Chapter 130: Did You Go Mining?

Since everyone was injured, Han Fei had no intention to continue hunting treasure.
After all, they had gained a lot from the Scorpion Cave.
Of course, the cost was not small.
With their members wounded or defected, this team had completely lost its combat power.

One day later, the toxins in the team members’ bodies had completely disappeared.
At this moment, they were sitting in a circle on the deck.

A shelf was set up on the deck, on which there was a pot.
They gobbled around the pot.

Han Fei frowned.
“He Xiaoyu, tell Little Red to turn down the fire a little.
The water will be dried up soon.”

He Xiaoyu grabbed Little Red that served as a flame at the bottom of the pot and stuffed a large piece of mushroom into her mouth.
“Han Fei, why do you have a pot and low-level Spiritual Fruits in your boat?”

“Because I need to eat when I go to sea!”

Xia Wushuang exclaimed, “Han Fei, your culinary skills are wonderful.
By the way, can you give me some of these low-level fruits? Maybe I can try cooking them by myself!”

“You can go to my hot pot restaurant to study.”

Xia Wushuang smiled awkwardly.
“Forget it, although the hot pot is delicious, I don’t think I have the time to cook for myself.”

Xiang Nan had recovered a lot from his injuries, so he could eat by himself.
“I heard that a meal at your hot pot restaurant will cost dozens of mid-quality pearls.
Can’t you make it cheaper?”

Han Fei explained, “The price is already low.
Do you think these low-level fruits are cheap?”

Wang Baiyu was still pale but his mouth bulged with food.
“Our village is not rich.
Ordinary villagers really can’t afford it, but it’s different in the town.
Dozens of mid-quality pearls, most people can afford it!”

Han Fei nodded.
“Yes, I’ll open one in the town eventually… Hey, do you want any mushrooms?”

He Xiaoyu shouted, “Yes!”

Jia Tong agreed, “Add more.”

Chen Qing asked, “Are there any more Yellow Balls?”

“They’re called potatoes.
This name is easier to remember.”

With that, Han Fei went to the cabin to get some potatoes out.
In fact, he took them out of the Forge the Universe.
Now he had planted crops in half of the 60-square-foot land in the Forge the Universe.

The people on the other side, including those who had already woken up, kept swallowing saliva.
It was really torturing to watch other people eat, let alone when the food smelled so delicious.

Hu Kun had woken up early, but he remained glassy-eyed and reactionless to anything like a moron.

At this time.

Fishing boats flew over one after another.

Fang Qing and her team members came first, followed by the teams of the Heavenly Fire, Heavenly Sun, and Heavenly Wood villages.

They were stunned when they saw Han Fei and his companions eating.
Why didn’t they go hunt treasure? Had they given up on themselves? Why were they cooking at sea?

The fishing boat of the Heavenly Wood Village approached and a girl with a baby-fat face stuck out her head.
“Hey! Guys, aren’t you hunting treasure?”

He Xiaoyu pouted.
“We’ve been back long ago.
Miao Mumu, your mouth is watering.
Would you like some?”

Miao Mumu’s eyes lit up and she looked at Han Fei.
“May I?”

“Sure! But only you, or else we won’t have enough food here.”

As soon as Han Fei said so, Miao Mumu jumped over.
She sniffed and her eyes shone.
“Wow, it smells so nice! I’d like to have a taste.”

Miao Mumu’s attention was all on the food and she didn’t ask what happened to Hu Kun and the others.

A moment later, Xia Wushuang shouted to a girl who had just landed on the water, “Yun Qian, would you like some hot pot?”

Yun Qian was the captain of the juvenile team for the Heavenly Rain Village.
Hearing Xia Wushuang’s voice, she came over and asked helplessly, “So this is your way of hunting treasure? Miao Mumu, why are you here too?”

Miao Mumu had never eaten such delicious food.
She had no time to respond to Yun Qian so she just hummed as a response.

They made room for Yun Qian.
This girl looked a little cold, but when she had the first bite of mushroom slices, she was stunned.
The people from the Heavenly Water Village were used to this expression.

Xia Wushuang asked, “How about it? Is it delicious?”

Yun Qian nodded with a mouthful.
“Oh my gosh! I have never had anything so delicious!”

“Come to our village and I will take you to eat it.”

Han Fei nudged He Xiaoyu.
“Do they know each other well?”

He Xiaoyu nodded.
“Yes! Miao Mumu is my friend.
Xia Wushuang and Yun Qian are good friends! We had to make some friends in the town, otherwise the people in the town would bully us.”

He Xiaoyu pointed to the people from the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon villages.

At this moment, the team leaders of these villages were all speechless.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? Are you serious about the competition?

In the team from the Heavenly Heart Village, Fang Qing swallowed secretly and asked the girl next to her, “Shall we join them? It looks so delicious.”

