Chapter 121: Resource Competition

Hu Kun stood up.
He still hated Han Fei, which never changed, so whenever there was a chance to make Han Fei look bad, he wouldn’t miss it.

Everyone frowned, and Zhao Dabai said with a loud voice, “Hey, how long have you been in the town? And how many times have you been to the level-one fishery? Do you mean you’re more qualified than Han Fei?”

Cao Fei replied, “Boy, if you have the opportunity, you can go to the level-one fishery for actual combat.
If you haven’t experienced actual combat, don’t talk nonsense.”

Hu Kun was speechless for a moment and his face turned red.
He could attack Han Fei but not these predecessors.

Xia Wushuang, Wang Baiyu, and the others were surprised.
It seemed that Han Fei knew these people very well and had experienced many battles in the level-one fishery.

Han Fei ignored Hu Kun, but asked, “Leading, the juvenile team? Didn’t you just ask me to participate in a resource competition?”

Cao Fei explained, “The so-called resource competition is actually a competition for the potential and heritage of each village.
The stronger a village is, the greater the potential of the village, so it can get more Spirit Awakening Fluid.”

Zhang Peng jumped in, “Moreover, the resource competitions are mostly conducted underwater, which can best test the strength of each village.”

“Conducted underwater?”

Zhang Peng said seriously, “Otherwise, do you think that the resource competition is only about fights? No, what is the most important ability of our fishing master? It is fishing and the exploration of the ocean.
The battle is just to make us better survive in the fishery, and fishing is our bounden duty.”

The village leader took over.
“Okay! These juniors haven’t experienced these things before, so let me explain briefly.
The so-called resource competition is comprised of three contests.
The first is fishing on the sea.
The more rare spiritual fish a village catches, the better.
The second is underwater exploration.
Which village finds the most valuable things, determines which village wins.
The third is battle, which is not an end in itself but to temper the participants.”

Wang Baiyu asked, “Leader, is the juvenile team built to measure the current strength of a village and its potential in the future?”

The village leader nodded.
“Yes, you are the future of the Heavenly Water Village.
As long as you do not leave the Blue Sea Town, you may often participate in the resource competition in the future.”

Hearing this, these teenagers got excited.
This was the first time they participated in a big event in the village.
From now on, no one could treat them as kids.

Han Fei didn’t mind participating in the resources competition.
This was a good opportunity to measure the so-called ‘geniuses’ in other villages.

At noon, Han Fei led the large crowd of fishing masters to dinner at his hot pot restaurant.
He Xiaoyu had no time to speak as she kept stuffing food into her mouth.

The others were even more attracted to the food.
He Xiaoyu often tasted barbecue before anyway, but the others couldn’t afford it, so they rarely ate it.

Xia Wushuang asked, “Han Fei, which level are you at?”

Han Fei thought to himself, Shall I tell them about my real strength?

“I’m an intermediate fishing master!” Han Fei said with a smile.


He Xiaoyu looked down.
“I am only a junior fishing master!”

“It seems that although Brother Han is in the village, his strength has increased very fast!” Wang Baiyu observed.

“I’m flattered! Not everyone can study in the town.”

Han Fei said modestly, only to see their faces darkened.
He was about to ask why when Zhao Dabai’s loud voice rang from the next table.
“Han Fei, you don’t know the situation in the town.
The town doesn’t lack geniuses, so they must have a hard time since they had just gone to the town.”

Han Fei immediately looked at them with a perplexed look.

He Xiaoyu added, “Some people are such bullies.
They look down upon us because we’re from villages.”

Xiang Nan agreed.
“Humph! Most of them are local children in the town, as well as those from the three villages of Heavenly Moon, Heavenly Sun, and Heavenly Heart.

Han Fei looked puzzled.
“So you are often beaten by them?”

He Xiaoyu showed her teeth.
“We weren’t just beaten by them.
We beat them too.”

“Did you win or lose?”

Everyone: “…”

So they lost.
Han Fei immediately pounded the table.
“I’ll avenge you guys when I go to the town.”

Hu Kun, who had been silent for a while, snorted.
“Do you think you can beat them? You’re just an intermediate fishing master! Do you know that the strongest ones of them are already great fishing masters?”

