Chapter 174 A Friend of Girls

The Thug Academy had risen again, and countless people had gone to the school to ask if their children could enter it.
Unfortunately, Xiao Zhan told them only geniuses who were already great fishing masters and had exotic spiritual beasts would be admitted.

At this moment, Han Fei was somewhat desperate.
He thought the source of happiness for Xia Xiaochan and the others was money, so he led them to go to The Fish Dragons to get money.

Each of them got more than eight thousand mid-quality pearls and they all clamored to do shopping in the Linglong Tower.

Han Fei did not want to do shopping in the Linglong Tower.
It was too expensive, but the other four insisted! Seeing Xia Xiaochan was going to buy clothes there, Han Fei immediately said, “Buy cloth.
Just buy cloth.”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head.
“Han Fei, can you really make clothes?”

Han Fei nodded helplessly.
“Yes, the clothes I make will definitely be better than what you buy, and it saves money.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up.

Before Han Fei answered, Xia Xiaochan said to the shop assistant, “Bring all your good fabrics up.”

The person who received them was still that beautiful woman, Yuling.
She looked at them and said, “Congratulations on your 100-game winning streak.
Today you can enjoy a 10% discount in the Linglong Tower.”

Xia Xiaochan stated, “We want cloth.”

Yuling waved her hand, and someone left.
Yuling said, “Little Brother Han Fei, can you sell us your design? I can pay you 200,000 mid-quality pearls.”


Zhang Xuanyu dropped the medal in his hand in shock.

Le Renkuang stumbled and quickly supported Zhang Xuanyu.

The two girls were dumbfounded.
200,000 mid-quality pearls? If Old Bai was here, he would definitely force Han Fei to sell!

Han Fei turned his eyes.
“Do you want us to be your image spokespersons? Don’t even think about it.”

Yuling looked confused.
“Image spokesperson? This word is novel.”

“I’m not going to sell my design.
I don’t want everyone to wear the same clothes as us all over the streets.
Then, how can we highlight our unique temperament?”

Yuling: “???”

Xia Xiaochan immediately echoed.
“Yes, only we can wear these clothes.”

Le Renkuang added, “Yes, we don’t lack money.”

Yuling sighed slightly.
These beautiful clothes would only be wasted on these little brats.
And she was really surprised at the recently rising Fish Dragons.
This gang who came from the village had a lot of money and used 200,000 mi-quality pearls in one shot, knocking open the market of the Blue Sea Town.

In one month, Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurants and Fish Dragon Cards were widely known throughout the Blue Sea Town and they earned a lot of money.
It was said that they earned at least 400,000 mid-quality pearls in a month.
Their ability to make money was shocking.

Yuling smiled.
“Then if you want to find a business partner in the future, you’re always welcomed in the Linglong Tower.
We’d love to cooperate with you in a million-pearl business.”

Xia Xiaochan and the others widened their eyes.
A million-pearl business? This number was big!

Zhang Xuanyu swallowed.
Is the garment industry so profitable? Is it too late to change my career?

Han Fei waved his hand.
“No, our businesses are too small and can’t afford big moves.
By the way, does the Linglong Tower have any magic weapons to sell?”

Yuling’s eyes lit up.
“Of course, magic weapons are on the fifth floor.
Would you like to have a look?”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“Yes, I haven’t seen any magic weapon yet.”

Le Renkuang agreed.
“Yes, how much are they?”

Yuling informed, “Generally speaking, the prices range from 50,000 to 100,000.
An ultra-quality magic weapon may cost up to 200,000 mid-quality pearls.”

Hearing this, they all gasped.
Were they going or not? They couldn’t afford it! Even if they sold the whole Fish Dragons’ businesses, they could only afford a few.

Luo Xiaobai looked confused.
“I remember the spiritual weapon only cost me 100,000 mid-quality pearls last time.”

“The last time was an exchange.
I offered an exceptionally low price to Mr.
Han Fei because I wanted to cooperate with him.
Normally, a spiritual weapon will cost 200,000 mid-quality pearls at least and millions of pearls sometimes.”

Han Fei smiled.
It was really profitable! He felt that he could open a Fish Dragon blacksmith shop in the future, specializing in selling spiritual weapons, and then he would make a fortune.

On the fifth floor of the Linglong Tower.

Everyone was almost drooling at the glittering weapons.
Han Fei also fancied a bow, but when he found the price was 720,000 mid-quality pearls, he gave up immediately.
This was f*cking too expensive! He couldn’t afford it.

