“Above the mid-stage of the Monarch Level!” The elders of the Qiu family were all shocked.
Summoners above the mid-stage of the Monarch Level were rare on the West Continent! Apart from those few powerful figures, who else could reach such a level?

“How old is she?” The fourth son of the Qiu family frowned.
What he said attracted everyone’s attention.
Qiu Yan also frowned.
Qiu Shicai’s expression also changed.
“She… is probably no older than twenty.”



All the elders looked nervous.
The elders of the Qiu family all looked at the leader of the Qiu family.
The leader of the Qiu family was also extremely shocked.
She had already reached the mid-stage of the Monarch Level before she was twenty! What kind of talent and speed of advancement was this? She was a genius!


“Brother, even you’re only at the peak of the Monarch Level…” The third son of the Qiu family said in a low voice.
The face of the leader of the Qiu family darkened.
“She should be more than twenty years old.
Perhaps she used some method to retain her young looks.” The second son of the Qiu family said, still not believing it.


“No matter what, she won’t be too old even if she’s not twenty.
Even if she’s as old as Qiu Yan, her talent is still extraordinary.” The fourth son of the Qiu family said with a deep voice.
“Qiu Yan is already a top figure among the younger generation of the Qiu family.
This Yun Feng… is even better.”

“If that’s the case, the Yun family will rise to power sooner or later.”

“Second brother, you’re right.
Even though the Yun family is in the third rank right now, as long as Yun Feng is here, they’ll climb to the first rank sooner or later.”

Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai stood there quietly and listened to the elders’ private discussion.
Qiu Yan also knew clearly in his mind that the Yun family would climb to this position because of Yun Feng sooner or later.
Sooner or later!

“What do you think the Qiu family’s attitude should be right now?” asked the leader of the Qiu family.
Qiu Yan’s eyebrows moved slightly and he didn’t say anything.
The other elders of the Qiu family pondered again.
“The Yun family is a rising star.
Even if they climb to the position of a first-rank family, they need some help.”

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“Although the Qiu family has already existed for two to three hundred years of time, we’re still young compared to the other first-rank families.
It’ll be another story if we can rope in the Yun family.”

“A newborn calf isn’t afraid of a tiger.
Isn’t the Yun family this fierce calf?”

“The Yun family is currently in the area under our jurisdiction.
If we give them more care and use small favors to exchange for future rewards, it’ll be worth it.”

The leader of the Qiu family listened to the discussion of the other brothers and pondered in silence.
“Brother, what do you think?”

The leader of the Qiu family raised his eyebrows and glanced at Qiu Yan standing below.
“Qiu Yan, what do you think?”

The third son of the Qiu family couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous when he heard his brother ask his son.
Qiu Yan chuckled.
“Uncle-Masters, you’re right.
The Yun family hasn’t shown its strength yet.
We discovered it before anyone else did.
This is an advantage.
The Qiu family has always needed help.
Even though the Yun family’s attitude is vague, we must repay them for their kindness, whether they’re willing or not.”

The leader of the Qiu family nodded.
“In that case, help the Yun family secretly and don’t do anything too drastic.
As I expected, Yun Feng will definitely shine during the summoner convention in four years.
By then, the Yun family will appear in front of everyone.”


The Qiu family’s plan was great, but the Yun family would never be someone else’s vassal.
The Yun family wasn’t far from a first-rank family.
Yun Feng wanted to raise the Yun family to an even higher position and make them their own master!

Qiu Yan and Qiu Shi had just left the Yun family, and the busy scene in front of the Yun family’s door naturally disappeared.
Yun Luochen had always exclaimed that those people were all powerful people.
Xia Qing had suddenly calmed down a lot after crying that day, as if she suddenly understood something.
Yun Feng thought she still needed some time to calm down, but Xia Qing seemed to have returned to normal the next day.

Little Fire had also returned to normal after that night, but it was much more distant from Xia Qing.
Xia Qing would still call Little Fire Brother, but her tone was also polite and cold.
The distance between the two of them became unfamiliar and subtle.
Yun Feng had a headache, but she didn’t say anything.

Everyone could tell that something was wrong with the two of them, but no one dared to say anything.
Yun Luochen had been by Xia Qing’s side these days, talking to her and making her laugh.
Xia Qing gradually returned to her cheerful and smiling self.
Little Fire was still as fiery as before.
It said things that only the two of them could understand to Meatball.
Little Fire was so angry that it exploded every time, while Meatball wiggled its butt at it proudly.
With Meatball around, Little Fire seemed to have forgotten about Xia Qing.

However, Yun Feng would see Little Fire standing in the corner and looking at Xia Qing’s back for a while, before it turned around and left.

After staying in the Yun family in Jushui Town for a few days, Yun Tianfan told Yun Tianfan about the happy event of the Yun family on the East Continent.
Hearing that the Yun family had another descendant, Yun Tianfan was naturally very happy and praised Yun Feng for giving Yun Qingchen a good name.
Yun Luochen also interrupted.
How similar was Yun Feng’s sullen father, Yun Jing, to Yun Tianfan?

The twenty-five Yun Army soldiers who came to the West Continent with Yun Feng came out of the Dragon Palace.
When these twenty-five Commander Level Yun Army soldiers appeared in front of Yun Tianfan, Yun Tianfan couldn’t help but feel a bit dumbfounded.
Twenty-five Commander Level guards, Yun Tianfan had never dared to think about such a lineup in the past.

The twenty-five soldiers of the Yun Army called Yun Tianfan the leader of the Yun family in unison.
When they arrived on the West Continent, Yun Tianfan would certainly be the leader of the Yun family.
Yun Tianfan was shocked by the title of leader.
Yun Feng explained that this was a necessary help for the development of the Yun family.
With these soldiers here, she could go do other things at ease.
With them protecting the Yun family, even if something really happened, they could hold on until she came back.

Yun Tianfan accepted it with a slightly heavy heart.
He felt that Yun Feng had done too much for the Yun family of Jushui Town.
She wasn’t a direct descendant of the Yun family of the West Continent, but she did her best.
Yun Tianfan couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart, and Yun Feng said the same thing.
As long as her surname was Yun, she was a member of the Yun family.
There was no difference!

The twenty-five soldiers of the Yun Army followed Yun Feng’s instruction and suppressed their strength to around level 7.
After all, a third-rank family with such an eye-catching guard would cause trouble.
When the status of the Yun family increased, these soldiers certainly wouldn’t have to suppress themselves.

After the baptism of the Bone Changing Potion, these twenty-five soldiers of the Yun Army had cultivated much faster than others.
Yun Feng wasn’t worried about their increase in strength, but it was time to change the weapons of these soldiers.

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