Chapter 196 Moon-Watching Eel

While fishing, Han Fei’s team sailed the boat back into the range of the level-two fishery.

The level-two fishery was quite huge and included many weird places.
It took Han Fei’s team seven days to sail throughout the level-two fishery and record the places that other people were unwilling to visit.

Zhang Xuanyu wrote on his notebook made of fish skin and said, “This place is a coral reef.
The water here is 98 meters deep on average.
It’s said that a special fish named the Moon-Watching Eel lives here.
Because of the shallow water, the Moon-Watching Eels are able to absorb the essence of the moon, but such eels are said to be highly poisonous.”

Han Fei was reminded of something.
According to A Complete Collection of Spiritual Plants in the Infinite Ocean, the Moon-Watching Eel gathered the essence of the moon and transformed it into poison, so Moon Spirit Fruits often grew in their nests.
These fruits were not venomous but could resolve poisons.
They were often used to make antidote pills.
Such fruits were not as effective if taken orally, but they could still increase the body’s resistance to poison.

Xia Xiaochan asked curiously, “Is there any treasure here?”

Zhang Xuanyu read his notebook carefully and said, “I don’t know, but the Moon-Watching Eels are not really a threat to us although they’re highly aggressive and territorial.”

Han Fei said, “There are Moon Spirit Fruits in their nests.
Such fruits can resist the venom of Little White.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes glittered.
“We should catch the fish.
I don’t like the feeling of being paralyzed.”

Xia Xiaochan remembered how she was poisoned in the Blue Sea Arena.
At that time, her face was hideously blue.

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“Moon Spirit Fruit? Where did you learn that?”

Han Fei said, “You people don’t farm, so of course you don’t know.
You’ll find it in the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants.”

Le Renkuang immediately shouted, “I saw the book before.
There’s just too much information in the book for me to read, you’ve read all of it?”

Han Fei said to himself gloatingly, I don’t mean to brag, but I learned the whole book by heart after only a day.

Zhang Xuanyu, however, asked unenthusiastically, “It doesn’t sound very appealing.
We can buy fruits that can increase our immunity to poison also.”

Xia Xiaochan glared at him.
“I don’t have so much money!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Let’s try catching them up first.”

Everybody cast their hooks.
After seven days, besides Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu was the only one who was getting the hang of the trick, and Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang still hadn’t picked it up yet.
They were only fishing randomly.

Only Han Fei could see clearly what was around his hook.
As he retracted his fishing line, an abalone the size of a basin was pulled to the boat by him.

Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai hurried to step back in displeasure.

Le Renkuang said, “Huh? A Sea-Ear? That’s quite rare.
But they’re not very valuable although they’re rare.
Also, I’m told that even other fish don’t feed on them because they’re too ugly.”

Xia Xiaochan said in disdain, “It’s hideous.
I thought you got a Moon-Watching Eel.”

Han Fei laughed at them.
“What do you know? This fish is very precious.
I’ve never encountered it before.
Now that I’ve got one, I’ll cook an abalone meal for you today.”

Zhang Xuanyu asked in confusion, “What meal?”

Han Fei said, “Abalone meal.
Nothing is as delicious as that.”

Le Renkuang immediately leaned close.
“More delicious than barbecue?”

Han Fei smiled mysteriously.
“That will depend on my culinary skills.”

Le Renkuang rubbed his hands delightedly.
“I believe in you.
I’ve never had a Sea-Ear before.
I’ll find out how it tastes today.”

Xia Xiaochan said with a sour face, “I won’t eat it.
It’s too ugly.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“I’ll pass too.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “You’re all distracted when you’re supposed to be training, I’m not like you.
I’ll definitely be able to see with my mind in ten days.”

An hour passed.

The boat was filled with the fragrance from the marinated abalone in the pot, and Han Fei and Le Renkuang were enjoying the meat before the pot.

Han Fei asked, “Are you really not going to try


Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu, and Luo Xiaobai were all swallowing.
How could something so hideous be so delicious? Xia Xiaochan even wiped her drool.

