Lan Yi looked at the boy who squatted down and stared at Little Fire curiously.
Hearing what he said, it couldn’t help but raise its brows.
Little Fire glared at Yan Lei in frustration with its wolf eyes.
If Lan Yi hadn’t said that they couldn’t cause trouble for Yun Feng, Little Fire would have slapped him with its claw.
Ever since that woman ran away in panic last time, it thought that no human beings dared to come again.
It didn’t expect that there would be more and more fearless people.
However, they all learned their lesson.
For example, the three people in front of it stood at the door and talked, but didn’t step in.
They didn’t invade the territory guarded by the two Magic Beasts.

Yan Xiaoshi looked at the lazy but still dangerous Fire Cloud Wolf on the ground and kept shouting in his mind, “Yun Feng has such a contracted Magic Beast.
Damn it, it’s truly awesome!”

“Hey! We’re Yun Feng’s friends.
We’re pharmacists from the Fengyun Empire! Yun Feng must’ve mentioned us!” Yan Xiaoshi wanted to talk to Little Fire.
If Yun Feng was here, he might be able to go up and touch it!

Xia Jingyi stood at the back and was very helpless.
He looked at Yan Xiaoshi’s excited face, but he couldn’t deny that he was also excited in his mind.
The Magic Beast in front of him was such a charming Fire Cloud Wolf! As a boy, the passion and wildness hidden in his heart was gradually aroused!

Shang Rui also watched curiously.
However, she wasn’t looking at Little Fire, but Lan Yi.
Compared to Little Fire, she cared more about Lan Yi.
Why was such a man staying with a Magic Beast? That was Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast.
Was he Yun Feng’s companion?

Lan Yi noticed Shang Rui’s gaze and glanced over with his blue eyes coldly.
Shang Rui couldn’t help but blush and look away.
She was very embarrassed to be caught so blatantly.
Lan Yi turned his gaze to Yan Xiaoshi.
“Master did mention you.”

“Tsk!” Little Fire didn’t even look up and couldn’t be bothered to talk to her! However, Little Fire still gave her face.
If it were anyone else, they would have been shouted at already.

“Master? Did you say Master?” Shang Rui repeated what Lan Yi said with a thunderbolt in her head.
So… this man was also… was also Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast!

Xia Jingyi and Yan Xiaoshi were also shocked.
A Magic Beast! This man wasn’t a human being, but a Magic Beast! “You, you, you’re a Magic Beast!” Yan Xiaoshi pointed at Lan Yi and shouted in shock.
Xia Jingyi couldn’t believe it either and just stared at Lan Yi.

“Master has two contracted Magic Beasts.
Don’t you know?” Little Fire said in an upset tone.
Lan Yi didn’t say anything.
He was already used to the surprised look of humans.
Magic Beasts that transformed into humans had to be above level 7.
Magic Beasts above level 7 should be something new for these pharmacists.

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“We… We know that… We just forgot about it.” Yan Xiaoshi mumbled and then suddenly shouted, “If you’re a Magic Beast, why do you still look like a human?”

Lan Yi glanced over and Little Fire smiled gloatingly.
Let Lan Yi transform into his original form? This place would be ruined!

“My original form can’t fit in here,” said Lan Yi casually.
He explained for the sake of them being Yun Feng’s friends.
Shang Rui secretly sized up the room.
It was very spacious.
Was he even bigger than this Fire Cloud Wolf?

“You mean… this room or… the Pharmaceutical Institute?” Yan Xiaoshi became pedantic at this moment.
Lan Yi glanced at him and didn’t say anything.
Yan Xiaoshi nodded.
“Got it, I got it.
It’s definitely the latter.”

Xia Jingyi was shocked wave after wave in his mind.
This man’s original body couldn’t even fit in the Pharmaceutical Institute! What kind of Magic Beast was that? Yun Feng contracted with such a Magic Beast.
What kind of a powerhouse was Yun Feng?

Shang Rui knew Yun Feng a bit better than the others.
She was already mentally prepared, but she was still shocked.
Looking at Little Fire and Lan Yi in front of her, she only felt that Yun Feng, who originally stood at the peak, became further away again.

“Yun Feng is too awesome! She contracted such powerful Magic Beasts!” Yan Lei smiled happily.
Little Fire and Lan Yi also noticed that these three people were indeed sincere to Yun Feng and they didn’t treat her like they treated other people.
Xia Jingyi really wanted to pull Yan Lei and say that they should go back, but Yan Lei obviously didn’t want to go.

“Hey! What are your names? How do Yun Feng call you?”

Coldness flashed through the eyes of Little Fire and Lan Yi at the same time.
Yun Feng was the only one who could call them by their names.
Nobody else had the right to call them that! Yan Lei sensitively noticed that he seemed to have asked a question he shouldn’t have asked.
He immediately waved his hand.
“You don’t have to answer it.
You don’t have to!”

Xia Jingyi immediately grabbed Yan Lei’s collar and smiled calmly.
“Sorry for disturbing you.
We’ll leave now and tell the other students not to approach this place.” Yan Lei was dragged out by Xia Jingyi just like that.
Shang Rui also followed them.
After the three of them disappeared, Little Fire snorted unhappily.
“Humans are so noisy and meddlesome!”

Lan Yi smiled and looked at the closed door with his black eyes.
The two Magic Beasts both hoped that Yun Feng could come out sooner.
Their life here was actually… quite boring.

The panicked teachers of the Pharmaceutical Institute decided to go to the Pharmacists’ Union for help after a discussion.
When the Pharmacists’ Union heard that an unknown Magic Beast and a man appeared in the director’s office, they were also shocked.
The two elders, Dan Qing and Dan Su, immediately took the initiative to rush over.
When the two elders of the Pharmaceutical Institute arrived, another piece of shocking news came from the Pharmaceutical Institute.
Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beasts were inside!

The teachers of the pharmaceutical school were stunned.
Yun Feng had truly come back? Hearing that, Dan Qing and Dan Su immediately rushed to the director’s office.
The two of them certainly wanted to meet Yun Feng in their minds.
Last time, they wanted to be Yun Feng’s second and third masters, but the director stopped them.
The two of them finally caught this kid, so they certainly wouldn’t let her go.

Of course, Little Fire gave the two of them a strong welcome.
The roar and anger of the Fire Cloud Wolf made the two elders retreat with a bitter smile on their faces.
They forgot that this kid was a summoner and had a Magic Beast.
Dan Qing and Dan Su waited patiently for a while, but Yun Feng didn’t show up and they couldn’t enter.
They had no choice but to leave first.
Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beasts certainly weren’t dangerous and the director should be fine.
When the two elders left, their faces were full of frustration, but there was nothing they could do.

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