Chapter 118: Jiang Qin’s Purpose

This time, Han Fei’s contribution was huge, so theoretically, he could rest for three months or more.
Of course, Han Fei didn’t take it seriously at all: he felt that the level-one fishery was no longer challenging for him.
Perhaps he should go to the level-two fishery to have a try.

However, before that, he decided to lose weight first.

Since Han Fei became a fatty, he had been discriminated against by Old Jiang and his originally low status had plummeted further.

Old Jiang said while he was basking in the sun, “How long have you not taken care of these fields? Pull out all the weeds in the fields and then prune the unsightly spirit plants today.”

“Grandpa, can I call someone from The Fish Dragons to do these jobs for me? Isn’t it a waste of my time to do these jobs?”

Old Jiang looked Han Fei up and down.
“Hoho, look at yourself! You look like a pig! Can you lose weight without exercise?”

Han Fei was helpless.
“Can this type of exercise help me lose weight?”

Old Jiang waved, and a ball of water was thrown at Han Fei’s face.
“Shut up.
Don’t talk back to me…”

Han Fei was speechless.
I should have stayed in The Fish Dragons! Why do I come here to suffer? Now I’ll not only have to till the land, but also have to cook.
If Old Jiang wants, I’ll even have to serve him tea like a servant.

Fortunately, Jiang Qin showed up in time.

On the training ground of the plantation, Jiang Qin said, “Although you have not officially become a soul warrior, with your current size and physical strength, you’re fully qualified for becoming one.”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
“Can I learn relevant combat skills now?”

Han Fei had long felt in combat that his endurance was not strong.
Crazy Devil’s Rod didn’t improve his strength but just turned him crazy and Fury, that did boost his combat power, couldn’t last long.
As for the Universe Broadsword, he would be exhausted even if he only used it once.
All these skills only improved his explosive power.
If he met someone who had good stamina, he would lose!

“I heard that you fought a great fishing master.
How do you feel?” Jiang Qin asked.

“I think he didn’t exert his full strength, nor did he use any special combat skills, but I can be sure that his strength and physical fitness are mediocre.”

Jiang Qin was speechless.
An intermediate great fishing master’s strength and physical fitness were mediocre? Seriously?

Jiang Qin probed, “And?”

“And the students from the town are quite strong.
Their spiritual beasts are various and they have many combat skills.
Oh, yes… They used different weapons, not just rods.”

“Long rods are still the major weapon of fishing masters, because ordinary people can’t get special weapons such as broadswords, swords, spears, and halberds.
Even if they use a special weapon, they still use it like a rod, so people might as well use rods.”

Han Fei interrupted her, “I like bows! They’re lethal.”

Jiang Qin shook her head.
“War bow is one of the most difficult weapons to master.
Do you think it’s easy to use? Shoot at an imaginary target ten million times a day, day after day, year after year before you get proficient with a bow.
Can you bear the boredom?”

Han Fei scratched his belly and thought, I’ve learned archery, OK? I used to be a senior trainee in a professional archery club…

Han Fei stated, “Then I’ll choose broadswords…”

“I guessed so.
It fits your current size.”

“Sister Qin, that’s not funny!”

Jiang Qin tittered, but then her face turned serious.
“Han Fei, let me ask you again, do you want to become a soul warrior or not? This is completely different from becoming a spirit gatherer.
It’s because of a special chance that you became a spirit gatherer, but if you become a soul warrior, it won’t be because of a special chance, but a trade.
If you want to learn the skills of a soul warrior from me, you’ll have to promise me one thing which may put your life in danger.”

Looking at Jiang Qin’s serious face, Han Fei no longer smiled and said seriously, “Sister Qin, tell me what you want from me first.”

Jiang Qin turned her back to Han Fei.
“I didn’t want to choose you because you were too weak, but now I’ve changed my mind… Do you know why my grandpa and I are living in the Heavenly Water Village?”

Han Fei shook his head.
He was also puzzled! When he first met Old Jiang, he felt that this old man was very special.
How can someone who owned such a large plantation in the Heavenly Water Village be weak? That was impossible! He was definitely no weaker than the village leader.
Then he witnessed how Old Jiang beat the village leader merely by waving his hand.
Even a great fishing master was not capable of this.

Jiang Qin continued, “Grandpa and I are from the Thousand Star City.
Yes, we’re from the same place as Fang Ze.”

