“The Lord Level.” Yun Feng said mockingly.
“She took that potion.
It seems that she has to defeat me no matter what.
She’s not afraid of the consequences.” A potion that could increase one’s strength in a short period of time certainly had huge consequences.
Yao Man’s competitiveness eclipsed everything!

“Master, she has already broken through to the Lord Level by force.
We may not have a chance of winning if we fight head-on,” said Lan Yi extremely calmly.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I want to see how far away the peak of the Monarch Level is from the Lord Level.”

Little Fire couldn’t help but laugh after hearing that, while Lan Yi pulled a long face.
Master’s personality… Especially after her enthusiasm was aroused, she was truly…

“Master is right.
I’ll tear that horn off too!”

“Brother Fire…” Lan Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Yun Feng put away the smile on her face, because Yao Man had already attacked.
The dark purple eyes of the Electric Python suddenly glittered and the roar of a beast sounded, shocking the entire sky!

“It’s starting!” Yun Feng shouted in a low voice.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately faced the Electric Python.
Little Fire was extremely excited.
Facing the Lord Level Magic Beast, Little Fire burst into laughter.
Lan Yi could only shake his head helplessly.
The stronger the enemy, the more excited he was.
What should he do?

Yao Man stood there awkwardly and felt the energy that suddenly filled her body.
Even though she knew it was temporary, the feeling of reaching the Lord Level fascinated her! The enjoyment of this power made her extremely delighted, as if everyone was an ant under her feet!

Yao Man’s face was full of smiles.
A feeling of superiority filled her heart.
Nobody was her match.
Nobody could defeat her, who was at the Lord Level! Yao Man waved the wand in her hand gently and a powerful lightning element attacked Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s body flashed quickly, but her cheek was still injured by the lightning element.
A wound appeared and blood flowed out.

Her speed and strength had obviously increased by a level.
Yun Feng estimated in her mind.
Yao Man burst into laughter.
“Too slow! Yun Feng! I see you!” She waved the wand in her hand again and another lightning element attack followed.
Yun Feng dodged again and barely avoided it, but Yao Man’s next attack followed her!

She can already keep up with my speed, Yun Feng concluded.
Yao Man, who had forcibly entered the Lord Level, saw through her.
She couldn’t even see her trajectory just then.
However, Yao Man could see her trajectory extremely clearly right now!

Wind elements surged out of the wand in her hand and Yun Feng’s speed suddenly increased a few times.
With the help of the wind elements, Yun Feng, who originally had an extraordinary physique, was much faster than before.
She could also dodge Yao Man’s attacks.
Lightning elements attacked Yun Feng one after another, but they only hit the empty ground!

“Don’t be like a rat.
You only know how to run!” Yao Man waved her wand fiercely.
Even though she could see Yun Feng’s trajectory clearly, she couldn’t catch Yun Feng’s body when she attacked! A strong sense of anxiety arose in Yao Man’s heart!

The three Magic Beasts in the sky started fighting fiercely again.
Little Fire and Lan Yi weren’t as relaxed as before at all.
The attack of the Electric Python, which had forcibly broken through to the Lord Level, had completely increased by one level.
Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t get close at all.
The lightning attack of the Electric Python became quite fierce!

“F*ck! I can’t get close at all!” Little Fire dodged an attack and jumped in the air.
It wanted to get close, but was blocked by another lightning attack.
Lan Yi’s body wasn’t far away, but it was also blocked.

“Brother Fire, it has already reached the Lord Level by force.
With my speed, I can only get close to it at most.”

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“Do you want me to keep dodging?” Little Fire roared and opened its mouth.
A fiery red elemental ball with a hint of darkness appeared.
“Boom…” It shot out abruptly.
The Electric Python couldn’t react in time and was hit.
However, its body only twitched a few times and it roared furiously.

Lan Yi and Little Fire’s hearts couldn’t help but sink when they saw this scene!

“Brother Fire! The only thing we can do right now is to stall for time! Forcefully reaching the Lord Level is a kind of pain for it! It’ll reveal a weakness sooner or later!” Lan Yi dodged an attack as the wings on his back flapped and a third wing appeared!

“That’s the only way! I’ll definitely tear off its other horn!”

The red and green figures turned into two balls of light and rushed inside.
The battle between the Magic Beasts in the sky became heated again!

This arena battle made people terrified and made their blood boil.
The attack of a multi-element summoner and the sudden advancement to the Lord Level, the excitement of the Magic Beasts in the sky, everything was extremely exciting!

The summoners were fascinated.
Everyone’s heart was pounding.
It was unknown who would win again! Behind the audience, a tall figure slowly walked over.
His black hair covered half of his face and his peach-blossom eyes were shining with a charming luster.
The closer he got to Region A, the more disdain and unwillingness on his face.
When he approached the ring in Region A, surprise flashed through his peach-blossom eyes!

Mo Changge slowly raised his head and saw Yao Man on the ring from afar.
Her superior attitude made the corners of Mo Changge’s mouth curl up in disdain.
“Tsk, she’s indeed using such a dirty trick.
The person she’s fighting with is truly unlucky.”

The battle on the ring was going very fast.
Mo Changge vaguely saw that the person Yao Man was fighting with seemed to be a girl.
After watching for a while, Mo Changge couldn’t help but feel impressed.
Yao Man used a special method to fight with someone at the Lord Level for so long.
That girl wasn’t an ordinary person.

“How rare, how rare.” Mo Changge stood at the back and whispered.
His mind, which didn’t want to stay here at first, also calmed down slowly.
He was interested to see who could win this battle.

With the help of the wind element, Yun Feng’s speed increased a lot on the ring.
Even though she could avoid Yao Man’s attack, this wasn’t a long-term solution! There was indeed a gap between the peak of the Monarch Level and the Lord Level.
Even though the gap was huge, she didn’t believe that she couldn’t break through!

Yao Man’s attack speed couldn’t stop Yun Feng at all.
Even though it didn’t take long for the elements to fuse, Yun Feng didn’t want to use it right now.
It would certainly be best if she could deal with Yao Man in another way! She slowly narrowed her black eyes.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of her advantage, an advantage that nobody could compare to! This body that had been modified by the Array of Life!

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