Chapter 167: Provocation from the First Academy

Han Fei was not slow.
Although he knew that the captain of the Iron Bone Team was a manipulator, so what? Luo Xiaobai was also a manipulator but she couldn’t control him.

The captain of the Iron Bone Team’s face turned cold.
“Bug Boom.”

For a time, the ground was trembling, and countless beetles appeared and soon covered the entire ground.


Han Fei was shocked.
Is he a manipulator? No, he’s a f*cking bug master, OK?!

“Bug Disaster…”

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed slightly.
“Vine Kill…”

Dozens of vines broke out of the ground and instantly turned into giant whips, fiercely flapping on the ground.

Every time they whipped, there was a pile of bugs turning into spiritual energy fragments.
But the manipulator didn’t seem to care, because when a vine fell to the ground, it was also gnawed to pieces quickly.

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“Deep Blue Poison Vine…”

The vines were rolling on the ground.
But around the withered vines, a circle of spiritual bugs were poisoned to death and shattered.

Luo Xiaobai controlled the vines and pulled Han Fei into the air.
However, the next moment, countless bugs flew up and chased Han Fei.

Han Fei glanced at the swirling swords and knives all over the sky not far away and said, “Blade Storm…”

“The magic of love turns in circles, one circle after another…”

Luo Xiaobai: “???”

Le Renkuang grinned.
“What are you singing? It’s terrible.”

Han Fei kept rotating in the bugs, but he could not resist the overwhelming amount of bugs.
A large number of the bugs were easily torn apart, but Han Fei had still been covered with insects due to the gaps between his attacks.


Han Fei’s body suddenly erupted with spiritual energy, directly shaking the bugs away.

The captain of the Iron Bone Team shouted, “Damn! why haven’t you killed Zhang Xuanyu yet?”

Their soul warrior didn’t know what to say.
I want to get rid of him, but he is way too strong! You won’t know how horrible the Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea is until you’ve experienced it on your own! The waves came one after another and I don’t even have a chance to retreat.
Fortunately, Zhang Xuanyu has just become a great fishing master and his spiritual energy is not as much as mine.
Otherwise, I would have been beaten by him.

The host cheered.
“Wonderful, so wonderful… This is a feast of swords and knives! This is a showdown between manipulators…”

Not long after the host shouted, a figure flew out, spitting blood.

It was a hunter from the Iron Bone Team.
He was knocked out by Xia Xiaochan.


Many people took a breath.
Two intermediate great fishing masters couldn’t resist a junior great fishing master? How long had the battle been going on? It was less than two minutes.

Someone among the audience shouted, “Alas, it’s over! Xia Xiaochan is freed.
The Iron Bone Team is going to lose!”

Just as Xia Xiaochan solved a hunter, Han Fei finally circled up to the captain of the Iron Bone Team who wanted to run away, but Luo Xiaobai didn’t give him a chance at all.
The vines and bugs were entangled as they trapped him inside.


After Han Fei finally stopped rotating, he was dizzy and almost stumbled.
This combat skill had a big disadvantage.
Using it for a long time, he would lose his sense of balance.

The captain of the Iron Bone Team was lying on the ground groaning.
It’s not that we’re not strong enough but that the gap between us and the Thug Legend is too great.

Within a few seconds, the Iron Bone Team, which had lost two team members, declared defeat, and the battle took a total of 3 minutes.

Many in the audience shouted, “Thug Legend… Thug Legend…”

Someone ridiculed, “Why were these people so stupid as to bet on the Iron Bone Team to win? Come on, their opponents have a perfect combination!”

Someone said, “Who knew they would lose so easily!”

The teams of the three academies had heated discussions respectively.

The First Academy.

“I think their strength is not as strong as expected.
This Iron Bone Team is not strong.
Except for their captain, the other team members are junk.”

“No, the Thug Legend obviously didn’t use all their strength.
Look at that Han Fei.
He was only rotating! He didn’t seem to take those bugs seriously.”

“However, it’s clear that Luo Xiaobai’s strength is not as strong as we imagined.
It seems that he is only a peak-level intermediate great fishing master.”

The Second Academy.

