Chapter 126: Scorpion Cave

The night passed quietly.
Han Fei didn’t use his secret abilities to help the team.
In fact, even if he did, they wouldn’t have been able to catch so many rare creatures.

Instead, Han Fei was wondering how to keep all these rare creatures.
His Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp hadn’t grown up.
He had fed him hundreds of rare creatures, but his tails only grew to six.
He estimated that he would have to feed him at least a hundred rare creatures before he had all nine tails.

In the morning, everyone gathered in the center of the level-one fishery.
Gu Longyu looked furious as soon as he saw Han Fei.
He pointed to Han Fei and called, “Fatty, don’t let me meet you in the third round.
Otherwise, I will beat you to death.”

Han Fei scratched his belly and put on a frightened look.
“Oh, I’m so scared! I didn’t offend you, did I? Why, what happened to you? Did your fish escape?”

Gu Longyu almost burst into tears.
They had left in a hurry last night and didn’t check the fish tank at all.
When they checked it in the morning, there were only a few fish bones and a bunch of crab shells left in it.

The village leader landed in front of his team.

Han Fei looked at Qin Hai and the others who were not far away.
It seemed that many of them were injured, so he asked, “Leader, what’s wrong with them?”

The village leader glanced at Han Fei.
“They met the people of the Heavenly Heart Village and had conflicts with them in fishing.
You kids did a better job this time.”

Wang Baiyu’s face slightly changed.
“Seventeen people are missing.
Leader, do they…”

The village leader shook his head.
“Some people lost combat power and quit in advance.”

Han Fei and the others all gasped.
17 people quit in one day? And the team was led by a peak-level fishing master?

Just then, the mayor declared in the sky, “The first place of the first round is the Heavenly Heart Village, 37 rare creatures, including 21 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

Han Fei and the others were shocked.
He Xiaoyu exclaimed, “How come there are so many? How did they do it?”

Wang Baiyu added, “I’ve told you that the Heavenly Heart Village is not simple, especially that Fang Qing.”

“The second place is the Heavenly Water Village, 32 rare creatures, including 20 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

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Qin Hai looked to Han Fei and the others.
“Not bad! We had a fight with them and no one lost but unfortunately, it wasted us a lot of time.”

“The third place is the Heavenly Moon Village, 30 rare creatures, including 10 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

“The fourth place is the Heavenly Fire Village, 28 rare creatures, including 9 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

“The fifth place is the Heavenly Sun Village, 24 rare creatures, including 4 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

“The eighth place is the Heavenly Rain Village, 17 rare creatures, including 4 rare creatures caught by the juvenile team.”

Unsurprisingly, the Heavenly Rain Village took the last place again and the Heavenly Wind and Heavenly Wood were also at the bottom of the list.
But the Heavenly Water Village surprised a lot of people this time.

The juvenile team of the Heavenly Heart Village.

Fang Qing spoke first.
“I heard that the Heavenly Sun Village and Heavenly Water Village had an encounter.
Gu Longyu led twice as many people as the other party, but only got 4 rare spirit fish, so the fatty is anything but simple.”

Behind Fang Qing, a girl chuckled.
“So what? The second round is a piece of cake for us.
Our team has two Spirit Chasing Shrimp and one Treasure Digging fish.
How can they be compared with us?”

“We still have to be careful.
At least in the second round, we don’t need to fight them head-on.
I believe with the Heavenly Sun Village here, the other villages’ juvenile teams will not confront them either.”

There was almost no break time between the first and second rounds.

The mayor announced, “The second round is extremely dangerous.
Neither the eight village leaders nor I will go underwater to disturb you, nor will we take any action to rescue you.
I can only tell you to be careful.”

After that, the crowd dispersed again.

Wang Baiyu thought for a moment.
“I know a place.
Maybe there will be some chances there.”

“Where is it?”

“The Fire Fountain.”

Hu Kun’s eyes widened.
“I heard that place is dangerous!”

“Where there is danger, there is opportunity.”

Han Fei shook his head and the fat on his face wobbled.
“No, we are not superior in number.
I think there must be many people who know of that place.”

When Han Fei was being trained by Jiang Qin, they were in the mixed zone only in the first week, and then they had been staying in the level-one fishery.
He had visited almost everywhere within the level-one fishery and even drew a map.
The Fire Fountain was just a seabed crater, ranking sixth in his map, even after the seabed mine.

