Yun Feng shook her head.
“The Fusion Fluid is at the grandmaster level.
I still can’t reach that level right now.”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
She had reached the Master Level in one year.
If Yun Feng could reach the Grandmaster Level just as quickly, it would be too shocking.
Besides, luck and talent weren’t everything on the path of potions.
Hard work was indispensable.

“Your expertise in medicine has improved and your strength has been consolidated.
It seems that we can leave.” Qu Lanyi said with a smile.
Yun Feng nodded.
A year had already passed.
It was time for them to leave the Dragon Palace.

Yun Feng was about to close her eyes, but Qu Lanyi stopped her.
“Even though three years have passed, we can’t be sure.
Call Lan Yi out.”

Yun Feng thought for a moment and felt that it made sense.
She immediately called Lan Yi out.
A beam of green light flashed out of Yun Feng’s green Ring of Contract.
Yun Feng casually put the Ring of Contract back.
She was a summoner who didn’t like to wear the Ring of Contract.

“Lan Yi, we’re going out,” said Yun Feng.
Lan Yi nodded.
He originally wanted Yaoyao to stay in the Dragon Palace, but Yaoyao obviously rejected him.
Considering that the strength of the three of them had increased again, if anything happened, Yaoyao would be safe.
Yun Feng let Yaoyao stay with her.

She slowly closed her black eyes as a ball of light enveloped everyone.
Then, the light disappeared from the spot and the few of them completely disappeared from the Dragon Palace.
In the depths of the Endless Sea, in the darkness, the dragon-shaped jade pendant that had already merged with the other sceneries on the ground suddenly emitted a dazzling light.
Then, the dazzling light flashed from the dragon-shaped jade pendant, illuminating the depths of the darkness.
A few figures suddenly appeared in the light.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant slowly floated from the ground and landed on a tender hand as the light gradually disappeared.

Yun Feng held the dragon-shaped jade pendant in the center of her hand tightly.
When she opened her eyes, what greeted her wasn’t the familiar scene from before, but a bottomless darkness.
Yaoyao carried Yun Feng into her arms and her fishtail patted uneasily.
Meatball cried softly on Yun Feng’s shoulder, but its soft call echoed for a long time.

Yun Feng frowned and flipped her hand.
A ball of bright fire appeared in her palm, and she saw Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi’s confused faces clearly.
“The dragon-shaped jade pendant has moved.
We must be in an unknown place right now.” Yun Feng looked at the area illuminated by the fire.
They were standing on a cold ground with a lot of gravel and soil.
There were clear sounds when they stepped on it.

Lan Yi raised his hand and a strong wind blew, blowing away the layer of roaring stones and soil on the ground.
Even though only a small part of them was blown away, Yun Feng could see clearly that there was a cold black giant stone under the gravel and soil.
The ground they were standing on was also made of this black stone.

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The fireball in Yun Feng’s hand expanded slightly.
Yun Feng raised her hand and looked above her head.
This space was huge and there was also a wall above her head.
It was just an arch.
They were standing at the end of a road and there was no way out.

Yun Feng’s face darkened.
“It seems that we have no choice but to move forward.”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
We can’t go out recklessly, or we’ll cause a collapse or alarm something.”

Lan Yi protected Yun Feng carefully.
This space was strangely quiet.
It was too quiet, as if there was no other life except them.
Yun Feng stroked Yaoyao comfortingly with her hand, and Yaoyao finally calmed down slightly.
Meatball’s big eyes glittered in the darkness.
Suddenly, its little body jumped out.
Yun Feng exclaimed and stopped when Meatball was calling her.
“Nana, nanana!”

Yun Feng followed the voice and walked over.
She raised the fireball in her hand and looked.
Meatball was standing on a round object at this moment, and something was extending out of it.
Meatball cried again.
Yun Feng seemed to understand what it meant.
She put the fireball in her hand on the thing that was extending out.
The fire element spread quickly along that thing and jumped out like a fire snake!

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” A bright fire snake spread quickly along the trajectory and the raging fire also lit up this dark and endless space.
Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi finally saw where they were clearly.
Yun Feng glanced at a certain spot in the middle and her pupils shrank tightly!

A red fire illuminated this area.
This was a wide hall, but some broken walls were very desolate.
The ground was full of gravel and mud.
There was a circle of fire in the middle of the hall.
There was a round bulge in the middle of the wall.
Yun Feng’s fire element surrounded the entire hall with this and lit up.
Apart from some stone pillars and some pedestals, the one in the middle was the most shocking!

Yun Feng stood there in shock.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi also followed Yun Feng’s gaze.
When the two of them saw the center clearly, they had the same expression as Yun Feng! Meatball sat back on Yun Feng’s shoulder and glanced at the center with its big eyes.
It circled a few times and looked at Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms.

“Nana!” Meatball cried out.
Yaoyao stuck her head out suspiciously, not understanding what Meatball was talking about.
However, Yun Feng came back to herself and looked at Yaoyao with her black eyes as an inexplicable emotion rolled in her heart.
“Yaoyao…” Hearing Yun Feng’s call, Yaoyao stuck her body out and put her little arms around Yun Feng’s neck, looking at her with her blue eyes.

Yun Feng slowly touched Yaoyao’s ear fin with her hand and walked over step by step.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi stood there and looked at Yun Feng quietly.
The shock in their minds wasn’t less than Yun Feng’s.
Yun Feng walked forward with Yaoyao in her arms.
Yaoyao’s eyes were full of doubts.
When Yun Feng walked to the middle, she stopped and took Yaoyao out of her arms with a gentle glint in her black eyes.

“Yaoyao, look back.” Yun Feng coaxed softly.
Yaoyao turned around obediently.
When she saw the scene behind her, the pupils in her blue eyes suddenly turned into vertical lines!

Yaoyao’s fishtail swayed a few times.
Yun Feng gently let go of her and let her lean forward.
She watched Yaoyao’s body slowly move up and watched her face slowly stop there.
Directly opposite Yaoyao was a completely black stone statue.
The stone statue was lifelike.
Its upper body was human and there was a pair of fins on its arms, while its lower body was a dragon tail! The dragon scales engraved on the black stone statue seemed to be glittering.
The face of the stone statue was what attracted Yun Feng the most! It was almost exactly the same as Yaoyao’s!

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