Chapter 192 Dragon Terrain

Considering the route that everybody had just walked, the dragon tail was the only missing part now.
After all, Han Fei had collected the dragon head.

The channel was very long this time, and to everyone’s surprise, no special creatures attacked them.

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“Don’t you find this weird?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded, “Yes, the spiritual energy here is more intense.”

Le Renkuang shivered.
“It’s rather cold.”

Han Fei had also been considering why there were so many caves here and why the Fire Cloud Cave was so deep.
Then, Han Fei realized something else: why was the dragon head placed in the front? Did the expert arrange the bones of the dragon in the shape of a dragon after it died?

“Huhh! Dragon Terrain?”

Shocked, Han Fei said in a hurry, “Dragon Terrain.
Based on the distribution of the dragon bones, we must be walking on a Dragon Terrain.”

Everybody was curious.
“What’s a Dragon Terrain?”

Han Fei said, “You really don’t know? The Dragon Terrain is a terrain made in the shape of a dragon.
It’s perfect to preserve bodies… Damn it, let’s move faster!”

Han Fei seemed to have realized something and started rushing.

His teammates didn’t quite understand what was going on, but they quickly followed him.

After several thousand meters, an enormous cave bigger than all the previous caves showed up.

However, everybody stopped at the entrance of the cave, not even daring to breathe aloud.

Xia Xiaochan prodded Han Fei and asked, “Why, is someone sitting there?”

Han Fei swallowed and replied, “If my guess is correct, he is the real dragonslayer, and the corpse before wasn’t…”


Everybody stepped back subconsciously.
Was it some kind of joke? The tough guy from before was not the dragonslayer?

However, they all believed Han Fei, because it seemed to be a living person who was in a posture of cultivation at the center of the cave.
His face was fair, and his skin and flesh were intact.
There was no telling if he was alive.
More importantly, he was facing the entrance of the cave.


Le Renkuang swallowed and said, “Should we slip away? This guy killed a dragon by pointing at it.
I don’t think we’re as good as a dragon…”

Everybody considered retreating except Han Fei, because the dragon tail was two meters before the expert, and there was a circular pit around the expert that was full of spiritual energy.

Han Fei’s heart raced.
The spiritual spring was more attractive to him than the dragon tail was.
He had practically run out of spiritual energy, and it would take forever if he were to cultivate spiritual energy on his own to become an advanced great fishing master or craft the blades for the Million Knife Art.

However, there were millions of points of spiritual energy in the spring.
He would be rich again if he could get it.

Luo Xiaobai whispered, “Look, there’s a door on the other side.”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Could it be an exit?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “It’s possible.
We’re at the end of the cave, so there should be a way out or we would have to return to the furnace.”

Le Renkuang asked, “What if it’s not an exit behind the door?”

Everybody fell silent, because they would be doomed if they opened the door only to discover that it was not an exit.

Right when everybody was hesitating, an enormous noise burst out, and the cave was shaking with falling rocks.

“Not good.
The channel is collapsing.”

All five of them looked awful.
The earthquake couldn’t have happened at a worse timing.

While the cave trembled, the expert at the center of the cave suddenly opened his eyes.

Han Fei screamed, “Let’s go! The door is our only way out now!”

Le Renkuang roared, “I told you to stop exploring! Look, we will all end up like dead fish now!”

Luo Xiaobai suggested, “Let’s pass through the cave before the expert is fully woken up.”

They ran hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.
In the next second, Le Renkuang and Han Fei lifted the door as they did with the first door, and it was easily opened.

Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai quickly passed the gap that had been opened, followed by Zhang Xuanyu.
Then, Le Renkuang blushed and pleaded, “Work harder.
I can’t squeeze through this.”

Han Fei said, “I told you to lose weight, and you wouldn’t listen.
Now you know how troublesome it is, don’t you?”


Le Renkuang activated his box and summoned multiple shields to support the gate, but he and Han Fei both felt that their back was cold in the next second, as someone was standing right behind him.

Han Fei cursed.

Zhang Xuanyu shouted on the other side of the door, “Come here!”


The stone door collapsed and resulted in a dull noise when it hit the ground.
In the meantime, rocks were falling in all directions, blocking not just this door but also the entrance through which Han Fei’s team came in.

In the meantime, Le Renkuang was kicked out of the cave through the gap.
The force was so powerful that Le Renkuang rolled along the ground.

Le Renkuang’s face changed greatly.
He ran to the door and roared, “Violent War Body!”

At this point, not just Le Renkuang, everybody was trying to lift the stone door palely.

However, they could only achieve no more than an extra ten centimeters.

His eyes bloodshot, Le Renkuang roared anxiously, “Han Fei, you idiot.
Was your head hit by an Iron-Head Fish?”

“Han Fei, say something!”

“Han Fei, make a sound! Don’t leave us alone!”


An enormous force was blasted at the door, and Le Renkuang was blown several meters away.

Luo Xiaobai’s face was pale.
“Not good.”

Le Renkuang’s voice was shivering.
He roared with tears, “Let’s lift the door! We can do this.
We can certainly do this…”

Han Fei’s face changed greatly.
Holding the dragon bone, he confronted the man who was half a meter away from him with his back against the wall.


“Brother, let’s just talk nicely.
We’re both civilized people.
Fighting is too demeaning for us, isn’t it?”

The man gave no response and simply stared at Han Fei’s dragon bone.

Han Fei hurried to extend his dragon bone forward.
“Senior, do you want this? I can offer it to you as a gift.”


Han Fei didn’t even see how the man attacked, but his dragon bone had been blown away and it stabbed into the wall.

“Hiss! Sweet mother of God!”

“Senior, I’m sure we can work out something by talking!”

Han Fei was sweating hard.
He considered whether or not he should attack this man with his Water-Stirring Seal, but if he could hurt this man with the Water-Stirring Seal, wouldn’t he be in a terrible situation when the man was infuriated?

Han Fei slightly stepped aside, as it was not pleasant to confront a dragonslayer face to face.
More importantly, Han Fei found that the dragonslayer’s vigorous face seemed to be decaying.

“Corpses can change?”

Han Fei was lost for words as the treasure hunting had escalated into tomb robbing.
He wondered if the man was dead.
How old would the man be if he was still alive? He seemed absolutely healthy even when the dragon had rotten into bones.



Han Fei was slapped away into the spring of spiritual energy.

Han Fei’s head was dizzy and his ribs were broken by the slapping.
Han Fei was shocked at the enormous power.

Wait, it’s not really unimaginably powerful.
Has this man not fully recovered yet?

He remembered that the man was heavily wounded and bordering on death on the murals.
Thinking about that, he began to wonder if the spiritual spring was the source of his power, and he decided to absorb it.

As Han Fei thought about that, half of the spring was gone, and Forge the Universe was full.
All six cubic meters in it was filled up by the spiritual spring.
Han Fei was immediately shocked.
How much spiritual energy was out there?

“Master Calabash, absorb now!”

“Forge the Universe, expand!”

“Little Black, Little White… Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp… It’s time to have some food!”

The man, on the other hand, stared at Han Fei gravely and walked to him step by step.

Han Fei extended his hand and activated the Demon Purification Pot.
“The dragon head is too big.
I should make it into blades now.”

After that, an enormous dragon head appeared before Han Fei, and the man stopped when it appeared.
He seemed enraged.

Immediately, the dragon head was absorbed into the calabash, and Han Fei shouted at the man, “Illusion! It was only an illusion! What you saw was not a dragon head, but that of a serpent…”






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