In the woods, the five of them were sitting in the grass staring at each other speechlessly.

 Zhang Xuanyu chuckled awkwardly.
“It seems that we can have nothing hidden with each other now.
Then let’s talk about our secrets?”

 Le Renkuang suggested, “Well, you first?”

 “I am only a fishing master, but you four are all great fishing masters.
You must have greater secrets than I.”

 Han Fei was still worrying about the Indestructible Body thing, so he said, “Let me talk first!”

 The others immediately looked at Han Fei.

 “I have three secrets…”

 Zhang Xuanyu gaped.
“Gosh, why do you have so many secrets?”

 Le Renkuang added, “Big shot! I’m no match for you!”

 Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei and her eyes full of curiosity.

 “The first one is about my spiritual beast.
It’s an exotic Spirit Swallowing Fish.
Just as the president said, when it fuses with me, my eyes will change and I can see the track of the opponent’s action and attacks, so theoretically I will not be hurt.
But my fusion has a defect that is that I become extremely bloodthirsty.
When I first fused with my spiritual beast, I bit a person to death.”

 “Ew… Did you eat that person?”

 Xia Xiaochan shivered.
She dared not imagine the scene.

 Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Do I look like a man-eater?”

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 Xia Xiaochan snorted.
“Who knows? On the day you entered the school, you couldn’t block my attack until you fused with your spiritual beast and activated your Yin-Yang Divine Eyes.
At that time, you looked as if you were going to eat me.”

 Han Fei: “…”

 Luo Xiaobai broke the silence.
“What about the second secret?”

 “The second one can’t be said to be a secret.
I accidentally obtained a combat skill called the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing.
Practicing this combat skill can shut 108 acupoints of the human body and 36 apertures, thus preventing spiritual energy from overflowing, which strengthens the body.”

 Le Renkuang exclaimed immediately, “Oh my god! No wonder your body is so sturdy.
After the collision with you that day, I almost died.”

 Han Fei scratched his belly.
“Actually, the more I practice this combat skill, the less effect it has unless I get the complete version of it.
For now, my body is probably able to withstand the attack of mortal-level, high-quality weapons.
In the future, it may be stronger, but at most, it will resist the attacks of low-quality magic weapons.”

 Everyone was speechless.
What the hell? His body can resist the attacks of low-quality magic weapons… Isn’t that good enough? What else do you expect?

 Zhang Xuanyu asked jealously, “The third secret?”

 Han Fei scratched his belly embarrassedly.
“I used to be a thin and handsome man.
I accidentally gained a lot of energy that I couldn’t digest.
It accumulated in my body and made me fat.
As I become stronger, I will slowly consume the energy and become handsome again.”

 Zhang Xuanyu said disdainfully, “Go to hell, can you be as handsome as me even if you lose weight?”

 Han Fei choked.
“… Humph, gigolo.”

 Zhang Xuanyu was furious.
“Shut up! Under my handsome appearance, there is also my irresistible masculinity.”

 “Masculinity my ass! How old are you?”

 Le Renkuang was frightened.
“No! Han Fei, are you going to become a thin person in the future? Please don’t! Then I’ll be the only fatty again!”

 Xia Xiaochan frowned.
“Shut up! Han Fei only told us two secrets.
The third one doesn’t count.
Kuangkuang, it’s your turn.”

 Little did they know that Old Bai, Xiao Zhan, and Wenren Yu were eavesdropping in the grass not far away.

 Wen Renyu asked, “Old Bai, are Yin-Yang Divine Eyes very powerful? With them, Han Fei can even see the track of the opponent’s action and attacks?! Have you seen them?”

 Old Bai rolled his eyes.
“No, I just read about these kinds of eyes in an ancient book but the record is not detailed enough.
I didn’t know they were so powerful!”

 Xiao Zhan added, “Then what about the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing? What is that?”

 “This does exist and seems to be a venerable-level combat skill.
Unfortunately, it is incomplete.
If it were a full version, it’d be hard to imagine how sturdy his body could become.”

 Xiao Zhan licked his lips.
“Yes, he can block the attacks of mortal-level, high-quality weapons although he is only a great fishing master.
I can’t imagine how strong he will be when he becomes a Dangling Fisher!”


 On this side, Le Renkuang said, “Actually, I don’t know much about Madness Spiritual Heritage.
When my spiritual heritage was tested for the first time, it showed the color of reddish-yellow.
The teacher said that it was only a level-three spiritual heritage.
Later, I progressed too fast, so I went to test again and found that the color of my spiritual heritage changed to yellowish red.
Then after looking up many ancient books, I finally found out from an ancient book that my spiritual heritage is an exotic one.
It is a spiritual heritage that can grow and may reach level nine when it’s fully grown.”

