Chapter 201 A Group of Daredevils

Han Fei did not continue to harvest the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish but quickly turned back to find Xia Xiaochan.
Then he hurried back to Zhang Xuanyu when he failed to find Xia Xiaochan.

Halfway along, when he was only a few kilometers away from Zhang Xuanyu, Xia Xiaochan suddenly appeared beside him.
He was startled and almost hacked at her.

Han Fei asked, “Why did you suddenly pop up? Where have you been?”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei strangely.
“I was hunting Soul-Attracting Jellyfish! Where did you go?”

With that said, Xia Xiaochan pinched a Soul Resistance Pearl in her hand while staring at Han Fei.

Han Fei raised his hand awkwardly.
“Oh! What a coincidence! I also accidentally killed a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish just now.”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head and looked at Han Fei.


Han Fei’s heart was trembling.
Did she keep following him? Seriously, if Xia Xiaochan followed her, he might not be able to discover her.
Did she see Little Black’s attack? And he also used the Demon Purification Pot just now.
Did she see it?

Han Fei was about to speak when Xia Xiaochan swished away and landed beside Luo Xiaobai who was pale.
At this moment, Le Renkuang had already awakened, rubbing his head stunned.
He passed out just now, but he knew he had eaten a Soul Resistance Pearl.
That was really great! He ate it without doing anything! Xia Xiaochan handed out another Soul Resistance Pearl.
“Xiaobai, eat it.”

“What about you?”

Xia Xiaochan casually said, “I’ll go hunt some later! There are so many Soul-Attracting Jellyfish here.
They are all ours!”

Zhang Xuanyu held a vine and breathed heavily.
“How about resting for two hours? My mental energy consumption has been great and I’m a little tired.”

Han Fei threw the Soul Resistance Pearl in his hand to Zhang Xuanyu.
“Here you are! Although your mental energy is strong, we need you to be stronger.
Eat this.” Zhang Xuanyu was shocked.
“Aren’t you looking for Xia Xiaochan? Why did you also kill one?”

Han Fei gave him a smug smile.
“Did you forget about my Million Knife Art?”

Zhang Xuanyu thought, No, I didn’t.
But even if you have the Million Knife Art, can you withstand so many waves of mental shocks in a row?

Although Zhang Xuanyu was still puzzled, he caught the Soul Resistance Pearl and stuffed it directly into his mouth.
Then he exclaimed, “Let me take you to sweep the waters later! The Soul Resistance Pearls are all ours.”

Han Fei smiled and didn’t speak, sitting down next to Le Renkuang as if saying he was ready to go.

Then he took out a pack of Fish Dragon cards.
“Let’s play cards.”

Everyone: “???”

Even Le Renkuang was stunned.
Brother, we are exploring the dangerous land! How can you still have the time to play cards?

Han Fei continued, “Didn’t Zhang Xuanyu say he wanted to rest for two hours? Then let’s play cards!”

Zhang Xuanyu immediately sat down.
“I like this…”

Soon, it became lively.
Although Luo Xiaobai was interested in playing cards, she had always felt that it would take up her time and energy, so she would only play cards in her spare time.
At this moment, she just sat beside Xia Xiaochan and gave her advice.

Han Fei announced, “Call the landlord.”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“Grab the landlord.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “I’ll grab it!”

Xia Xiaochan became the landlord.
They were playing with the cards happily, completely forgetting their purpose of coming here.
In the depth of the sea, four or five miles away, Wenren Yu’s face was all black.
What the f*ck are you doing?! You came all the way from the town to the dangerous land of the level-two fishery to play cards?! Are you kidding me?!

Two hours later.

Xia Xiaochan raised her hand.
“Zhang Xuanyu owes me 10,000 mid-quality pearls, Xiao Mania owes me 6,000, and Han Fei owes me 12,000.
Pay me when we return to the town!”

Han Fei dropped the bad cards in his hand.
“Xia Xiaochan, let me tell you, when I conceived the Fish Dragon Cards, I made it clear that it was not a gambling game and no one shall pay more than one low-quality pearl for this game.” Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei.
“Do you want to repudiate your debt? Don’t even think of it!”

Zhang Xuanyu mumbled, “It’s not fair.
Xiaobai was helping you all the way.
You would have lost right away if you had played by yourself.”

Le Renkuang scratched his head.
“Yes, it’ll hurt our friendship! Now shall we go fight Soul-Attracting Jellyfish?”.