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
“I had guessed so.
When you talked about Fang Ze, you showed no respect for him, so in your eyes, Fang Ze is equal to or even below you.”

Jiang Qin glanced at Han Fei curiously.
“You are smart, but why do you have no respect for Fang Ze either when you talk about him? Isn’t he a god in the eyes of everyone from the Heavenly Water Village?”

“God? Haha, how can there be so many gods in this world? Fang Ze is at most an ordinary character in the city and must be far away from those high-level ones.
He only looks like a big shot in a small place like this.
Why should I treat him like a god? My goal is the Infinite Ocean.
Perhaps when I’ve become a god and he hasn’t yet… Ah!…”

Jiang Qin gave Han Fei a slap and said helplessly, “You’re not like a 12-year-old kid at all! You’ve just had some insignificant chances.
Don’t be so arrogant.
People like you are easy to fail.”

Han Fei bounced up from the ground.
“So I have to lose weight, so that I can run fast.
When I’m stronger than the enemy, I attack; when they are stronger than me, I retreat.
It’s easy, isn’t it?”

Jiang Qin just wanted to slap this little bastard to death.
How can you talk about ‘retreat’ so righteously?

Jiang Qin waved her hand.
“Okay, let’s get to the point… I want to help you become a soul warrior because I want you to find a person for me.”

“Sister Qin, you are a soul warrior yourself! Can’t you go find that person? Can’t you find him with your strength?” Han Fei wondered.

“I did.
Since Grandpa and I came to the floating island three years ago, we have never stopped looking for him.
I chose you… Because you’re really lucky.
A person can be lucky once or twice, but you’re lucky all the time! You’re special!”

Han Fei scratched his belly.
“Actually, instead of luck, I rely on strength.”

“Ha! Do you know how many times the level-one fishery and the level-two fishery have been searched by countless strong masters? But you can still find opportunities frequently in these two places.
You can even go into the seabed grotto and come out alive.
It shows that you are special.”

Han Fei was shocked.
“Oh! So… You’ve known?”

Jiang Qin curled her lips.
“How many special chances are there in ordinary fisheries? If I guessed right, you’ve won the only two special chances that they can offer.
This is what we call luck.”

Seeing Han Fei swallow his saliva in embarrassment, Jiang Qin waved her hand and said, “In fact, there are many places where there are special chances.
As far as we know, there are hundreds or thousands of forbidden places.
But there is always someone who can get a special chance from these places.”

Han Fei asked in a small voice, “Why don’t the strong masters explore those places?”

“Some of them don’t think it’s worth it, some can’t get in, and some don’t even bother to come to the villages.
Of course, most of these special chances are of little use to these strong masters.”

Han Fei was a bit frustrated.
He thought smugly that he had gotten great chances and tried to hide them from others.
It turned out that they had known for quite some time?

“Okay! Who are you looking for? Where is he?”

Jiang Qin simply stated, “I have no clue.
All I know is that he was last seen in the Heavenly Water Village, or some forbidden place in the level-three fishery.”

“… Well, Sister Qin, since you and Grandpa come from the city, is the level-three fishery difficult for you?”

Jiang Qin was annoyed.
“Do you know what a forbidden place is? Let alone the level-three fishery, even in an ordinary fishery, a forbidden place will kill countless strong masters.”

“Even you can’t find him.
How could I find him?”

Jiang Qin looked at Han Fei.
“I don’t count on you completely, but you will need to search for him when the time comes.
If nothing special happens, this forbidden place involves the Unknown Place beyond the level-three fishery, so it’s not as simple as you think.
And not only you, I’ve also asked some other people to help me, but you seem to have more potential.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows.
Oh, I’m disappointed! So I’m just a spare tire in your eyes? Wouldn’t the so-called secret be in the treasure left to him by Ren Tianfei, the old bastard? Umm, possibly…

Jiang Qin continued, “Based on your performance at the level-one fishery this time, I think that someone will invite you to the town in the near future.
At that time, I am afraid that you’ll have to go even if you don’t want to.
If you are willing to learn from me and become a soul warrior, I can help you deal with them.
Of course, you can also choose to refuse.”

“OK! Then help me please! But I can’t promise you.
If I think I can’t find that place, or even if I can find that place, if I may die there, I will give up.”

“OK, if you still have the chance to give up at that time, you only need to convey the message to me.”

Han Fei’s face lit up with energy.
“Nice, let’s start!”

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