Chapter 95: Beaten Up (4)

“Little girl, what’s your relation with the leader of the Yun family?”

Yun Feng glanced at Wang Ming.
“The leader of this generation of the Yun family is my father.”

Wang Ming was startled and there was a burst of joy in his eyes.
“You’re the Young Lady! Our commander will be really happy!”

Yun Feng was a bit confused.
Lady? Why was he calling her Young Lady?

“Xiao Ying, just put the matters here aside first.
We’re returning to Ge Yuan immediately.
I must bring my Lady back.
Commander will definitely want to see her in person!”

Xiao Ying nodded and immediately went out to prepare.
Yun Feng stood there dumbfoundedly.
Meatball’s face was also full of confusion and it rubbed its body against Yun Feng’s cheek.

“Wait, what Young Lady…” Yun Feng looked at Wang Ming, who was walking around in excitement.
Wang Ming burst into laughter after hearing that.
“The summoner of the Yun family is the founder of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, so his immediate descendants will certainly be one of the owners of the group.
It’s not wrong at all to call you Young Lady!”

“Captain, we’re ready!” Xiao Ying yelled happily.
At this moment, she was looking at Yun Feng with a hint of friendliness and affection in her eyes, as if Yun Feng was her family.

“Alright! My Lady, let’s go!” Wang Ming laughed with indescribable joy.
Even though Yun Feng was still a bit confused, she also knew that the Yun family seemed to have quite a good force.

It seemed that Wang Ming couldn’t wait anymore.
He took Yun Feng to Ge Yuan right away that day.
With Wang Ming by her side, their journey on the Shiny Plains was very smooth.
In less than three hours, the two of them finally arrived in Ge Yuan, as Wang Ming rushed at the fastest speed all the way.

Ge Yuan was the only first-class city in southeast Karan Empire.
As the place where the Mercenary Union was stationed in the empire, the city of Ge Yuan was full of remarkable characteristics of the mercenaries, whether it was the buildings or the people traveling around.

The buildings in this city, which was two to three times larger than Park City, were mainly rough and angular, adding a trace of coldness and seriousness to them.
Mercenaries could always be seen among the traveling crowd.
This was pretty similar to the sight in the outermost area of Chunfeng Town, but the levels of the mercenaries here were much higher.
Many of them were at level 5 and quite a lot were at level 6 and level 7.

Wang Ming walked all the way here with Yun Feng and a few familiar faces among the mercenaries they met even greeted them.
Those who greeted them were all a little curious about Yun Feng.
Wang Ming then laughed and said proudly, “This is our Young Lady!”

Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
After hearing this, those mercenaries also widened their eyes.
When did the Red Maple Mercenary Team have a Young Lady? Their Commander didn’t seem to have a daughter!

No matter how surprised other people were, Wang Ming kept talking without minding anyone else.
He walked through many streets with Yun Feng along the way.
After crossing half of the city of Ge Yuan, Yun Feng saw something like a cordon far away.
It was very crowded on this side of the cordon, but a bit quiet and solemn on the other side.
Only some mercenaries came in and out occasionally.

Two guards next to the cordon kept glancing over the crowd that passed through with their fierce black eyes.
Wang Ming came up and showed them his mercenary badge.
While he was about to take Yun Feng through, they were stopped.

“Stop right there, little girl! This is where the Mercenary Union is located.
Only mercenaries are eligible to enter!”

Wang Ming chuckled after hearing that.
“This is our Young Lady.
You don’t have to be so strict, do you…”

The guards rolled their eyes.
“Wang Ming, do you think we’re stupid or demented? The Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team only has a son.
When did you have a Young Lady?”

“Brother, I’m a new mercenary of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
I still haven’t got a mercenary badge.”

The two guards couldn’t help but glance at Yun Feng.
Although they were a bit shocked, they didn’t say anything.
There were all kinds of weird people in the Mercenary Union, so it wasn’t a big deal to have a little kid at this age.
One of the guards pointed at the cabin next to the cordon.
“That’s the Mercenary Level Verification Office.
Go there to verify your level and you’ll be able to get the badge.”

Yun Feng nodded and said to Wang Ming.
“I’ll go there then.
Let’s follow the rules.”

Wang Ming also agreed when he heard Yun Feng.
He immediately went to that small cabin with the logo of the Mercenary Union with Yun Feng.
Yun Feng came to the cabin and looked at the logo of the Mercenary Union.
Two iron fists intersected to form a cross.
Yun Feng smiled.
This was quite vivid.

Once they pushed the door open and entered, one person happened to be coming out.
Yun Feng glanced at him.
There was a badge in his hands.
She then gazed inside.
There were more than twenty people waiting to verify their levels.
Yun Feng walked in and these young people waiting for the assessment all looked at her a few times.
When Wang Ming entered, they seemed to understand something.

This little girl was here to accompany this man to verify his level.
This should be the case.

The cabin wasn’t really big.
There were many chairs and a table with something on it.
Behind the table was a white-haired old man wearing a monocle.
Every person who came here to verify their level had a card in their hands.
Yun Feng also got a number, No.22.
She found a chair to sit down and wait for her assessment.

15!” The white-haired old man yelled.
A young man immediately stood up and walked to the old man, looking a bit nervous.
The old man didn’t even look up.
He pointed at something on the table.

“Infuse fighting energy.”

The young man instantly did as the old man said.
He infused his fighting energy into a transparent groove and saw that something rose inside, changing colors gradually.
After a while, that thing stopped at one color.
The old man lifted his eyes and took a badge casually as he lowered his head to look for something in the drawer.
“Have you joined any mercenary group?”

The young man shook his head and the old man directly handed the badge to him.
“Next! No.

Many young people went up one by one.
After Yun Feng came here, more people entered one after another.
The number of people only kept increasing.
Yun Feng watched the verification process carefully.
Almost every one of them infused their fighting energy into that groove.
Yun Feng frowned slightly.
She didn’t have any fighting energy at all.
It seemed that she must first tell the old man that she was a mage.

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