Yuling let them look for a few minutes before asking, “Are there any goods you’d like to buy?”

Everyone looked at Han Fei and he asked casually, “What are these made of?”

Yuling pointed to the bow in front of Han Fei.
“This is forged with purple gold.
But what matters is not the purple gold but the craftsmanship.
In terms of purple gold alone, this bow is only worth less than 300,000 mid-quality pearls.”

Han Fei was shocked.
The cost of materials was this expensive? Immediately, a chagrined expression appeared on his face.
When he was in one of the gates of the Hexagon Starfish, he seemed to have seen this kind of material.
At that time, he thought it was a purple gem.
It turns out it was purple gold.

Han Fei’s face paled.
“I can’t afford it.
Gotta go… Xia Xiaochan, have you chosen your fabrics?”

Xia Xiaochan had given up as soon as she saw the prices.
She said casually, “Aren’t you choosing the fabrics? By the way, I want a red set, a white set, and a green set of clothes…”

Han Fei frowned.
“Why don’t you just say you want all the colors?”

Xia Xiaochan blinked at Han Fei and asked sweetly, “May I?”

Han Fei covered his head.
“You wish!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “I want a white set of clothes, at most with a few other colors.”

Le Renkuang said happily, “I want…”

Han Fei quickly interrupted him, “No, you don’t want!”

Le Renkuang: “???”

One day later, Han Fei ran out of the shut cave, holding a pile of clothes.

Han Fei was a little bit tired.
Do I suddenly have two daughters or two lovers? So I have to buy them beautiful clothes, beautiful headbands, beautiful hairpins, and beautiful jewelry? However, these things were easy to make.
There were all kinds of gems here and black iron was not expensive, but purple gold was very expensive.
Han Fei only bought a piece of purple gold of half the size of a fist, which cost him 30,000 mid-quality pearls.

In order not to be disturbed by Xia Xiaochan who always liked making sneak attacks, Han Fei specially sealed the cave.

Of course, he was not just making clothes.
He just threw the materials into the Demon Purification Pot, depicted the clothes he wanted, and then the clothes were made, which wouldn’t take him long.

His purpose was certainly to refine magic weapons.
Han Fei guessed that the second brocade sachet was much harder to get than the first one, so he needed to change his weapons.
He used the purple jade and the Bone of Purple Gold Arowana he got from the Hexagon Starfish but only got two mid-quality magic swords.
Then he used the remaining materials to refine five palm-long magic knives in preparation for the Million Knife Art.

On the school grounds.

As soon as Han Fei arrived under the treehouse, Xia Xiaochan appeared with a swoosh.

Xia Xiaochan stared at the clothes in Han Fei’s hands.
“They look nice.
So colorful.”

“Three sets for you and three sets for Xiaobai…”

Le Renkuang wailed, “Han Fei, you are too much.
Didn’t you do one set for me? I am your brother!”

Zhang Xuanyu shouted too, “Feifei, I’m no longer your brother! That’s it!”

Han Fei shouted angrily, “All of you, get your asses down here! You guys are not little girls.
Only one set for each of you.”

Zhang Xuanyu jumped down the tree.
“Only one set? That’s too little.
Feifei, we should open a shop to sell clothes.
Or, change a new set after each fight.”

Han Fei sneered.
“I’m afraid you just want new clothes to wear, right? If you can find the best materials, I’ll make you a magic set of clothes.
If you can’t, get off my back.”

Le Renkuang didn’t mind it.
As a fatty, he didn’t have very high requirements for clothing.

A moment later, Le Renkuang jumped out of his treehouse cheerfully.
“Good, good! This is just right.
It sets off my perfect figure perfectly.
I love it!”

Zhang Xuanyu also came down from his treehouse.
He looked very handsome and graceful in the clothes and Han Fei also made him a fan.
He smartly opened the fan with a swish and looked really charming.

Then Luo Xiaobai came out.
She was wearing a pure-white long gown with a pink girdling and neckline and was like a little fairy, and Zhang Xuanyu almost drooled over her.

Luo Xiaobai blushed.
Although she was as cold as an iceberg, she was still a girl.
Girls liked beautiful clothes, and Luo Xiaobai was no exception.
She seemed to like her clothes very much.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Han Fei, come in.
I don’t know how to wear these clothes.”

Everyone: “???”

Le Renkuang muttered, “Wow, what did I just hear?!”




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