“But we don’t know them well!”

Fang Qing nodded.
“OK, forget it.
We can have more interactions with He Xiaoyu in the town in the future.
She seems to have an unusual relationship with the fatty.”

The juvenile team from the Heavenly Sun Village.

Gu Longyu narrowed his eyes.
“It seems that there was a fight inside the juvenile team of the Heavenly Water Village.
A guy was nailed to the deck.
Some are eating while some cower on the side and watch them eat.

The Heavenly Sun Village.

Shen Tong instructed, “Avoid the fatty in the third round.
Their team had an internal fight, but he was eating leisurely as if nothing had happened.
This person can’t be simple.”

After a while.

The mayor led the eight village leaders to appear in the sky.

The mayor drew a long face.
How could Han Fei and his team members eat so happily alone? His mouth almost watered! He had threatened the village leader of the Heavenly Water Village to tell him the recipe later.

And now, Old Zhao’s face was all dark.
It was a disgrace that there was a traitor in his village’s team.

The mayor looked down.
“The juvenile team for the Heavenly Water Village, stop eating.
The second round is over.
Show what you’ve found in this round!”

Han Fei quickly put away the pot and He Xiaoyu whispered, “Let’s eat later.”

Miao Mumu lit up.
“Can I join you again?”

“Sure!” He Xiaoyu exclaimed.

Everyone: “…”

Soon, everyone was in place.

The team leaders stood together.

The adult team of the Heavenly Heart Village put their trophies on the bow and their captain shouted, “The Heavenly Heart Village gained 6 rare creatures, 12 ghost beads, 1 Sea Iron Tree, and 1 Iron Tree Spiritual Fruit.
They also killed 1 guardian beast of Iron Tree and a Stone Spiritual Crab.”

Many people’s faces changed.
It was nothing to get a Sea Iron Tree, but to gain the Iron Tree Spiritual Fruit, you would have to fight its guardian beast, which was very dangerous.
However, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Heavenly Heart Village that was very strong.

Fang Qing, the leader of the juvenile team of the Heavenly Heart Village shouted, “The juvenile team of the Heavenly Heart Village gained 3 rare spiritual fish, 1 Water Spiritual Tree, and 1 Red Sea Cucumber.”

“Red Sea Cucumber?”

Many people were shocked.
This thing was a treasure of any fishery.
After taking it, one could not only improve physical strength, but also absorb a lot of spiritual energy.
It could increase the success rate by at least 10% when one tried to make a fishing master.

In the sky, the village leader of the Heavenly Heart Village smiled.
“Haha, not bad.”

The other village leaders snorted.
Stop showing off! It’s just because your Heavenly Heart Village is in a good position! Maybe this Red Sea Cucumber was placed here in advance by you.

Wang Baiyu whispered, “They’re strong indeed.
If it were in the past, they would have won first place in this competition.”

Xia Wushuang wasn’t impressed.
“Hoho! Only 1 spiritual fruit…”

The people from the Heavenly Water Village looked casual, but other villages were different.
The Heavenly Fire, Heavenly Moon, and Heavenly Sun villages looked nervous, while the villages such as the Heavenly Wood, Heavenly Rain, and Heavenly Wind didn’t mind it.
They knew they would lose anyway.

Then it was the Heavenly Sun Village’s turn.

“The adult team achieved 7 rare spiritual fish, one Black Iron Stone, one Bamboo Rod, one Bamboo Fruit, one Guardian Beast, and a Mutant Big-Head Shrimp…”

“The juvenile team got 4 rare creatures, 1 Armored Turtle cub, and 1 sapphire…”

Heavenly Sun Village.

Heavenly Fire Village.

Heavenly Wind Village.

Heavenly Rain Village.

Heavenly Wood Village.

Finally, it was the Heavenly Water Village’s turn.

Qin Hai shouted with a black face, “The Heavenly Water Village obtained 5 rare creatures, 6 Ghost Beads, 3 sapphires, and 1 Black Iron Stone…”

Qin Hai felt a bit ashamed.
This time, they found the same treasure as the Heavenly Moon Village, but soon they lost two fishing masters after they fell into a fight with the other party.
In order to preserve their strength, Qin Hai could only lead the team members away.

However, after they left, they couldn’t find another treasure, and all of the other treasures were occupied by other villages.
In desperation, he could only take the team to the seabed mine to dig up some precious gems.
But in the end, they gained nothing.


Someone taunted, “Qin Hai, did you go mining?”

He shot back, “Yes! They contended with us for a treasure and we drove them away.
Then they had no place to go!”

Even the juvenile team of the Heavenly Rain Village was laughing.

Gu Longyu taunted, “Fatty, did you go mining too? What did you get?”




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