Chapter 172 Han Fei Goes Ballistic

Han Fei was stunned.
Come on, the four of you are ganging up on me?! Don’t you feel ashamed?

Su Yebai smiled coldly.
“I know that you have a very strong defense power, so we’ve been waiting for you to come close.”

They retreated so quickly that the Thug Legend team hadn’t even realized what happened, and Han Fei was exposed to their violent attacks at the same time.

Qin Yu launched a spiritual energy explosion, Zhou Yu activated Tortoise Impact, Yun Qi thrust his long stick at him, and Xie Shan shot all his knives at him.

Le Renkuang was stunned and scratched his head.
“What do they think?”

Luo Xiaobai froze for a second and shouted, “Target, Su Yebai.”

Xia Xiaochan rushed forward as fast as lightning, and Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes turned white and launched a soul impact at Su Yebai’s brain.

Su Yebai’s face changed greatly.
Why do the other four of the Thug Legend team not worry about Han Fei at all? Either Han Fei has power I don’t know of, or Han Fei is able to defeat the four of us alone, so they don’t need to worry about him at all…

Su Yebai shouted, “Retreat, Million Spider Blood Poison…”

Su Yebai immediately tried to make up for his mistake.
The four of the other party had pounced at him, so he had to use all his strength.

The vines were withering away.
Xia Xiaochan threw out the daggers in her hand because the black spider poison had covered her daggers in the air.

Le Renkuang’s Blade Storm was the strongest one, directly crushing all the spider silk in front of Su Yebai and even breaking the Tortoise Shell Armor.

When the victory was coming, a huge black conch suddenly appeared, blocking the Blade Storm.

Han Fei sneered.
“In my waters, how can you help others?”

Yes, at the moment when the four people besieged him, Han Fei had raised a water wall around and waved the seven-star chain.

Han Fei, like a loach, shuttled between the four of them.
The double knives danced like a roaming spiritual snake in his hand.
Obviously, he wielded his knives much more proficiently than Qin Yu.

The sword-covered Xie Shan suddenly rammed at Han Fei like a heavy mountain.
To his surprise, however, Han Fei covered himself with a spiritual energy protective cover and collided head-on with him.


The water walls were exploded with a loud thud.
Apart from Qin Yu, Zhou Yu and Yun Qi flew out directly.

Han Fei was extremely fast and turned into a shadow.
And in the next second, Xie Shan who had just beaten Zhang Xuanyu was sent flying through the air.


Han Fei’s double fists flashed with lightning arcs.
He punched out and his body almost bursting with spiritual energy.
The sharp spikes on Xie Shan’s body were broken one by one.
Since he was caught by Han Fei, he had no chance to escape.

Crack… Crack…

Some spikes were even directly broken by Han Fei with his fingers.
When swords hit Han Fei’s hands, clanking sounds were heard.
Of course, the attacks were not completely ineffective.
Xie Shan seemed to know that he could not escape and kept attacking with all his strength, and Han Fei’s body was streaked with blood.

But Xie Shan was even worse.
His arms had been broken by Han Fei and the spikes on his chest were all shattered.
Now his chest was stained with blood and he kept spewing out blood.

“Tortoise Protection.”

Zhou Yu reacted very quickly, so shields appeared on Xie Shan’s body one layer after another for armor.
But Han Fei didn’t fear this at all.
He launched a series of attacks at the armor, which was shattered one layer after another, and in the end, Xie Shan was thrown into the sky by Han Fei.

“Universe Broadsword!”

A broadsword came out into the sky.
In a blink of an eye, the seven layers of shield armor were completely broken, and Xie Shan was penetrated and fell heavily on the ground, not moving at all.

Many people in the First Academy stood up and watched this scene in shock.
Han Fei, is this spirit gatherer so strong?

Han Fei looked a bit pale.
After all, Xie Shan was an advanced great fishing master, who was at least 3 levels higher than Han Fei.

However, Han Fei tried his best to get rid of Xie Shan so that Zhang Xuanyu could assist them, and then they would immediately take the upper hand.

The teachers of the First Academy went pale.
In their opinion, Han Fei was strong but lacked speed and combat skills, so they ranked him the fourth in the Thug Legend team.

In their minds, the first was Xia Xiaochan, the second was Luo Xiaobai, and the third was Le Renkuang.
But now, they found that they made a big mistake.
Han Fei was literally a f*cking monster!

The four ganged up on Han Fei but were defeated and one of them was even killed.