Han Fei calmly instructed, “Follow me.”

They flew as long as seven or eight hundred miles before they reached the position where Han Fei desired.

“Han Fei, please give us some spiritual energy! Otherwise, we’ll become fish food after going into the sea.”

Everyone laughed, but then they became nervous.
They were going into the sea, which was very dangerous!

He Xiaoyu was very nervous.
She followed Han Fei closely and said, “You have so much fat on your body.
I’m afraid you’ll become prey for the fish!”

Han Fei’s face was black.
“What are you talking about? Do I look like food?”

Everyone kept quiet.
You do look like food.
We feel much safer with you here, because we are much thinner than you!

Han Fei took out a map and said, “According to my research, right below us should be the Scorpion Cave.”

When the others were still thinking about the name, Xia Wushuang suddenly exclaimed, “Han Fei, are you serious? You took us to the legendary Scorpion Cave in the level-one fishery?!”

Hu Kun widened his eyes.
“Wh… Where? Scorpion Cave… You mean… That Scorpion Cave?”

He Xiaoyu panicked.
“Oh no! Sea scorpion! I’ve seen it in the town.
It’s horrible and poisonous.
They sting with their tails.”

Han Fei looked at them with a surprised look.
“Guys, we are hunting treasure! How can a treasure hunt not be dangerous? Who told you this place is dangerous? That’s bullshit.”

Wang Baiyusaid seriously, “Everyone knows the Scorpion Cave is dangerous.
A lot of people have explored it, including many big fishing masters, but none of them got anything… Han Fei, are you sure there is treasure here?”

Han Fei smiled.
“They used the wrong way.
The best things in this world are often in the most dangerous places.
You can choose to believe me, or you can go to other places on your own.
Of course, if you don’t mind, I can go down alone.”

Everyone fell silent.
Come on, if we let you go into the Scorpion Cave alone, the village leader will kill us!

He Xiaoyu asked, “Is there really treasure down there?”

Xiang Nan was sceptical.
“Han Fei, although there are more than a dozen of us, we certainly can’t explore the whole Scorpion Cave in such a short time.”

Xia Wushuang was ready to go.
“I think that what Han Fei says makes sense.
The Scorpion Cave is famous for its level of danger.
I don’t think any other team will come here to find opportunities.
Maybe there is really a chance here.
After all, no one has been here for many years.”

Wang Baiyu took a deep look at Han Fei.
“I have no opinion, I can have a try.”

Han Fei looked around at the others.
“Is there anyone unwilling to go? Those who don’t go can stay on the fishing boat, but can’t take any treasure we find.”

Xiang Nan was the first to chime in.
“Count me in.
If you guys are not afraid of death, I won’t be either.”

“Wait a minute.”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei continued, “Wait for me for a while.
I’ll be away for an hour.
I have to make some preparations before going down.”

“What are you going to do?”

“With our strength, we can’t penetrate the Scorpion Cave.
Let me find some helpers.”

After Han Fei left, Xia Wushuang said, “Have you found that Han Fei is a bit strange now?”

Hu Kun snorted.
“He has always been weird.”

Xia Wushuang frowned.
“No, I don’t know why but I feel he is mysterious now.”

“Yes! He is not as stupid as before either.”

Wang Baiyu shook his head with a smile.
“Was he stupid before? I’m afraid you are the one who is stupid!”

Han Fei had long wanted to explore the Scorpion Cave.
The Scorpion surely had a natural enemy: the nest of water ants three hundred miles away was Han Fei’s goal.

Water ants, similar to Marching Sea Leeches, were low-level marine creatures, but when attacked or tempted by food they could be very aggressive.

Little Black easily solved the fishes and insects that wanted to attack Han Fei.
After a while, Han Fei landed on a seabed full of caves.

With a flash of spiritual energy in his hand, Han Fei threw out masses of spiritual energy one after another.
After a while, the seabed was covered with palm-sized water ants.
Seeing this scene, Han Fei threw out more spiritual energy.

When Han Fei tilled the land, he always threw a mass of spiritual energy into the ground to fertilize it.
At this moment, with the sudden spiritual energy explosion on the seabed, a dense mass of water ants crawled out of the cave and seemed to be looking for creatures that attacked them.

Han Fei hurriedly swam away a little bit and kept throwing spiritual energy into the nest of water ants until a dense layer of water ants appeared on the seabed biting at him.




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