Sitting on the fishing boat, Han Fei was very excited.
Finally, he was out of the village.

 The village leader took him to the town in person.
Otherwise, he would have to go through a lot of red tape and pay a lot of money to go to the Blue Sea Town.

 The village leader frowned.
“Han Fei, are you really going to the Fourth Academy? That school is bad.
No one wants to study in it.
It is said that it had its heyday thirty years ago.”

 Han Fei replied firmly, “Grandpa Leader, the other three schools are not in the admission season, but the Fourth Academy recruits students all the time.”

 The village leader still tried to persuade him.
“But the school has a bad reputation.
It’s said that they have no teachers, the students sleep all day long, and the roof of the school’s library even leaks.”

 Han Fei gaped. Really? Is the school really so terrible?

 However, despite its bad reputation, Han Fei believed that this school must have unknown secrets.
Otherwise, Old Jiang and Jiang Qin wouldn’t have asked him to go study there.

 “Grandpa Leader, don’t worry about that.
If it’s really that bad, I can still transfer to another school.
It’s better than me idling about in the village!”

 The village leader sighed.
“It’s up to you! After all, you’re already a great fishing master.
Han Fei, you are the 9th person who became a great fishing master at the age of 12 in the history of the Heavenly Water Village.”

 Han Fei smiled.
“I’m going to be 13 soon, and the angel once said that 12-year-old great fishing masters were everywhere in the city.
Perhaps even a random seven or eight-year-old child I meet on the street could already be a great fishing master.”

 The village leader was speechless. But they’re from the city while you’re from the village, OK?


 Han Fei’s white fishing boat flew for more than 2 hours before he saw the floating island of the Blue Sea Town.

 Although Han Fei had already been mentally prepared, he still gaped.
He Xiaoyu didn’t lie.
The town was really big! The Blue Sea Town was not composed of one floating island but five.
There were countless huge chains among the floating Islands and even clouds floating around them.

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 This looks like a huge UFO from the bottom!

 When approaching it, Han Fei saw water flowing down against the wind in one of the floating islands like a waterfall and he asked, “Grandpa Leader, is there a waterfall on the island?”

 The village leader looked at Han Fei as if looking at a fool.
“Of course, there are mountains and clouds on the island.
At night, the sky is full of stars and the buildings are over a hundred feet high.
It’s much more beautiful than you think.”

 “It’s beautiful indeed.”

 The village leader smiled.
“Now you know why those who are qualified to come to the town are unwilling to go back? This is a symbol of identity, and you haven’t known life in the town yet… By the way, the people on the island look down on people from the villages.
If you are discriminated against or sidelined, don’t make a fuss.”

 “I know, I know.
I am a low-key person, and there aren’t many people in the Fourth Academy, right?”

 The village leader was speechless. You’re a low-key person? Do you forget you declared war on the entire Tianxin Village during the resource competition? You must be kidding!

 The village leader emphasized.
“The population of the Blue Sea Town is nearly 5 million, and geniuses come out in large numbers, so don’t invite trouble!”

 Han Fei said absent-mindedly, “I know, I know… Huh? 5 million, that many?”

 Soon, the fishing boat floated out of the clouds, and Han Fei immediately saw hundreds of thousands of fishing boats patrolling around these huge islands.
On the islands, he vaguely saw peaks several thousand meters high and large rivers, as well as towering ancient trees, skyscraping pagodas, and many buildings that Han Fei had never seen…

 In the port of the Blue Sea Town.

 The village leader showed his identity certificate but the staff looked at Han Fei.
“What are you doing here?”

 The village leader quickly replied, “Well! This is a heavenly talent in our village.
He came here to study.”

 However, the staff member waved his hand.
“Now is not the admission season, go back! Come during the admission season.”

 Han Fei snorted in his heart. Who do you think you are? You’re just a fishing master.
How dare you treat us like this.
If it were in the village, I would have beaten the hell out of you.

 The village leader smiled fawningly.
“He didn’t come to study in the three academies but the fourth academy in the Blue Sea Town.”

 “Fourth Academy?”

 The staff member froze for a moment and then sneered.
“Is there still anyone willing to study in the Fourth Academy? Is it because… You’re not qualified to enter the town?”

 Han Fei slightly released his aura.
“I am qualified.”

 The staff’s face changed slightly.
“Are you a great fishing master?”

 The staff couldn’t help but be surprised. A young great fishing master wanted to go to the Fourth Academy to study? Was he out of his mind?

