A glint flashed through Xia Jingyi’s eyes.
“You’re indeed a young genius.
Nobody can compare to you.”

Yun Feng smiled casually and glared at Qu Lanyi.
Mind your own business! Qu Lanyi smiled back at Yun Feng.
He didn’t want his wife’s glorious performance to be tainted at all.
Besides, he was telling the truth.

“That’s great! With Yun Feng here, we don’t have to suffer the humiliation of those bastards anymore! We can finally hold our heads high!” Yan Xiaoshi shouted rather heroically.
The others immediately cheered.
Yun Feng frowned.
Was she accidentally involved in something?

“The humiliation?” Shang Rui asked in confusion.
Yan Xiaoshi scratched his head again.
“I forgot that you still don’t know the current situation.
At the moment, the students of the Pharmaceutical Institute are gathered in their own empires.
The students of each empire live together.
They’re quite united, but the conflicts between the empires are getting bigger and bigger.
The students of the Pharmaceutical Institute who can enter the advanced level are regarded as the glory of their empires, but fortunately, they’re evenly matched.”

“If they’re evenly matched, why were you bullied?”

Yan Xiaoshi sighed helplessly.
“Although they’re evenly matched, there’s still a difference.
The difference lies in the advanced three-star level.”

Yun Feng remained silent.
There was only one advanced three-star student in this Pharmaceutical Institute.
This person’s empire must be superior.

“The advanced three-star student is from the Cashya Empire.
Those bastards of the Cashya Empire strutted around every day, especially to the Fengyun Empire.
Their attitude…” Yan Xiaoshi said with anger in his eyes.
The others were also indignant.
The Cashya Empire and the Fengyun Empire had quite a grudge.
Everyone knew about Yun Feng’s earth-shattering incident in the Cashya Empire.

Besides, the only summoner of the Cashya Empire died because of Yun Feng, and the emperor of the Cashya Empire was gone.
Other people didn’t know the twists and turns.
They only knew what was on the surface.
Although the Cashya Empire didn’t attack the Fengyun Empire, it didn’t mean that they would swallow their anger.

So, when they could suppress the Fengyun Empire fair and square, Cashya wouldn’t let go of this opportunity, especially in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
The advanced three-star student came from Cashya, and the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire happened to have an excuse to suppress the Fengyun Empire.

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“However, this situation will be completely changed from today on! Yun Feng, you’re here! I’d like to see if those bastards are still showing off!” Yan Lei burst into laughter.
Everyone burst into laughter.
How satisfying!

“Don’t forget that I’m just an advanced one-star,” said Yun Feng casually.
Yan Xiaoshi didn’t care.
“What are you afraid of? With your speed, it’s only a matter of time before you surpass an advanced three-star pharmacist!”

Yun Feng frowned.
She didn’t come to the Pharmaceutical Institute to suppress anyone, nor did she want the Fengyun Empire to succeed.
She had her own things to do.
How would she have the time and energy to care about this?

“Long live Yun Feng!” Yan Xiaoshi shouted again.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched.
This Yan Xiaoshi was indeed noisy, extremely noisy!

Yun Feng’s arrival stirred up a storm in the already eventful Pharmaceutical Institute.
The Fengyun Empire’s side knew about it, and so did the other three empires.
Yun Feng’s arrival made the three empires a bit angry, especially the Cashya Empire.
What kind of person was Yun Feng? If she also reached the advanced three-star level or even stronger, those bastards of the Fengyun Empire would laugh their heads off!

However, these were just worries about the future.
For now, the ranks of geniuses in the Pharmaceutical Institute wouldn’t change much because of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng knew very well that she still didn’t know anything about potions.
She only used a special method, which had its limits.
If she couldn’t break through, she could only wander around.

The night in the Pharmaceutical Institute wasn’t peaceful.
Soon, the sun rose the next day.
Qu Lanyi was free to go in and out because of the director’s special instruction, but he could only follow Yun Feng and couldn’t go alone.
Qu Lanyi was certainly happy to follow this rule.

The places where the pharmacists had classes were also separated.
The two rows of low houses with only one floor and many rooms were where the pharmacists studied.
The intermediate level and the advanced level were separated.
The intermediate level was on the left and the advanced level was on the right.
There were also differences between the one-star and three-star areas.
There were a few rooms in each of the three different areas with different functions.

Yan Xiaoshi and Xia Jingyi were respectively at the advanced level of one-star and two-star, which was the same as Yun Feng.
As a study companion, Qu Lanyi was naturally with them.
The other people of the Fengyun Empire were all at the intermediate level, which showed that it was very difficult to reach the advanced level.

Walking to the row of small houses on the right, Xia Jingyi smiled.
“I’ll go first.” Yan Xiaoshi waved his arm in delight.
Yun Feng looked at the end of the house.
This row was quite long.

“Yun Feng, let’s go! With your strength, you’ll be able to reach the end soon!” Yan Xiaoshi chuckled and showed his white teeth again.
Yan Xiaoshi’s personality was actually quite similar to Ze Ran’s.
Ze Ran was the sunny type.
Yan Xiaoshi… maybe, the crazy type.
He also liked to smile and was very lively, but he was too much.

Yun Feng followed Yan Xiaoshi into the room at the front of the row of houses.
The classroom was very spacious.
When the two of them entered, there were already two people sitting there.
When they saw Yun Feng, they sized her up with a piercing gaze.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen anyone great?” Yan Xiaoshi’s tone was very harsh.
What he said was also very provocative.
Yun Feng immediately understood that these two people should be from the Cashya Empire.
Cashya had two of the six people.
The Fengyun Empire was indeed a bit weak.

“Humph!” Perhaps because Yun Feng was here, those two people only grunted and didn’t say anything else.
Yan Xiaoshi exhaled through his nose.
“Did you see that? With you here, those bastards don’t even dare to speak.”

Yun Feng didn’t comment.
She didn’t want to be involved in this matter at all, but she probably couldn’t control herself right now.
As an iconic figure of the Fengyun Empire, even though she didn’t think so herself, everyone thought so.
It was impossible for her to cut ties with them.

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