Chapter 204 Two Turtles Defending the Ocean

Everybody was shocked to see the Water Arrow Turtle which was essentially a small mountain.
The turtle also had rocks with sophisticated patterns on its back.


Xia Xiaochan appeared below the Water Arrow Turtle’s neck and spiraled to launch a Supreme Stab.
The attack was so powerful that Han Fei felt that it was enough to stab into him.


However, the Water Arrow Turtle simply roared, and Xia Xiaochan was entirely knocked away.

Han Fei charged forward because he saw that the Water Arrow Turtle had formed another water arrow.

Han Fei picked up Xia Xiaochan and tossed her to Luo Xiaobai.
Then, spiritual energy surged out of his rod, helping him to resist the arrow.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

But to Han Fei’s shock, his rod was falling apart inch by inch, and seeing that it was about to be completely broken, Han Fei hurried to add a spiritual energy protective cover on himself.


After an explosion, Han Fei was blown away into a stone wall like a cannonball, with such a powerful blast that the stone wall was crushed.
The Stone Spirit Crabs near the wall were crumbled before they were able to do anything.


Spewing out blood, Han Fei felt as though a mountain had just crashed into him, and that all his bones had been broken.

Everybody gathered around Han Fei in shock.
They knew very well how sturdy Han Fei’s body was, but he was still heavily wounded by the close-range attack of the Water Arrow Turtle!

Han Fei struggled back to his feet.
“Who can tell me what the Water Arrow Turtle is exactly? Why is it so strong?”

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Han Fei remembered the Hexagon Starfish and was horrified, because the turtle left him the same feeling as the Hexagon Starfish did.

But at least, the Hexagon Starfish wouldn’t attack anyone randomly.
This turtle, on the other hand, had started attacking them when they were still a long distance away.
Luo Xiaobai’s face slightly changed.
“Wait, something must be wrong with this Water Arrow Turtle.
It shouldn’t be so strong.” Han Fei asked, “What if it’s close to level forty?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Then it would be reasonable.
A level-forty turtle is much stronger than a common Dangling Fisher.
I don’t think we can defeat it.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “A Dangling Fisher might be able to deal with it, but this Water Arrow Turtle is beyond our anticipation.
It shouldn’t be in a level-two fishery at all.”

Le Renkuang said, shivering, “I warned you before! As one of the three most dangerous places, this place is perilous!”

While retreating, everybody discussed the scene.
Since it was impossible to weather through the turtle’s attacks, they’d better retreat for now.

They were no fools.
Xia Xiaochan’s fully-blown attack didn’t even hurt the Water Arrow Turtle, and Han Fei’s attack only caused himself to be blown away.

At this point, everybody looked at Le Renkuang sympathetically as he had to offer his own blood to his broadsword this time.

Le Renkuang almost shed tears.
He didn’t know that his opponent would be so strong.
However, it was impossible to cancel the flying Bloodthirsty Broadsword now.

Then, everybody saw an enormous pillar of water hitting the saber.

Le Renkuang sat on the ground, but to everybody’s surprise, the saber was still pressing forward.

Zhang Xuanyu was shocked.
“Le Renkuang, I didn’t know that your Bloodthirsty Broadsword had grown so powerful!”

Le Renkuang said bitterly, “No, I can’t persist any longer.”


A second water arrow came and easily flung Le Renkuang’s broadsword away.

Instantly, Le Renkuang vomited blood exhaustedly.

Han Fei performed the Divine Healing Technique on Le Renkuang, before he said, “No, this Water Arrow Turtle is too strong for us.
We have to try other places.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Agreed.
Thank god that it can’t move, or it would be impossible for us to


Everybody was rather frustrated.
If they couldn’t defeat a monster in a level-two fishery, what could they do when they reached a level-three fishery?

Of course, other people would’ve cursed them to be snobs if their thoughts were known, because few in the Blue Sea Town dared to explore the four forbidden areas.

Some fishers might’ve survived the Piercing Electricity Zone, but fewer made it back from the Stone Forest.
As for the two most dangerous places, nobody ever returned from there.

After they escaped by a thousand meters, the walls near them suddenly began to move.

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed greatly.
“Run! The walls are closing!”

Han Fei looked back at the Water Arrow Turtle.
Were the walls closing because they attacked the turtle a moment ago?

There was no time to think at this point.
Everybody rushed while the walls were not closed yet.
After they took multiple turns and passed through infinite gaps, the walls finally stopped moving However, everybody was shocked after the movement of the walls.
Earlier, the roads between the walls were smooth and had nothing except the Water Arrow Crabs and the Stone Spirit Crabs, but after the stone walls moved, the ground was brimming with gruesome corpses.

Le Renkuang’s eyes widened.
“A lot of people… Died here!”

Zhang Xuanyu examined the corpses and found fishing poles, daggers, and deformed sabers and swords.

Luo Xiaobai said, “It’s a circle.
This whole area of walls is an enormous circle.”

Zhang Xuanyu heaved a sigh.
“Anyway, we’ve lost our way now.
We can’t tell the direction at all in this circle.
We have to count on Little Little White now.”

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Why do you think our teacher let us come here if she knew that we couldn’t defeat the monsters here?”.

Xia Xiaochan said, “While we couldn’t defeat them, the Water Arrow Turtle can’t do anything to us either, can it? I think we need to find an answer by ourselves.”

Han Fei nodded and pett Little White.
“Keep searching.
Let’s ignore the big turtle and look for something else this time.”

It was not tricky for Little White, because fish did not tell the direction with their eyes but with their magnetic field.
Also, Little White was highly sensitive about spiritual energy, and it was not hard for Little White to locate the places in this maze where spiritual energy was concentrated.

However, the search this time was much more arduous than the last time.
Everybody walked for almost half a day in the maze but saw nothing but bones on their way.

As they pressed on, they suddenly found themselves on an empty ground.
Then, they saw a huge turtle, which was covered in a black shell and was napping in it.

Stone Spirit Turtle

This is a Stone Spirit Turtle that has lived here for more than nine hundred years.
It feeds on spiritual energy and is highly sturdy.
It’s lazy and spends most of its time in hibernation.
It contains a Water Resisting Pearl that can help you stay at the bottom of the ocean all the time without need for air.



5,555 Points

It can strengthen your body and increase your longevity when eaten.

Water Resisting Pearl

Everybody including Han Fei was stunned.
Another one? Also, it had similar qualities to the Water Arrow Turtle, except that the Water Arrow Turtle was more aggressive.
Also, was this turtle sleeping?

Le Renkuang asked, his voice shivering, “Is it asleep?”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “What turtle is this?”

Zhang Xuanyu was lost for words.
“Are you kidding me? Is this place a turtle keep? This one can’t be weaker than the Water Arrow Turtle.
We would be brutalized again if it weren’t asleep.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Let’s not wake it up but observe it first.”

The Water Arrow Turtle just now was too ferocious for them to approach, but this Stone Spirit Turtle was napping and gave them enough time for observation.

Xia Xiaochan circled the Stone Spirit Turtle delightedly and said, “This turtle must be more than twenty meters long!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Look at the patterns on the ground.”

Everybody gathered and fell silent.
A moment later, Han Fei remarked, “It’s a circle.”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “So, what is this circle for?”

Le Renkuang said, “To cage the two turtles, of course.
What else could it be for?”

Han Fei asked, “Why are the two turtles caged?”




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