Le Renkuang said without any hesitation, “I’ll eat it for them…”

The fatty picked up a piece of abalone meat and sent it into his mouth.
His cheeks were shivering as he chewed the hot, newly-cooked abalone.
He seemed so content that other people might’ve thought that he was high.


Le Renkuang shouted with glowing eyes and greasy lips.
The rest of them were all drooping.

Zhang Xuanyu put his fishing pole down and said solemnly, “I don’t think we should spend all of our time fishing.
I’ll try this meat too.”

Xia Xiaochan, on the other hand, simply sat down before the pot.
The fish didn’t look as ugly anymore after it was cooked.
Besides, it was too delicious for her to refuse.

Luo Xiaobai struggled for a moment and decided to join the crowd.

Only one moment later…

Xia Xiaochan said with a huge smile, “It’s delicious, Han Fei.
We’ll have more of this tonight.”

Zhang Xuanyu agreed with her.
“I despise those who prioritize training over a good life.”

Le Renkuang said quickly, “Hey, don’t steal it.
It’s mine…”

Luo Xiaobai’s eyes were flashing as she gazed at Han Fei.
Where did this guy learn his culinary skills? Can he turn everything into delicious food?

After they were full, they continued wandering in the area of the coral reefs, not to really catch Moon-Watching Eels but to practice fishing skills.

The fishing skills that came with Han Fei’s Void Fishing were far better than other people’s techniques.
The only shortcoming was that Han Fei could not cast his hook beyond a thousand meters.

Xia Xiaochan, on the other hand, was quite surprising.
It was not unusual for someone to pick up spiritual vision after one attempt.
But was there such an art in the Heavenly Water Village? Han Fei didn’t think so.
Besides, he had never seen anyone else with double spiritual beasts.
So, Xia Xiaochan’s background must be sophisticated.

Zhang Xuanyu was also from another village.
His art was obviously not the common True Spirit Fishing Art either.
Besides, he could separate his mind from his body, which was something that even Han Fei couldn’t do.

As for Luo Xiaobai, she had always been mysterious.

Le Renkuang might seem to be a gourmet, but he had an unusual Madness Spiritual Heritage.

In conclusion, Han Fei found that all of his teammates seemed complicated.
Was it a coincidence that he ran into them, or was it luck?

At the sunset on the seventh day, the sky was enshrouded by the afterglow.

On the boat, all the five of them were fishing carefully.

Suddenly, Zhang Xuanyu roared.

Then, Zhang Xuanyu shook his hand and soon picked up a Singing Conch.

Everybody looked at him, and Zhang Xuanyu was grinning hard.
“I saw it.
I knew that I could make it in ten days.”

Xia Xiaochan asked curiously, “How far can

you see?”

“Well, about half a foot.”

Xia Xiaochan was relieved.
“Then keep trying! I can see half a meter now.”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang: “…”

Le Renkuang grew anxious and ran to Han Fei.
“Help! Why can’t I see anything? I’ve been trying so hard!”

Han Fei extended his hand and pinched Le Renkuang’s belly, and Le Renkuang hurried to step back.
“Why did you pinch me?”

Han Fei said, “You sensed pain when I pinched you because of neural reflex, or in other words, sense of the spirit.
If you don’t have spiritual power, it’s possible that you couldn’t have felt the pain.
Just regard the hook as part of your flesh and try again.”

Le Renkuang was dumbfounded.
“Regard the hook as my flesh?”

Han Fei didn’t really know whether what he said was correct, but at least he believed so himself.

“When you focus your mind on something, you will definitely receive responses…”

Han Fei taught his friend a mysterious lesson.

But right after that, Xia Xiaochan said in his head, “Actually, you don’t understand what’s going on either, do you?”

Han Fei replied, “You can only learn the trick on your own.
What I said was only a piece of friendly advice that might be helpful.”

Scratching his head, Le Renkuang returned and started thinking.
Luo Xiaobai was also trying, deep in thought.

Three moons were in the sky at night, but ever since he learned the Water Vein Technique, Han Fei was no longer worried that other fish would disturb him.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes glowed.
A Moon-Watching Eel?





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