Zhang Xuanyu and Han Fei looked at each other and quickly got up.

Han Fei agreed.
“Yes, why are we here? Experience and cultivate… What about you, Xia Xiaochan? Is playing cards your pursuit?”

Xia Xiaochan was so angry that she pulled out a knife and stabbed Han Fei.
Who took out the Fish Dragon Cards in the first place? And who lost to her? How did he have the cheek to say the rubbish to her… He was really shameless!

Han Fei blinked and tugged at Zhang Xuanyu’s arm.
“Let’s go! Otherwise, we will lose a lot of money.”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“Yes! I got what you meant from your glance.” Zhang Xuanyu quickly transmitted his voice to everyone, “Xiaobai, cooperate with me.
See how I catch a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish!”

Zhang Xuanyu rushed a few kilometers away.
Seeing him, a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was a little stunned.
Um, it seems that there are five tiny little guys coming at me? Ok, let me teach them a lesson then.

Zhang Xuanyu, who was at the front, didn’t feel much.
Le Renkuang wanted to try the effect of the Soul Resistance Pearl and also ran forward.
However, after being attacked, he covered his head with his hands.
“Ouch, it hurts… I’ve gotta eat another Soul Resistance Pearl.”

He patted his armor box and a large number of swords and knives flew out.
If Le Renkuang could resist mental attacks, the jelly-like Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was a piece of cake to him.

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless.
“Kuangkuang, I said this jellyfish was mine.”

Le Renkuang grunted.
“But you are too slow.”

“Let me catch the next one.”

A moment later, countless vines crushed a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish and Han Fei simply didn’t need to do anything.
In less than half an hour, each of them had eaten five or six Soul Resistance Pearls.
However, their enthusiasm had not diminished, and they were still committed to hunting Soul-Attracting Jellyfish.

During the period, a total of three spiritual fruits were found from the seabed, which were not Crimson Sea Fruit but almost the same, with nearly ten thousand points of spiritual energy.
One hour later.

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Okay, stop.
Soul Resistance Pearls are no longer useful to us.
Shall we consider finding a second contractual spiritual beast?”

Everyone except Zhang Xuanyu shook his head.

Xia Xiaochan scoffed.
“I don’t want such a weak contractual spiritual beast.”

Zhang Xuanyu said slyly, “It depends on who uses it.
I’ll use it very well.
It can greatly strengthen my soul attack.

Le Renkuang said carelessly, “I will catch my second contractual spiritual beast in the level-three fishery.”

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“Me too.”

Luo Xiaobai handed the Soul Resistance Pearl in her hand to Han Fei.
“I want to go to the Deep-Sea Jungle to see if there is a creature suitable to be my second contractual spiritual beast.”

Everyone shivered.
The Piercing Electricity Zone was the fourth most dangerous, but the Deep-sea Jungle ranked second! You cross the Stone Forest and go directly to the Deep-Sea Jungle.
Is it appropriate?

Han Fei was also a little worried.
“Let’s search here first, OK? Maybe there are still some more spiritual fruit or something.” “It’s not necessary.
The best thing we can find here is these Soul Resistance Pearls.
They’re much more valuable than spiritual fruits.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Yes, there are very few things that can increase spiritual resistance or soul resistance.
Ordinary people can’t get down here even if they know that there are Soul-Attracting Jellyfish.
Even if they can get down, they must block the attack of the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish first.”

Han Fei shrugged.
“OK, it’s up to you!”

Everyone smiled at each other.
Then the vines bulged around them, enveloped them, and then closed, forming a road leading from the seabed to the sea surface.

He Xiaoyu cried, “Let’s go.”

The vines went all the way up and crossed the explosion area of the Blue-Hat Jellyfish.
Then, they experienced the current shock again.

Fortunately, this time, Le Renkuang was already prepared, although they were still paralyzed by the electricity and could not even speak clearly.

On the fishing boat.

Zhang Xuanyu took a long breath.
“Shall we go to the Stone Forest or the Deep-Sea Jungle first? I personally suggest going to the former first.
There must be a reason for it to be ranked third.
If we can’t handle the Stone Forest, Then the Deep-Sea Jungle will be very dangerous for us.”

Le Renkuang agreed.
“Let’s go to the Stone Forest first.
We should explore these places step by step.”

Xia Xiaochan waved her dagger.

Han Fei agreed.
“Let’s explore them one by one! It’s the safest choice.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“OK, then to the Stone Forest we go.”






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