The audience was in an uproar.
What is this? The advanced great fishing masters can’t break Han Fei’s defense? All they could do was to give him some skin trauma? Was Han Fei really a human being?

At the next moment, Su Yebai shouted, “Zhou Yu, block Han Fei, and the others retreat.”

On the other side, Le Renkuang handed two brand-new daggers to Xia Xiaochan, and the latter’s eyes turned cold as she thought, Use poison?

“Giant Arowana.”

At this moment, while many people were still shocked by Han Fei’s strength, a golden, shining fish with a length of ten meters or more appeared.


What fish was this?

Almost everyone was stunned.
I’ve never seen this fish! What kind of fish is this?

Suddenly, a teacher from the Second Academy exclaimed, “A second spiritual beast.”

The audience was even more shocked.
A second spiritual beast? Are you kidding me?


Even Xia Xiaochan herself didn’t know what kind of a fish this was.
All she knew was that it had some heritage of dragons.

As the big fish opened his mouth and roared, a gust of wind rose and dragon howling shocked the entire Blue Sea Arena.

Outside the arena, the mayor and the presidents of the three academies all rushed over.
They felt something was wrong.

As soon as the Giant Arowana roared, everyone’s Tortoise Shell Armor was shattered.
Because it was an indiscriminate attack, even Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu spat out a mouthful of blood.

Blood oozed out of Luo Xiaobai’s mouth, and she took advantage of this opportunity to shoot out vines and break through the layers of spider silk.


Su Yebai who was bleeding from his nose and mouth finally chose to fuse with his spiritual beast.
Seven or eight sharp claws about three meters long suddenly grew out of his back.
He moved fast and quickly dodged to the side.

Qin Yu’s phantom was shattered by the roar of the Giant Arowana.
When she returned to her human state, she lay on the ground and coughed up blood.

Yun Qi supplemented Su Yebai’s spiritual energy and activated the healing technique.
A big sword flew from Zhou Yu’s side and he quickly pounced at Luo Xiaobai.
He gave up attacking Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei because he didn’t think he could beat the two, but Luo Xiaobai was busy attacking and didn’t notice him.

“Qi and Blood Burn.”

“Raging Sea Spirit Strike.”

Zhang Xuanyu, who kept spewing blood, gritted his teeth and launched a soul attack at Yun Qi.
When he saw Yun Qi pause, he swung his rod at him.


Zhang Xuanyu suddenly stumbled.
He was too close to Xia Xiaochan just now and was almost crushed by the roar of the Giant Arowana.

Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Han Fei, help.”

Han Fei frowned, looking at Zhou Yu, who was blocking him.
“Scar of War Shadows.”

Zhou Yu almost vomited blood.
Come on, not again! My body is not as sturdy as yours!

In an instant, Zhou Yu put multiple layers of Tortoise Shell Shields to his body and braced himself to collide with Han Fei.


Han Fei was sent flying and Zhou Yu’s body shield shattered.
He half knelt on the ground, panting heavily.

But before he could stand up, Han Fei shouted again, “Scar of War Shadows.”

Zhou Yu: “???”

This big fatty felt very aggrieved.
Did this guy have endless power and spiritual energy? How many times was this? This time, Zhou Yu failed to block it and his shield was all broken, and Han Fei ran away.

Seeing this scene, Yun Qi frowned.
He couldn’t believe Zhou Yu couldn’t even block Han Fei!

At the next moment, a rain of sheen sprinkled on Zhang Xuanyu who gave a shiver and then waved his big rod.

Su Yebai knew he had to rely on himself now.
None of his teammates could come to help him.
All this was because he made the wrong decision to besiege Han Fei.

Countless spider silks shot out of Su Yebai’s body.
No matter what, he must get rid of Xia Xiaochan first.
This woman was too strong for him to resist.

Xia Xiaochan sneered.
Seeing the spider silk darting at her, she didn’t even use the Giant Arowana but directly turned into a shadow and rushed to Su Yebai.

“Poison Explosion.”

Han Fei yelled, “Hurry up, retreat.”


Xia Xiaochan fell to the ground, her face purple.
What is this poison? Can it even poison my shadow?

After falling to the ground, Xia Xiaochan’s breath was unsteady and her body was faintly red.

Han Fei frowned.
Not good! What if she goes crazy here?

Han Fei’s eyes immediately turned red.
“Little bastard, today I’m gonna spank you!”




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