Chapter 138: Ultra-Quality Spiritual Stone?

Little Black and Little White looked blank when called out.

Little Black: “???”

Han Fei patted Little Black’s head.
“Can you bite the stones?”

Little black showed his teeth and swam to the stones.
Han Fei thought it was about to bite them but he just kissed them and swam back as if complaining that this thing was not tasty.

Han Fei was helpless.
“Did I ask you to eat them? I want you to dig through them.”

Reluctantly, Little Black took a bite and bit out a small hole.
Then he spat out the stone in his mouth and looked back at Han Fei.

Han Fei covered his face.
“Forget it.
I know I can’t count on you.
All food but no work!”

Little White looked at Han Fei as if saying that this guy was all food but no work.
He didn’t even bother to eat fish! I have to do it for him!

Little White shook its tail, circled in the hole a few times, and swam away.

“Hey hey… Little White, where are you going?”

Seeing that Little White had swam out of the hole, Han Fei hurriedly said, “Nine Tails, stop digging.
Let’s go.”

Han Fei followed Little White, wondering if Little White discovered something.
All this little guy did was swallow spiritual energy and play cute with Han Fei.
This was the first time Little White had taken the initiative to leave his side.

Ten minutes later, Han Fei followed Little White to a hole that other people had dug and went into it.

Han Fei wondered.
“Shall I dig from here?”

“Nine Tails, it’s up to you now.
Dig hard and I’ll reward you with rare creatures and help your eighth and ninth tails grow out.”

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Like a boxer, Nine Tails kept punching the rock wall of the mine.
Han Fei wondered whether the mine would collapse because of his punching.
What if the mine really collapses?

But Mantis Shrimp was really an expert in digging holes.
Every time he punched, the stones were broken a bit.
Then he reached out his claws and dug out the broken fragments.

Han Fei followed behind to pick up the gravel.

“Ruby? I don’t know what it can be used for.
Maybe a pendant or something?”

“Black Iron Block, but this is too small.
Nothing can be made with it!”

“Fine Iron Nugget, how does this mine have almost everything?”

Han Fei muttered as he picked behind.
When Nine Tails dug more than a hundred meters deep, Little Black suddenly moved.
He bit at the stones on the side, and piece by piece, bit out a palm-sized hole.

Han Fei saw a flash of light in the hole and then saw Little Black biting out a shimmering stone.

Low-Quality Spiritual Stone

Condensed from the essence of spiritual energy, contains a lot of spiritual energy, and helps cultivation

9,658 points


Han Fei gasped.
Oh, my gosh! A piece of stone contained nearly ten thousand points of spiritual energy.
Weren’t they even more valuable than spiritual fruit?

Han Fei was ecstatic.
Wow, he made a fortune! Did Jiang Qin already know the secret? Yes, It must be.
Old Jiang and Jiang Qin couldn’t be simple!

“Little Black, is there anymore? Dig them out! I will feed you rare spiritual fish.”

Nine Tails looked at Han Fei aggrievedly.
This was dug by me, OK? Why do you feed him rare spiritual fish?

Little Black took two more spiritual stones from the cave and then refused to enter again.
Han Fei knew that the spiritual stones had all been dug out.
He slapped Nine Tails’ head.
“Keep digging.
Come on!”

One day later.

Han Fei had dug 9 low-quality spiritual stones.
In this way, he gained more spiritual energy than what he blackmailed from the Hexagon Starfish.
In order to become a soul warrior, he had consumed 700,000 points of spiritual energy in the past six months.
Plus the spiritual energy he obtained from practicing combat skills, he had used at least one million points of spiritual energy in the last six months.

Even so, he was only a peak-level fishing master and he hadn’t reached the third level of Void Fishing yet.
God knew how much spiritual energy it required to deduce it again.

Three days later.

Someone came to the mine and exclaimed, “Huh? Why do I feel that the mine’s spiritual energy seems to be a little less?”

Someone continued to mine, only to find that the probability of digging Black Iron Stone seemed to be reduced.

Ten days later.

All the people who came to the mine discovered that something was wrong.
The spiritual energy of the mine dropped sharply, and even the fish schools coming here were less.

Fifteen days later, with a loud thud, nearly one-tenth of the seabed mine of the level-one fishery suddenly collapsed.