“The Iron Bone Team can’t test their real strength.
Teacher, shall we arrange a group of people to fight them?”

The teacher shook his head.
“Which group of people? I don’t think anybody not in the top 1,000 list can beat them.
And your strength is at most equal to theirs.”

“Yes, let the Third Academy go! They always like to grab the limelight.”

The Third Academy.

The teacher stated, “Let the First and Second Academy fight them.
We’re not going to do that.”

A student asked, “Teacher, shall we call the first echelon in the school over?”

“No, I bet, whoever goes first will lose.”

After winning against the Iron Bone Team.

The Thug Legend continued to crush all the other teams.

On the first day, ten battles, and ten victories, the average lasting time was 3 minutes.

On the second day, ten battles, and ten victories, the average lasting time was 4 minutes.

On the third day, ten battles, and ten victories, the average lasting time was 5 minutes.

On this day, it was said that they would fight a team of advanced great fishing masters.
At last, they would have a real battle.

When they arrived at the Blue Sea Arena, however, they saw five teenagers coming at them.

“Thug Legend? Do you think it’s easy to win 50 games?”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Who are you?”

The leading teenager smiled and said, “Yang Xiao, from the First Academy.
Today, we’ll be your opponent in the first game and we’re also a perfect combination.
I hope you can show your real strength.
If you still fight like you were in the previous days, just wait to admit defeat!”

Zhang Xuanyu ignored the boy but said to the girl in the team.
“Hey, girl, may I take you to hot pot tonight?”

The girl glared at Zhang Xuanyu and snorted.
“If you can beat me.”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes.
“Zhang Xuanyu, you make me feel ashamed!”

Le Renkuang muttered, “They seem to be very powerful…”

Yang Xiao was helpless.
“Are you listening to me?”

Luo Xiaobai shot back, “Okay, as you wish.”

A student behind Yang Xiao sneered.
“Fourth Academy, wait! Do you really think you can dominate the Blue Sea Arena?”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan.
“Is he provoking us?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“Yes, let’s get rid of him first!”

Everyone: “…”

In the VIP room, backstage.

After reading the information in her hand, Luo Xiaobai said, “Go all out in this game.”

Zhang Xuanyu was a bit surprised.
“Is that necessary? They don’t look that strong.”

“In the first 50 games, we have never had perfect cooperation.
If we continue to be like that later, our perfect combination won’t make any sense to us.”

Xia Xiaochan waved her dagger.
“OK, if we win this game, we’ll only face stronger and stronger opponents.”

The First Academy team had already entered the arena and the audience was cheering like crazy because this team had temporarily taken the name, “Thug Eliminator Team”, which was very provocative.

When the two teams both entered the arena, the host introduced, “Yang Xiao, an intermediate great fishing master and a spirit gatherer, has an exotic spiritual beast, Electric Spirit Jellyfish.”

“Hu Keren, the only girl of this team, a peak-level junior great fishing master and a soul warrior, has an exotic spiritual beast, Ice Flame Turtle.”

“Liu Abai, a peak-level junior great fishing master and an armorist, has an exotic spiritual beast, Wolf Crab.”

“Sun Feiyu, an intermediate great fishing master and a hunter, has an exotic spiritual beast, Phantom Jellyfish.”

“Lin Miao, a junior great fishing master, a manipulator, Sea Green Vine.
Note that he has an exotic spiritual plant, which is even tougher than the Blue Cannibal Flower.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
“That little girl is a soul warrior? Interesting.”

Le Renkuang gasped.
“They’re strong! They are a perfect combination and all have exotic spiritual beasts.”

Xia Xiaochan snorted.
“There are many people owning exotic spiritual beasts, but how many of them are geniuses?”

Han Fei said decisively, “Leave Yang Xiao to me… Can you solve Lin Miao, Luo Xiaobai? You’re both manipulators.”

Han Fei looked at Luo Xiaobai and smiled.
They didn’t go all out in the first 50 games, but now they would show something real.

Luo Xiaobai was calm.
“No problem.
But if anything goes wrong, I will drag you guys back.”

At this moment, the audience found that the Thug Legend had changed, but they couldn’t tell exactly what had changed.
They just seemed to be different.

The host finally announced, “The game begins!”



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