 However, because Han Fei showed his strength, the staff no longer picked on him.
There were a lot of great fishing masters in the town, but Han Fei who became a great fishing master at such a young age could be considered a heavenly talent and most of them were studying in the three academies.

 The staff handed over a wooden slip.
“This is a temporary pass.
If you do not enroll in school within 15 days, you’ll have to return to the village.
Otherwise, you will be expelled.”


 Han Fei frowned.
“Leader, are the people in the town all so arrogant?”

 The village leader smiled.
“Not as arrogant as you!”

 “Hey, I’m not arrogant.
I was being like that for a reason.”

 “What reason?!”

 Han Fei clenched his fist.
“To avenge my companions!”

 The village leader grunted.
“You lose your cool too easily.”

 “Young people, don’t lose your cool so easily.”

 They were walking in the fair outside the port while vendor’s calls could be heard without end, and the commodities sold here were quite different.

 On the roadside, someone shouted, “Rare Armored Turtle that has just been caught at sea.
Does anyone want it? It’s selling cheaply! Only 80 mid-quality pearls required…”

 “Spirit Chasing Shrimp for sale! 40 mid-quality pearls each! Any takers?”

 “Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid on wholesale, 5 mid-quality pearls a bottle.
Buy 10 bottles, get a bottle for free…”

 “Delicious oysters, one mid-quality spiritual bead for two oysters.
Does anyone want it?”

 “Look for someone to explore the second-class fishing grounds together, reimburse the total medicine cost and bait fee, 100 mid-quality pearls.
Anyone in?”

 Suddenly, a bearded man looked at Han Fei and said, “Boy, I have a Bull Conch here.
Do you want it? I only charge 200 mid-quality pearls.
You won’t regret buying it.”

 Han Fei waved his hand awkwardly.
“I don’t have enough money.


 Han Fei was surprised. Did people here only use mid-quality pearls?

 The village leader explained, “Don’t believe them.
You can haggle the price by half or even lower, and it is not difficult to catch these things.”

 Han Fei nodded.

 Han Fei then passed by the shops along the street.

 At a glance, he saw a Treasure Fishing Rod shop and the posted notice read, “Big Sale! 20 mid-quality pearls for one fishing rod!”

 There was also a fish bait store whose notice read, “All goods will be 20% off!”

 “Don’t look at these stores.
The best fishing rod shops and weapon shops in the town are all in the center of the town.
Do you see that tower? That tower is called Linglong Tower.
It almost sells everything you can imagine.”

 Han Fei swallowed.
It sounded quite high class.
After he entered the school, he would find an opportunity to check it out.
Now he was rich.
Money was no problem for him.

 There were various kinds of shops on his way and fishing masters were almost everywhere.
So this was the town.
Not bad!

 Soon, Han Fei and the village leader came to a huge chain.

 The village leader explained, “The Fourth Academy is relatively remote.
It’s on the northernmost floating island.
Apart from the Fourth Academy, there is only a large plantation on the island, and not many people live there.
Since you’ve learned how to plant spiritual fruit from Old Jiang, you can try planting some there.”


“Leader, how do we get there?”

 The head of the village pointed at the chain and said, “Walk there.
This chain is so thick.
The width of a single chain is tens of meters.
Are you afraid of falling off it?”

 Han Fei shrugged. It’s my first time being here.
Isn’t it strange to walk the chain? But such a thick chain won’t shake, will it? I’ve gotta hurry up to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing and the Indestructible Body Art after entering the school.
Otherwise, my new classmates will think I’m a fatty.

 After walking past the chain and the plantation, Han Fei wondered why the plantation had no guard.
Wasn’t its owner afraid of thieves? Passing by some shabby houses, Han Fei saw a… School in front of a big mountain.

 The school’s sign was hanging on the archway, reading, “hug Academy.”

 Han Fei was stunned.
“hug Academy? What does this mean?”


The village leader’s face was all black.
“It’s supposed to be Thug Academy.”

 Han Fei: “…”

 Han Fei almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Shit! Is the school so poor that it doesn’t even have the money to change a sign? Thug Academy had become ‘hug Academy’ but no one fixed it?!

 Han Fei took a deep breath.
Since he had come, at least he should go in and check it out.

 Han Fei knocked on the door, asking, “Hello?”


 Han Fei avoided quickly, and the sign that was about to fall finally fell on the ground, stirring a cloud of smoke.

 The village leader immediately got angry.
“What a lousy school! Han Fei, let’s go.”


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