Qian Shaoyao stood up angrily and suddenly slammed the table, spilling all the drinks on Jia Qingyu.
“Qian Shaoyao! Are you crazy?” Jia Qingyu quickly got up, but her clothes were already dirty.

“Jia Qingyu, if we were the East Continent, I would definitely attack! I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you!”

“Qian Shaoyao! Say that again if you have the guts!”

“You think I don’t dare to say it again?! It’s all because of you, but you acted like nothing happened! Is this what the Cashya Royal Family taught you?!”


Mu Shaohua also stood up.
“The Cashya Royal Family has always been like this.
Carson is a shameless person.
How good can she be?”

Qian Shaoyao sneered after hearing that.
“You’re right.
No wonder Yun Feng was so angry.
You asked for it!”

“You two! I’ll definitely tell the emperor everything when I get back! Just wait!”

Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao both sneered.
The coldness in their eyes made Jia Qingyu take half a step back.
“Just say it.
Let me make it clear.
Ovey and Shengyao are working together.
Do you think Fengyun will just stand by and do nothing? Don’t forget who’s behind Fengyun!”

Jia Qingyu turned pale.
“If she’s really Yun Feng of the Yun family on the East Continent, do you think Yun Feng will let you go after you hurt her student?”

Mu Shaohua chuckled.
“Just wash yourself clean and wait.
She won’t be able to vent her anger even if she skins you alive.”

Qian Shaoyao yawned lazily.
“Why are you talking to her about this? When the time comes, we’ll just fight.
I’ll take the lead.”

Mu Shaohua shrugged.
“That’s right.
We can always fight.”

“You… You…” Jia Qingyu’s voice was trembling.
Ovey and Shengyao were joining forces to deal with the Cashya Empire! If Fengyun got involved, with that terrifying Yun Feng, Cashya might end up like Karan.
And all this… was caused by her?

A gust of cold air came from her back.
Jia Qingyu finally understood that the mercenary who escorted them here this time was from the Red Maple Mercenary Team! The Young Lady that the Red Maple Mercenary Team regarded as a god was Yun Feng! Jia Qingyu immediately collapsed in the chair, as if she had exhausted all her strength.
If Ovey and Shengyao did anything after they returned to the East Continent, the emperor of the Cashya Empire would definitely skin her alive if he knew that she was the reason!

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Seeing Jia Qingyu’s pale face, Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao knew that she was completely obedient this time.
Both of them sneered in their minds.
Ovey and Shengyao had disliked Cashya for a long time.
Besides, Yun Feng had an old grudge with the Cashya Royal Family.
It was better to uproot an empire that was disliked by all three parties, so that it wouldn’t be an eyesore!

Not long after the end of the convention, a huge change happened on the East Continent, completely reshaping the territory of the East Continent.

In a week, Yun Feng became famous in Thousand Peak City at an extremely high speed.
Everyone knew her name.
Mo Changge was also amazed.
However, the dark mage he promised still hadn’t come.
Mo Changge said he would be here soon.
Yun Feng waited patiently.

Yao Man hadn’t appeared since that day.
The effects of the potion probably made her body extremely weak and she needed good rest.
In fact, the first person to qualify in the four regions was Yao Man.
Someone had already qualified before Yun Feng did, but Yun Feng’s influence was undoubtedly the deepest.

Her speed of victory was like the wind.
Her beasts were so powerful that they crushed her opponents.
The main point was that it made the audience extremely delighted.

The other person who was as famous as Yun Feng was the disgusting evil man in the hood.
He also made the cut in Region C.
People remembered him because he was ruthless.
Many summoners who fought with him had already died miserably in his hands.
Even though life and death on the ring were unpredictable, this kind of competition, which was obviously used for communication, became a slaughterhouse.
It was a bit shocking.

The hooded man, who won forty rounds in a row, was qualified for the next round.
Ever since then, he had shown up in the crowd.
However, those who had watched him compete all shivered and had nightmares when they remembered his cruel methods and bloody scenes.

In the week, Yun Feng had been with Xia Qing since she made the cut, while Ling brought news over every day.
There were a lot of people who made the cut this time.
Since the free arena battle would last for a month, there were still a lot of people who would make the cut later.
The total number of people would definitely exceed the expected number.
The Summoning Union had already started preparing for the second round, and Yun Feng was certainly looking forward to it.
The second round meant that she would meet that man in the hood!

On this day, Yun Feng planned to stay with Xia Qing.
Ling brought news.
After being prepared for a week, the Magic Beast Auction was about to begin.
Yun Feng wasn’t interested at first, but Qu Lanyi dragged her out of the room.
Qu Lanyi said, “Go out for a walk.
You might meet something you need at the Magic Beast Auction.”

Everyone hoped that Yun Feng would go out for a walk.
In the end, Yun Feng nodded and agreed.
This time, Qu Lanyi was the only one who accompanied her.
Ling had already told her where the Magic Beast Auction would be held.
As expected, the host this time should still be Ling.

They walked to the venue of the auction.
This was the trading hall in the north of the Thousand Peak City.
During the convention, this place had already become the venue of the Magic Beast Auction.
Many summoners had already entered one after another.
The Magic Beast Auction was another highlight of the convention this time.
The summoners certainly wouldn’t miss it, especially those summoners who were looking for Magic Beasts.

Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s hand and walked to the entrance of the Trading Center.
Along the way, they heard a lot of discussions about Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Fengfeng, you’re famous.
I guess many people want to poach you.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She didn’t care about that.
She looked up and saw Mu Shaohua and the others.
Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao also saw Yun Feng and immediately walked over happily.
Qu Lanyi was a bit unhappy.
He couldn’t like these three summoners from the East Continent, especially that Jia Qingyu.
He really wanted to finish her off with one hand.

“Yun Feng! Is Xia Qing better?” asked Qian Shaoyao first.
Yun Feng was stunned.
Mu Shaohua also said worriedly, “I know it’s our fault, or Xia Qing wouldn’t be like this.
How is she?”

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