Xia Wushuang nodded.
“Indeed, the top ten students in the three academies in the town are all advanced or even peak-level great fishing masters.
They are truly talented.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
“Are they that strong?”

Han Fei secretly took a deep breath.
Wow, a peak-level great fishing master at his age! That’s really strong!

Wang Baiyu tried to ease the tension.
“In fact, we don’t have to worry too much.
As far as we know, in the eight villages, no one has become a great fishing master yet, at most a demi-great fishing master.”

Xia Wushuang finished chewing.
“No! You forgot the guy from the Heavenly Heart Village, who became a great fishing master the day before yesterday.”

Everyone was stunned, including Zhao Dabai and the others.
Were today’s young people so strong that they had become great fishing masters at such a young age? They really outshone them!

“This time we are in the same team, so there is no competitive relationship between us.
We’d better think about how to catch rare spiritual fish.” Wang Baiyu wanted them to get back to focus.

“Using a special bait perhaps.
I heard that the natives in the town don’t use green worms very much,” He Xiaoyu wondered.

“But there are very few special baits.
It is difficult to find Marching Sea Leech, Shrimp Beads, and Golden Nematodes.
And I’m afraid we can’t afford high-quality pearls but can only fish with our own spiritual energy, but then it’ll consume a lot of spiritual energy.”

Han Fei blinked.
“Did you learn to be a spirit gatherer in the town? Wang Baiyu, I remember you also got the Spirit Concentration Art?”

Wang Baiyu smiled bitterly.
“So what? I haven’t gotten started yet.
How can I provide spiritual energy to others?”


The other fishing masters at the other tables all laughed, and Wang Baiyu said with a black face, “Spirit gatherer and manipulator are the two most difficult professions among the five major professions.
Isn’t it normal that I haven’t got started yet?”

Chen Ling giggled.
“Then you can ask Han Fei! He’s already a spirit gatherer.”


At Han Fei’s table, everyone was shocked and even Hu Kun widened his eyes.

He Xiaoyu looked at Han Fei.
“Have you become a spirit gatherer?”

“Don’t be so excited.
Eat the food.”

Everyone: “…”

Wang Baiyu wanted to know.
“Han Fei, have you become a spirit gatherer so quickly?”

He Xiaoyu also blinked as if thinking of something.

Han Fei was secretly pleased with himself.
Hoho, I’m awesome, right? Shocked? Envy me? Now you know how strong I am?

Xia Wushuang’s eyes lit up.
“Then we don’t have to worry about the bait we use.”

Xiang Nan added, “I have no objection to Han Fei becoming our team leader.”

Hu Kun was dumbfounded.
What?! Han Fei had become a spirit gatherer?! Was this a joke? Han Fei was not a genius but a waste!

Han Fei waved.
“No problem, you can have as much spiritual energy as you want!”

After dinner.

He Xiaoyu and the other teenagers went home to see their parents, so Han Fei stayed with The Fish Dragons and played cards with Li Gang, Li Qing, and Li Gan.

Li Gan suddenly lit up.
“Fu… Full house.”

Li Qing mumbled, “Pass.”


Han Fei looked at the cards in his hand and said helplessly.

After a few rounds, Han Fei said with a dull tone, “A-Gang, do you think the town is better than our village?”

Han Fei was a little surprised today because he found that everyone seemed to have changed, even including Hu Kun.
Although he was still very hostile towards him, his temperament changed.
He Xiaoyu, who was a simple-minded girl, became much smarter this time.
Only when the environment had changed greatly would people change so much.

Li Qing answered, “Master, we haven’t been to the town! But I think it should be better than here! Otherwise, why are there no great fishing masters in our village?”

“I’ve… Been… There once… It’s… Very… Very amazing.”

Han Fei wanted to ask Li Gan more, but then he gave it up.
He would have fallen asleep before Li Gan finished speaking.

Han Fei threw the cards to the table.
“I’m out.
You can find someone else to play with you.”

At He Xiaoyu’s home.

He Mingtang glanced at Han Fei and frowned.
“Han Fei, why haven’t you lost weight yet?”

Han Fei: “???”

“You are not allowed to take Xiaoyu out before you lose weight.”

Han Fei’s turned red.
Before I lose weight? Why?!




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