Chapter 206 The Turtle That Carries the Plaque

On the outside, Wenren Yu’s face changed.
She had reached the bottom of the ocean from the surface when the Stone Forest had an earthquake.

Wenren Yu was frowning hard.
She didn’t stop Han Fei’s team from exploring the Stone Forest because it was only a maze.
She knew that the maze was based on an ancient circle but was not fatal.
Most people who died here were actually suffocated due to the lack of air.
Also, some of the explorers made it out from the Stone Forest alive.

However, Luo Xiaobai had a source of air.
Her vines could grow wherever there was soil.
When her level was higher, even soil wouldn’t be required.

Therefore, Wenren Yu felt that it was a matter of time before Han Fei’s team returned.
She had even been ready to mock them and tell them that not every place in this ocean has treasures when they were back.

However, the seal was shaking, and the whole Stone Forest was moving, which was different from what she anticipated.

Frowning hard, Wenren Yu released hundreds of sword grasses and tried to break the seal above the Stone Forest.

But out of her expectation, the Stone Forest only allowed those below the level of Dangling Fisher to come in, and her access was denied.



A barrier of water appeared on the top of the Stone Forest, and the sword grasses resulted in nothing but ripples after they hit it.

“Damn it!”

Wenren Yu cruised on the top of the Stone Forest.
However, the barrier blocked her sight and she couldn’t see what was going on inside at all.

At this point, Wenren Yu remembered something that Old Bai said earlier: the Stone Forest was as treacherous as the Fiery Mountain and much more so than the Deep-Sea Jungle.

Down below, Han Fei’s team went forward along the straight channel, meeting no obstacles this time.
Everybody was excited.

Zhang Xuanyu said with a smile, “Han Fei, it never occurred to me that you were such a good liar.”

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Le Renkuang agreed with him.
“That’s right! I almost believed you.”

Han Fei glanced at him.
“A liar? I was telling the truth, alright? Wouldn’t it be better to sleep in the coral reefs than to sleep in the Stone Forest?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “That’s true, but you told the turtle that you were going to set it up with a female turtle… Are you sure that you can find a second turtle that can talk? I highly doubt it!’

a se

Xia Xiaochan suddenly asked, “Do you think the Water Arrow Turtle can talk?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head.
“Probably not.
That black turtle must be a special species that is more amazing than exotic creatures.” Han Fei certainly couldn’t tell them that it was named Stone Spirit Turtle and it could talk probably because of luck, like the Hexagon Starfish that he ran into before.
Since the Hexagon Starfish could talk, it meant that other species in the ocean might be able to talk too.
So, he didn’t find it inexplicable that the Stone Spirit Turtle could talk.

Everybody moved quickly and they reached their destination half an hour later.

However, they saw nothing but a rising pile of mud and a rod that was full of pebbles on the top of it.

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“Watch out.
Look at the


There were complicated engravings on the ground, not very obvious but very creepy.


Le Renkuang swallowed and asked, “Is this someone’s tomb? Seriously? Why do we keep running into tombs?”

Zhang Xuanyu went forward and said, “Don’t bother the tomb.
All that matters is this rod.
We only need to draw it out…”

Zhang Xuanyu exerted his strength but failed to get it out.
He said in embarrassment, “Don’t be hasty.
I was only trying.

Spiritual energy was surging on Zhang Xuanyu’s hands, and the water nearby was shaking because of his immense power, but the rod was still.

Le Renkuang asked bluntly, “So, you just can’t draw it out, can you?”

Zhang Xuanyu was unhappy that he was scorned.
“You do it if you think you’re so


Le Renkuang waved his hand.
“You are not as good as me and Han Fei in terms of strength.
It’ll be very easy for me to get this rod out.”

Seeing no danger nearby, Le Renkuang grew bold and dropped his weapon box, before he began to pull the rod.



Zhang Xuanyu enjoyed the show.
“Hey… What an easy task it is for you!”

Le Renkuang: “…”

Humiliated, Le Renkuang patted his weapon box and declared, “Violent…”


He collapsed on the ground, failing to pull the rod out but successfully removed one of the pebbles on the rod, revealing the black color of the rod.

Luo Xiaobai’s eyes glittered.
“It shook.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Alright, I’ve just tried it.
The rod seems to be stuck, or it may be too heavy! Think about it.
How can a rod that suppresses the seal in the Stone Forest be simple?”

Han Fei rubbed his hands.
“Let me try it! But let’s make a deal first.
Whoever pulls it out will own it.”

Le Renkuang didn’t care.
“I don’t use rods.
You two can compete for it.”

Zhang Xuanyu was unconcerned.
“You can’t succeed.
I’ve checked it out.
It can’t be plucked regularly.”

Han Fei stepped forward, not caring if there were other approaches, because he was unwilling to be left out in this manly contest of strength.

Han Fei summoned spiritual energy in his hands.

When Han Fei exerted his strength, water was surging and veins were bulging on his hands and his neck, but nothing happened.
Zhang Xuanyu said, “Enough.
This rod can’t be pulled… Out… Shoot!”

They saw that the stick moved slightly, as if it had been partly heaved.
They were all shocked.

Xia Xiaochan remarked casually, “So, you’re truly not as strong as Han Fei.”

At this point, Han Fei roared, “Attach,” and clutched the rod with seven chains.


The water was rolling, and the earth was shaking.
Even the walls were slightly quivering too.

Seeing that the rod was more lifted, Han Fei roared again, “Fury!”


An enormous noise burst out, followed by an earthquake.
Han Fei, however, lurched and blushed with the rod in his hands.

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Han Fei, get out of there!”


Han Fei fell on the floor, and his hands were pressed to the ground, unable to move.

Holding his breath, Han Fei shouted, “I want to leave too, but this rod is too heavy!” Han Fei was more than shocked.
With all his training, he was confident that he was better than regular Dangling Fishers in terms of physical strength.
He had the enhancement of the Indestructible Body! However, he couldn’t even pick up a rod? Clinging to the rod, Han Fei complained, “Damn it.
Are you the Monkey King Bar?”

There was no telling if it was intentional, but the pile of mud below Han Fei’s feet fell apart, and both Han Fei and the rod fell off.

“Han Fei…”

Shocked, everybody stepped forward, but the vines that Luo Xiaobai bound to Han Fei earlier were torn off.

The earth was still cracking and shaking in explosions.

Hardly had they approached the pit when they were blown back by an invisible power.

Before they approached it again, they saw that the pile of mud broke apart, and an enormous tablet slowly surfaced.

Then, cracks appeared below everyone’s feet one after another.
The hundred meters within them almost all fell apart.
Le Renkuang swallowed hard.
“I sense that… Something is coming.”


Xia Xiaochan said angrily, “Really? What was your first clue? The turtle shell?”

Everybody was shocked.
Was it a turtle down below? But wouldn’t the turtle be too huge? The part of the turtle shell that it revealed already covered more than thirty square meters.

“Han Fei…”

Suddenly, Zhang Xuanyu waved his hands in delight, and they saw that Han Fei was sitting on the turtle shell next to the tablet with the rod, his face red.

Han Fei said, “I’m fine.
I’m fine.
You stay there for now.”

Though he said it was fine, Han Fei was actually more than freaked out by the data he saw.

Rock-Holding Turtle

This is a natural spiritual turtle that carries a mysterious tablet.
It’s as heavy as a mountain and engraved with strange patterns.
You can only see it with your mind instead of your eyes.


??? ??? ???


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