Chapter 97: Someone’s Here (1)

Many individual buildings stood on both sides and the sign of each mercenary group was hung on their own building.
There were a variety of them.
Yun Feng counted briefly.
She had already passed through more than a hundred buildings right now, but she had just walked for a while.
The road ahead of her was really long.

The scale of the Mercenary Union was so large that Yun Feng was slightly shocked.
With such a huge armed force located in the Karan Empire, the royal family of the Karan Empire might also be thinking of all sorts of plans to weaken or eliminate it.

Yun Feng was right.
The royal family of the Karan Empire and the Mercenary Union had always had a bad relationship.
They were just peaceful on the outside.
Seriously speaking, neither of them would be willing to accept the other party.

This also caused the conflict between the army of the royal family of the Karan Empire and the mercenary groups.
Both parties disliked each other.
The Royal Army identified themselves as someone noble and they usually despised these mercenary groups, while the mercenaries felt like these soldiers were just people with an attractive façade.
How could they compare with the mercenaries who often dealt with death?

What made them ambivalent was that they couldn’t make peace with each other, but couldn’t make the situation a deadlock either.
Perhaps they had been repressing their feelings for too long.
There had been quite a lot of quarrels between the Mercenary Union and the army of the Karan Empire in recent years.
The quarrels were even escalating gradually.

“Kid, are you a mage? But I saw what you did just then.
You’re obviously comparable to a warrior!” Wang Ming walked in the front to lead the way for Yun Feng and finally expressed the curiosity in his mind.

Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m not a warrior.
I just exercise my body more.”

Wang Ming widened his eyes, then slightly looked back and glanced at Yun Feng.
With that skinny and too slender body, Yun Feng indeed didn’t seem like someone who always exercised.
She should have some muscles no matter what.
However, the power that bursts out of such a body is too astonishing! If My Lady said she’s a mage, then she’s mage.
Why do I have to think so much about it?

Wang Ming chuckled as he looked at that sign with a red maple on it in the distance.
“My Lady, we’re here!”

Yun Feng looked up and saw this medium-size building.
The red maple on the sign was exactly the same as the logo on her badge.

“Captain Wang, you’re back? Looks like you’ve done dealing with the matter on the Shiny Plains and you’re here to deliver good news to Commander!” Once Wang Ming and Yun Feng entered the building, a few mercenaries in the hall on the first floor smiled and greeted them, but they also glanced at Yun Feng curiously.
When they saw that badge on her chest, they couldn’t help but exclaim softly.
Where did Captain Wang find this genius?

Wang Ming burst into laughter and shook his head a bit embarrassedly.
“I haven’t finished dealing with that matter, but I brought someone very important back this time.
Is Commander still on the second floor?”

“Commadner is on the second floor.
If he knows that you’re back, he’ll definitely come down to find you.”

Right after that, a middle-aged man came down from the second floor.
Yun Feng looked over.
He had a similar age as her father and also had a slightly serious face, but his black eyes had the cleverness that his poker-faced father didn’t have.

“Wang Ming, you’re back.
Are you here to deliver good news to me?” The middle-aged man came over with a smile on his face.
There was also a sixteen-year-old young man with beautiful facial features following behind him.
He yelled at Wang Ming, “Uncle Wang, you’re back.
Father has already become a bit anxious.”

“Commander, I might have let you down this time.
That matter hasn’t been resolved, but I came back for another thing,” Wang Ming said.
The face of the middle-aged man darkened slightly, but it brightened up abruptly when he saw Yun Feng who was standing next to Wang Ming.

“Are you talking about this little girl?” The middle-aged man looked at Yun Feng.
When he saw the badge on her chest, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.
After that, he gave a few laughs.
“Wang Ming, oh Wang Ming, where exactly did you deceive this genius? Hahaha! That’s great news!”

The young man behind the middle-aged man also looked over.
When he saw the level on Yun Feng’s badge, he frowned with deep suspicion in his eyes.
Yun Feng directly ignored the almost piercing gaze of the young man.
She only felt a few fiery gazes around shooting at her.

“Commander, do you know who she is? She’s the daughter of the Yun family’s leader of this generation.
She’s the Young Lady!” When Wang Ming said this, the others were all confused.
Young Lady? What exactly was this about?

Once the middle-aged man heard this, he was startled.
He quickly walked in front of Yun Feng and looked at her with bright eyes, as if he was trying to see through her to see if she lied or not.
“Little girl, what’s your name?”

Yun Feng calmly looked back in the eyes of the middle-aged man and said indifferently, “Yun Feng.”

The middle-aged man seemed to be thinking something after hearing that.
Finally, he put his gaze on Yun Feng again with excitement that he had never felt before.
“Right, there are two kids in the Yun family.
One is Yun Sheng and one is Yun Feng.
You’re Yun Feng.
That’s right!”

Wang Ming kept smiling and stood on the side.
The middle-aged man suddenly bent his body slightly and bowed to Yun Feng with respect on his face!

“I’m Zhao Mingqi.
Nice to see you, my Lady!”

The mercenaries in the hall were dumbfounded.
Their Commander was bowing to a little girl, calling her “my Lady.” What… exactly was going on?

Zhao Mingqi’s son immediately came over after seeing that.
He wanted to help his father up, but Zhao Mingqi shouted at his son with a deep voice, “Xiao Yan, greet our Young Lady!”

Zhao Yan was still frowning after all.
He didn’t like this Young Lady who showed up all of a sudden at all, but since his father said so, he couldn’t disobey him.
He could only bend his body and greet Yun Feng reluctantly.

“Commander Zhao, what are you doing?” Yun Feng asked.
It seemed that she couldn’t stand to receive such a big bow once they met.
Zhao Mingqi got up and looked at Yun Qi a bit emotionally, as if he was a loyal butler who finally met his master again after many years.

“Forgive me for being rude.
It’s just that I’ve never thought my Lady would be here.
Please come to the second floor.
I’ll talk to you slowly in detail!”

Yun Feng nodded and followed behind Zhao Mingqi to the second floor.
Zhao Yan was still standing there without moving at all with confusion and discontent in his eyes.
Wang Ming also followed them and went upstairs.
The mercenaries on the first floor watching the drama then started gossiping around Zhao Yan curiously.

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