The unexpected smoothness and unexpected speed surprised the supervising teacher.
Yun Feng might be the first pharmacist who got the junior three-star qualification in just a few minutes.
The reason why Yun Feng didn’t do anything during the intermediate exam was that she was wondering if this method could be used in the intermediate exam.
After sensing for a while, Yun Feng confirmed that even though the strength of the elements became weaker, it was still effective.

She made it according to her own method.
This process made it easy for Yun Feng.
She didn’t need to know anything else.
She only needed to close her eyes and feel the elemental attributes released by these materials under the scorching fire carefully.
According to these elemental attributes, Yun Feng put them together perfectly like she was putting together a picture.
This was something impossible for other people, but for Yun Feng, who was already quite familiar with the fusion of elements, this impossible thing was a piece of cake.

In Yun Feng’s eyes, creating potions was the process of fusing multiple elements continuously and finally reaching perfection!

Yun Feng was probably the first person in history who had such a thought.
There were mages among the pharmacists, but the materials used to make potions had weak elemental attributes.
This wasn’t something ordinary people could sense, not to mention there were many elements.
If Yun Feng didn’t have the perception ability of five elements, she certainly wouldn’t be able to do this.

Yun Feng looked at the potion in front of her and pondered in her mind.
Compared to the materials for making low-level potions, the elemental sensitivity of the mid-level materials was obviously lower.
So on and so forth.
The higher the level, the weaker the elemental attributes of the materials.
If she could think of a way to stimulate the elemental attributes, it would be even easier to make potions.

Yun Feng looked at the second potion.
Every candidate in the intermediate exam had three potions, which were the formulas of one-star to three-star potions.
If they could successfully make a three-star potion, they would be qualified to continue the advanced exam!

Yun Feng picked up the second formula and looked at it carefully.
Another ball of fire was created and the materials were put in again.
Then, she slowly closed her eyes and started making again.
Dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded.
The candidate not far away from Yun Feng was already completely dumbfounded.
He stared at the first bottle of medicine Yun Feng made.
It was a perfect level!

Shang Rui only felt a bit dizzy.
She managed to collect herself and focus on her creation.
Then, she found that the teacher was standing next to her, and the teacher was obviously dumbfounded too.
Shang Rui smiled wryly.
She had intended to tease her, but the opposite happened.
Was Yun Feng a monster?

The abnormality of the supervising teacher immediately attracted the attention of other students.
Some students wanted the supervising teacher to pay attention to them.
Some students looked up and found that the supervising teacher was standing there and staring in a certain direction.
They also looked over.
When they saw Yun Feng’s corner, they were all shocked!

Yun Feng closed her eyes and didn’t notice that most of the audience’s attention had already been focused on her.
This inconspicuous corner had already become the center of attention! When Yun Feng made the third bottle of mid-level three-star potion, she raised her black eyes and found that everyone was looking at her like she was a monster.
Many people’s faces were completely distorted.

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Yun Feng smiled gently and looked at the teacher who had been standing there for a long time.
“I’m done.”

“Gasp…” The teacher gasped and came back to himself.
He walked to Yun Feng and picked up the three bottles of potions.
The more he looked at them, the more anxious he became.
There was uncontrollable excitement deep in his black eyes! All the candidates who were taking the exam held their breath and focused.
The teacher slowly put down the three bottles of potions in his hand.
“Candidate, you can participate in the advanced exam.”

“Gasp…” There was another gasp.
Yun Feng nodded and walked out of the door of the intermediate exam under everyone’s surprised gaze.
After Yun Feng left, the scene was completely chaotic.
The teacher stood there and looked at the three bottles of potions on Yun Feng’s table.
Although these three bottles of potions were at the intermediate level, their qualities were all perfect!

Yun Feng walked out of the door of the intermediate exam.
The intermediate gatekeeper was stunned for a moment.
She came out again after going in for more than ten minutes? Yun Feng walked out calmly and turned right, walking towards the advanced red carpet.
The intermediate gatekeeper was dumbfounded.
He watched Yun Feng pass the qualification verification of the advanced level and enter the door of the advanced exam.

Someone stuck his head out again.
“Are you sure? She just went in for the intermediate exam for less than ten minutes!”

The senior gatekeeper stood there with a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.
“Brother, I didn’t see it wrong.
Intermediate level, three-star, absolutely.”

“Fuck! What the hell? That’s inhuman speed!”

Yun Feng’s speed certainly aroused the curiosity of the people outside.
“Didn’t that little girl just go in? Why did she come out so quickly?”

“Yeah, I just saw her enter.
She seemed to have come out the moment she entered the elementary level.
She directly entered the intermediate level and now, she’s at the advanced level…”

“Did she enter the wrong door?”

“Is she here for a tour…”

There was a heated discussion.
There were all kinds of ridiculous guesses.
Qu Lanyi stood against the wall with Yaoyao.
The appearance of the two of them attracted a lot of attention.
Some girls fell in love with him at first sight, but didn’t dare to go forward.
Qu Lanyi emitted an aura that forbade people from approaching, and the existence of Yaoyao made the young girls flinch.

Seeing Yun Feng enter the door of the advanced exam, Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
This smile made the girl, who was observing him secretly, even more fascinated.
Qu Lanyi lowered his head and touched Yaoyao’s hair with his big hand.
“Yaoyao, your mother is indeed extraordinary.”

Yaoyao looked up at Qu Lanyi and didn’t say anything.
The girls in the dark were immediately heartbroken.
No way.
Such a young man had a child!

Yun Feng pushed open the door of the advanced exam.
The space inside wasn’t as big as the previous two exam halls.
There were only four candidates inside.
When Yun Feng walked in, the people inside all had the same surprised expression.

“A new face?”

The difference between the advanced exam venue and the previous two exam venues was that there were four teachers who seemed to be supervising the exam.
One of them said in surprise.
Yun Feng nodded and knew why these people were so surprised.
It was partly because she was a stranger, and partly because she was young.

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