Han Fei’s face was somber.
“Nine Tails, what’s the problem with you? I told you to dig with care! Look, the mine collapsed!”

Nine Tail was very aggrieved! Didn’t you ask me to dig as hard as I could?! Now it’s my fault?

Han Fei pulled apart a pile of gravel, found three low-quality spiritual stones from inside, and immediately threw them into Forge the Universe.
In the past half month, he had dug a total of 159 low-quality spiritual stones.

“Nine Tails, keep digging.
Dig up.
Dig a way.
Otherwise, we’ll be stuck here.”

Three days later.

When Han Fei saw a red spiritual stone, he was stunned.

Ultra-Quality Spiritual Stone

Condensed from the essence of spiritual energy, contains a huge amount of spiritual energy, and helps cultivation

920,168 points



Han Fei gasped.
What? A stone containing 920,000 points of spiritual energy? That is amazing! It took me half a year to spend all 700,000 points of spiritual energy.
Now a single stone can provide me enough spiritual energy for more than half a year?

“Wow, I feel so rich now!”

Han Fei hurriedly came up to carefully knock off the pale red spiritual stone.

“Haha, an ultra-quality spiritual stone! No one expects that there is such a treasure in the level-one fishery.”


Just when Han Fei pulled out the ultra-quality spiritual stone, the mountain cracked, and a huge crack appeared in front of Han Fei’s eyes.

“Not good.
It’s going to collapse…”

Han Fei quickly took back Nine Tails, Little Black, and Little White, and immediately swam out along the crack.

Tens of minutes later, a chubby figure suddenly jumped out like a swimming fish.

Behind him, the seabed mine collapsed.
Countless fishing masters went to the seabed mine from the eight villages to search for treasure.

But Han Fei had already slipped back to the Heavenly Water Village.
There must be spiritual stones embedded in the crumbled mountain, but he didn’t bother to get those fragmentary spiritual stones.
Now he had more than 150 low-quality spiritual stones, and also an ultra-quality one.

Little did he know that the village leaders all flew into a great rage.

“Who the f*ck stole the core of the mine?”

“Shameless bastard! Once the mine has no spiritual energy, it will become a pile of deserted rubble.”

“F*ck, I’m gonna kill that bastard.”

Even Jiang Qin was stunned when she heard that the mine collapsed.
I just said to dig some spiritual stones, but didn’t want you to hollow out the whole mine!

In the training hall of The Fish Dragons.

There were dozens of low-quality spiritual stones in front of Han Fei.
He guessed this was the way they were used.
He was going to make a breakthrough.


After a moment, with a click, a pillar of spiritual energy penetrated Han Fei’s head.

And the spiritual stones in front of Han Fei broke one after another.
In just fifteen minutes or so, nearly 20 spiritual stones broke.

Click… Click…

When Han Fei opened his eyes again, the corners of his mouth twitched.
He counted down, and 48 low-quality spiritual stones shattered into slag in total.
This meant that this time he used nearly 500,000 points of spiritual energy to become a great fishing master.

This number startled Han Fei.
Oh! Did I consume this much spiritual energy to make this breakthrough?

He looked at his data.

: Han Fei

13 (A Junior Great Fishing Master)

70122 (1899)

Level-Three, High-Quality (Upgradable)

Spiritual Beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

: Purple Bamboo Rod

: The Second Volume of “Void Fishing”—-“Miraculous Hook” (Mysterious Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei gasped again.
What happened?! My upper limit of spiritual energy increased by 900 points at once! Are my eyes dazzled?

“Great fishing master! Is this the power of a great fishing master? That’s really strong… Haha…”

Han Fei laughed out loud, but suddenly found that the fat on his face didn’t wobble as much as before, but when he looked down at his body, he found that he had lost a lot of weight.
If he was a ball before, now he was a small ball.

Becoming a great fishing master helped him lose a quarter of his weight.

Han Fei walked out and the two guards at the door were stunned to see him, “Young Master, you’ve lost so much weight!”

“Haha! Yes, yes, I’m thinner… You have a good tongue! You can get 10 mid-quality pearls from Li Gang.”

“Oh… Thank you, Young Master.”

Seeing this, the other guard hurriedly flattered, “Young Master, I’m sure you’ll be as handsome as before within half a month!”

“Haha! You have a good tongue too! You can get 10 mid-quality pearls too…”




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