves into a stick, which reminded Han Fei of mimose.

Different from mimose, the sticks did not retreat at all but attacked the sharp blades of the Thousand Blade Tortoise as if they were made of iron.

For a moment, hundreds of algae sticks were like furious tentacles at the bottom of the ocean.

Of course, the algae sticks did not have a lot of advantages, and most of them were cut by the Thousand Blade Tortoise in the end.

However, what surprised everybody was that the broad leaves that had been cut off stretched out into long banners that floated at them again.

One or two of them would be easier to deal with, but when hundreds of broad leaves were blown at them, the area where Han Fei was swimming was immediately locked down.

Le Renkuang’s face changed.
“Don’t move.
Let me do this.
It seems that we have to chop them into pieces.
Torrents of Knives and Swords.”

With the Thousand Blade Tortoise on the outside and Le Renkuang’s weapons inside, everybody felt that they had been trapped in a vortex.
Of course, the broad leaves that surrounded them were soon penetrated.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Not good.
Those broad leaves seemed to be releasing some kind of toxic matter.”

Everybody hurried to escape from the area.
Wenren Yu appeared behind them and said, “First time.
If this algae was not regular ones in the level-two fishery, and if you hadn’t taken the Exotic Poisonous Fruit and the Moon Watching Fruit, you would’ve been paralyzed and strangled by this algae.”

Everybody had cold sweat as they had miscalculated.
If they were caught in the situation that Wenren Yu described, they would’ve been killed at the beginning of the adventure.

Han Fei swallowed hard.
No wonder the Deep-Sea Jungle was regarded as the second most dangerous place in the level-two fishery.
Most of the great fishing masters probably would’ve been killed by the algae on the upper level before they dove deeper.

But this incident increased the wariness of Han Fei’s team.
Every life at the bottom of the ocean, including the plain-looking plants like seaweed and algae, had their significance.

The minced seaweed had only a bare stem and a round food bag on the top.
Yes, those algae had food bags, and they were all full.
Le Renkuang cut one of them open and saw all kinds of digested and undigested fish in them.

Xia Xiaochan cut off the bag, leaving the bare stem behind.
Zhang Xuanyu knocked the stem and said to everyone, “It’s at least Mortal Level, Low Quality.
It’s very hard.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Let’s be careful.
Don’t bother the stems.
They’re of no use for us.”

Everybody nodded and kept descending.

Maybe because the algae on the upper level had been covering up for the lower level, they did not meet any danger in the next hundred meters except for some Strip Fish, Swordfish and Iron-Head Fish, which were common in every place.

Those fish were the source of food for the plants in this area.
However, since the fish lived in this place when it was dangerous, it meant that the fish could earn enough things that were worth the risk from this place.

Very soon, Han Fei’s team found where the fish were gathered.
Going further down, they found shellfish and conchs on the algae.
Some of the conchs had mutated and emitted glamorous colors on their back.
Xia Xiaochan picked some of them up.

Han Fei saw a couple of orange, flat fish that were biting and pulling the conchs from the algae.
When Han Fei’s team approached, the fish hurried to swim away.
Xia Xiaochan was delighted.
“This place is more beautiful than the coral reefs!”

Han Fei said, “The more beautiful a place looks, the more dangerous it might be.
It’s like the more beautiful a woman is, the less you can trust her!”

“Excuse me?!”

Xia Xiaochan, Wenren Yu, and Luo Xiaobai scoffed and glared at Han Fei at the same time.

Zhang Xuanyu smacked his lips.
“Han Fei, can you not be so blunt? You may be killed someday because of that.”

Han Fei blushed, as he had unintentionally revealed the big secret.

After descending for another fifty meters, they found uneven rocks around them, but those rocks had been covered by seaweeds and sea anemone.

Han Fei saw a cluster of red and white sea anemone that had ten big tentacles with infinite smaller tentacles on them.
When a school of Strip Fish swam by, the tentacles immediately grabbed a couple of them and sent them to the hole at the center of the sea anemone.

On their way, Han Fei’s team saw Mysterious Armored Turtles, Red Spot Squids, big fish with two sharp fangs, and a Mantis Shrimp that was going on hunting.

Of course, those creatures did not cause any trouble.
A group of Strip Fish intended to attack them, but they all slipped away in fear after Luo Xiaobai hit them with her vines.


Le Renkuang was blown away.
Everyone didn’t realize until a moment later that it was a green Mantis Shrimp hiding among the seaweeds.
Le Renkuang was enraged.
“You dare to attack me?”

He darted out his sword and cut the Mantis Shrimp into halves.

Then, they passed some rocks that looked like an arch and saw the shells of clams, conchs, and spider crabs on the bottom of the ocean.

There were so many of them that they almost covered up the entire space.

Xia Xiaochan found several beautiful shells and was about to pick them up, when something jerked out of the mud as fast as the Mantis Shrimp.

Taken aback, Xia Xiaochan flashed away.
She observed it more clearly, only to discover that it was a level-28 Green Scaled Serpent.
Then, Xia Xiaochan immediately lunged back and cut the serpent into pieces.

Han Fei said, “I told you to be careful.
Let’s not approach the crevices but just press forward.
The sea willows that are full of Wooden Fish are over there.”



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