 “Huh…” The others gasped.
A level-nine spiritual heritage! How strong is that!

 Han Fei was also shocked. That’s unfair! I have to work so hard to earn aura to upgrade, but you can upgrade automatically! However, red? Why did I see a touch of black last time I tested my spiritual heritage?

 Han Fei asked, “Do you still have that ancient book?”

 The others immediately looked at Han Fei, who hurriedly waved his hand.
“Mine is yellow, a level-three spiritual heritage.”

 “Huh? Only level three?”

 They were shocked again.
Zhang Xuanyu said, “With a level-three spiritual heritage, you can cultivate so fast? Mine is level six!”

 Han Fei was also shocked. His spiritual heritage is level six? Then why wasn’t he been taken to the city?

 “Kuangkuang, what are the characteristics or functions of your Madness Spiritual Heritage?”

 “With it, I became a big eater… And you can’t anger me.
Once I’m pissed, something very serious will happen.”

 “How serious?”

 “I’ll become crazy.
It’s about the same as Han Fei’s bloodthirsty impulse.
I can’t control myself and my strength, defense, and combat power will be at least doubled.”


 Zhang Xuanyu waved his hand.
“Keep talking.
I need to go out to get some fresh air.”

 Luo Xiaobai said coldly, “Sit down.
It’s your turn.”

 Zhang Xuanyu said carelessly, “I don’t have many cool abilities as you guys, okay? My spiritual heritage is at level six, not high nor low, far away from a real genius.
But my spiritual beast, Bloodthirsty Shark, can drink my enemy’s blood power in combat.
In addition, it can also launch mental attacks.
But if the other party’s mental strength is strong, it may not work.”

 Han Fei exclaimed, “Wow! You can steal your enemy’s blood power in combat?! If I were your enemy, the first thing I would do in combat is kill you.”

 Le Renkuang nodded.
“I agree.
Me too.”

 Xia Xiaochan agreed, “Yes.”

 Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“It’s my turn now.
My spiritual heritage is green.
I don’t know what kind of an exotic spiritual heritage it is, but it should also be able to grow up too.
My spiritual beast is a Blue Cannibal Flower.
It can devour my enemy’s spiritual energy and inject toxins into the enemy’s skin when winding around the enemy.
Besides, I can channel the plants within thousands of meters of me and make them my eyes… For example, the president and the teachers are eavesdropping on us.”

 Everyone: “???”

 Not far away, the three people blushed.
God knew you had such an ability?! What’s wrong with our eavesdropping? Did we break any law?

 Wenren Yu said helplessly, “These little monsters!”

 Xiao Zhan grinned.
“Not bad! Our former students were monsters too.”


 The students were speechless, but it didn’t matter if they eavesdropped.
They would have to tell them these secrets anyway.

 Then everyone looked at Xia Xiaochan.

 Xia Xiaochan said a little shyly, “I…”

 Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
“Speak decently!”

 Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei.
“My spiritual heritage is colorless.
At first, everyone thought I had no spiritual heritage.
Because others cannot see it, I don’t know if it can grow.
I seem to have the ability of mesmerizing others, but I’m not sure! Because my ability is more effective for fish.
It can prevent fish from actively attacking me.”

 The others gasped.

 Xia Xiaochan nodded a little sadly.
This colorless spiritual heritage caused her a lot of trouble!

 Zhang Xuanyu clicked his tongue.
“No wonder when I saw you for the first time, I was so attracted by you.”

 Le Renkuang blinked.
“But why was I not charmed?”

 “Maybe because you also have an exotic spiritual heritage! Just like me, when Han Fei saw Xia Xiaochan for the first time, he was drooling.”

 Han Fei denied, “I wasn’t!”

 Xia Xiaochan thrust a dagger into the ground.
“Do you guys want to listen or not?”

 “Okay, Okay, please go on.”

 Han Fei was scared.
Why did she draw a dagger so easily? Did she really have a propensity for violence?

 Xia Xiaochan continued, “I have two spiritual beasts.
The ability of Shadow Shrimp, as everyone sees, is to attack like a shadow.
It can make me shuttle like a shadow, so I chose to be a hunter.
As for the Giant Arowana, I don’t know its abilities.
All I know is that it can cry and bite.
After fusing with it, I always feel that I’m going to blow out.
So, the fusion time is extremely short.
I can’t even hold out for five minutes.”

 The eavesdropping trio.

 Wenren Yu looked at Old Bai.
“I haven’t heard of a Giant Arowana before.”

 Xiao Zhan echoed, “Neither have I.”

 Old Bai frowned.
“I’ve seen it once.
It’s so strong that I can’t describe it.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have brought Xia Xiaochan back.”

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