After Xia Qing left, a certain space in the Thousand Peak City fluctuated faintly.
Then, a huge Fire Cloud Wolf appeared.
Its pure black wolf eyes stared in Xia Qing’s direction for a long time without moving.
Xia Qing had already left and disappeared far away.
However, Little Fire stopped in the air quietly and watched foolishly.

Suddenly, Little Fire raised its head and let out a distant and long wolf howl.
Perhaps nobody knew the emotions contained in this wolf howl.
After looking at her deeply for a few times, Little Fire turned around and left without any reluctance, leaving only a beam of fiery red light.

Somewhere outside of the Thousand Peak City, Xia Qing had already cried with tears all over her face.
That long, distant wolf howl came with the wind, again and again, making Xia Qing’s tears flow endlessly like a clear spring, covering her face.

The Flower Eagle stood on the other side and looked at Xia Qing with heartache, accompanying her quietly.
It listened to Xia Qing try her best to suppress her sobs.
“Master…” The Flower Eagle called softly.
Xia Qing shook her head slightly and wiped the tears on her face with her hand.
After wiping them a few times, she raised her messy little face and chuckled.

“That’s enough.
I knew he would come.
That’s enough.” Tears flowed out of her eyes again, but Xia Qing smiled and the Flower Eagle sighed.
Its snow-white body appeared and Xia Qing jumped on it.
She looked back in the direction of Thousand Peak City and finally turned her little face around.
The Flower Eagle flapped its wings hard and its body had already risen into the sky! Xia Qing sat on the back of the Flower Eagle and looked ahead.
From now on, she would start her own journey!

Yun Feng thought that Little Fire would be depressed for a few days after Xia Qing left, but to her surprise, Little Fire didn’t seem to be affected at all.
Its temper was still very bad.
At first, Yun Feng tried her best to avoid talking about Xia Qing in front of Little Fire, but she later found that even when she talked about Xia Qing, Little Fire didn’t show anything special and was still the same as usual.

Xia Qing’s departure was a good thing.
It allowed her to grow independently.
Yun Feng believed that when she saw Qingqing again, she would definitely grow to a level that surprised her!

Invitations from the three Hall Masters still appeared from time to time.
As long as Yun Feng didn’t express her stand, the three Hall Masters wouldn’t stop roping in the Yun family.
Recently, Yun Feng received news from the Yun family in Jushui Town, which was thousands of miles away.
The three Hall Masters sent people to the Yun family one after another.
Yun Feng was like an iron wall.
The three halls thought the Yun family wouldn’t be like this, but they had never thought that the Yun family was even more like an iron wall.

No matter who it was, Yun Tianfan only said that Yun Feng was in charge of everything, big or small.
He would do whatever Yun Feng said.

What he said infuriated the three halls.
If they wanted to rope him in, they couldn’t use any fierce means.
Otherwise, who could predict what Yun Feng would do after the Lord-Level summoner went crazy? It was very likely that she would destroy a hall in anger.
The Yun family didn’t show any weakness, so the three halls could only come to Yun Feng again, but Yun Feng didn’t say anything, which made the three hall masters extremely depressed.

Mo Changge had come many times, but no matter what he said, Yun Feng still had the same attitude, which made Mo Changge a bit discouraged.
In the end, he shook his head and sighed.
“She’s just a fish.
No matter how delicious the hook is, she won’t bite it unless she’s willing to.”

The Hall Master originally wanted to invite Yan Ming over.
After all, he had a personal relationship with Yun Feng.
However, after Mo Changge was rejected, the Hall Master gave up the idea.
Mo Changge and Yun Feng seemed to be quite close, but he still couldn’t break through this wall.
Yan Ming… would be even more difficult.

On Yun Feng’s side, she was messing with the Masters of the three halls.
Her reputation rose again.
Everyone in the Thousand Peak City knew that Yun Feng was a popular figure.
The Masters of the three halls were all fighting to rope her in! This made everyone even more envious.
Some people shouted that fate was unfair, but they were soon drowned by what others said.
What unfair fate? When you have Yun Feng’s strength, fate will be fair to you!

The three Hall Masters were all trying to rope Yun Feng in.
The Qiu family, who originally wanted to rope Yun Feng in, naturally dropped the idea.
Whoever dared to steal Yun Feng from the three Hall Masters would truly be courting death! The Qiu family was also extremely heartbroken after losing a summoner.
They couldn’t find the target even if they wanted to take revenge.
The hooded man was such a strange guy.
Even if the Qiu family found him, there was probably nothing they could do.
They could only hold back their anger in their minds.
As for Yao Man, losing her contracted Magic Beast, the Electric Python, made her so angry that she fainted on the side of the ring and was quickly carried away.

Her body suffered a huge backlash because she took two bottles of potions forcibly.
It was said that a part of her strength was also torn off.
This made Yao Man regret it, but it was useless.
After the death of the contracted Magic Beast, her strength dropped by a lot.
Yao Man was originally still doing well in the convention this time, but she got the opposite or even a more miserable result.
Naturally, she vented all her anger on Yun Feng.
The Yao family was a large family of the Thousand Snow Hall.
When they learned what happened to Yao Man, they certainly couldn’t let her go easily.
The members of the Yao family originally planned to take revenge on Yun Feng, but they were stopped by what the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master said.

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I was also there during Yao Man’s competition that day.
This was the result of her stubbornness.
What did it have to do with Yun Feng?

The Yao family gritted their teeth in anger.
The Hall Master had already said so.
What could they do? Did they have to argue with the Hall Master? After knowing that Yun Feng was someone the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master wanted to rope in, the Yao family could only grit their teeth and swallow their anger.
Yao Man was also taken back from Thousand Peak City by the Yao family and never appeared again.
As for the things between her and Mo Changge, they were naturally canceled.

Yao Man suffered a double loss.
That was the best description of Yao Man.

People talked about Yun Feng’s wonderful performance in the second round of the competition.
The convention was actually already coming to an end.
The Magic Beast Auction also ended as expected.
The five contestants who qualified last were left in Thousand Peak City.
The other summoners could leave on their own.

The summoners left the Thousand Peak City one after another, but there was another name in everyone’s mind, Yun Feng! The Thousand Peak City, which had been lively for almost two months, gradually became quiet.
Many merchants made a lot of money at this convention and left in satisfaction.
The three summoners of the East Continent also left, but under Yun Feng’s glory, the three of them were still worrying about how to cross the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
After all, there were only three Red Maple warriors left with the three of them from the East Continent.
If they returned to the East Continent like this, they would definitely be wiped out.

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