Chapter 687 Those Who Are Unconvinced, Come Up and Fight (3)

Gitte’s eyes suddenly darkened, but he didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng slowly released her hand and looked around.
Her cold voice was full of suppressed anger.
“You can talk about me, but if you defame my family, die!”

Everybody was shocked!

There was a moment of silence as everyone’s hearts were held tightly by a pair of hands at this moment.
Then, they suddenly let go! Hot blood rushed to everyone’s head just like that!

“F*ck the Red Maple Mercenary Team, you dare to kill one of us!”

“Yun Feng! This is Ovey, not the Fengyun Empire!”

“So what if you’re Yun Feng? Do you think we’re afraid of the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

“Fight me if you have the guts.
Come on!”

The mercenaries’ emotions were immediately stirred to the highest point.
It didn’t matter that a person died in the eyes of these mercenaries who were used to seeing blood.
However, they couldn’t accept the death in such an occasion, in front of everyone, and in Yun Feng’s hands!

Their eyes were a bit red because of the anger, and they immediately roared furiously! As long as President Gitte gave the order, these mercenaries would probably swarm forward! Yun Feng looked at the thousands of mercenaries below with a cold face.
Her expression didn’t change, and the coldness in her eyes didn’t change! If she went back in time, she would attack and kill that guy all the same! Her family would always be Yun Feng’s reverse scale.
She couldn’t let anyone touch or humiliate them!

Muqing didn’t expect things to take a turn.
Yun Feng attacked without any warning and so quickly! She was undoubtedly declaring war on the Ovey Mercenary Union in such an occasion and time! Muqing’s face darkened slightly, but he didn’t say anything.
He was just a bystander in this matter from the beginning.
He didn’t really care how Yun Feng did.

The Vice President on the side was about to rush over when Yun Feng killed the man, but he was trapped by an invisible force! Qu Lanyi glanced back indifferently, and the Vice President shivered.
President Gitte certainly noticed Qu Lanyi’s movement and knew that this man wasn’t easy to deal with! When Qu Lanyi stopped the Vice President, Zhao Yan dashed forward and stood in front of Yun Feng.
He roared at the mercenaries below with a red face, “F*ck! If you want to fight, come to me, Zhao Yan! The business of the Red Maple Mercenary Team has nothing to do with my Lady! I’m the son of the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
If you’re angry, go to the right person!”

The mercenaries were stirred again.
Zhao Yan’s appearance made Yun Feng even colder.
“Go back!” Yun Feng ordered, but Zhao Yan didn’t give in at all.
He just stood next to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng gritted her teeth.
“Let me say it again.
Go back!”

“I’m not going back!” Zhao Yan also gritted his teeth and said with an extremely stubborn expression.
Yun Feng waved her hand and abruptly threw Zhao Yan’s body behind her back.
Zhao Yan fell on the chair in a mess.
Yun Feng waved her hand and Zhao Yan was tied to the chair.
He could only sit there no matter how hard he struggled.

“Yun Feng!” Zhao Yan shouted anxiously, but Yun Feng didn’t look at him anymore.
She turned around and looked at the passionate mercenaries.
Yun Feng remained silent.
Seeing the scene, President Gitte couldn’t control himself and said in a deep voice, “Yun Feng, are you provoking us? That person was indeed a bit excessive, but you were too ruthless.” Gitte’s words spread to the audience.
All the mercenaries were shouting crazily, “President! Teach her a lesson!”

“Let her know that the Ovey Mercenary Union isn’t easy to mess with!”

“Get the Red Maple Mercenary Team out of Ovey!”

Shouts echoed throughout the venue.
Qu Lanyi curled his lips in disdain.
Zhao Yan, who was anxious on the chair, could only sit like this.
Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
“If you humiliate the Yun family, die! That’s my principle.” Her indifferent voice spread to everyone’s ears.
The domineeringness and arrogance in her voice made the mercenaries a bit startled.
If the Yun family truly had terrible moral conduct, Yun Feng wouldn’t say anything if someone insulted them.
However, the members of the Yun family were all upright and righteous.
Yun Feng certainly wouldn’t let anyone insult them!

“You have your own principles, and so do we here,” Gitte said with a sullen face.
Yun Feng laughed and looked down with her black eyes burning.
“If that’s the case, I won’t say anything.” She jumped and landed on the ring in the middle of the arena.
Her slim body stood there, but it gave people an oppressive vibe!

“I, Yun Feng, am here.
Those who don’t like me, those who are dissatisfied, those who want to provoke, those who want to fight, all can come up!” What Yun Feng said made everyone completely quiet.
Who dared to say this in the Mercenary Union? Who dared to issue a challenge to thousands of mercenaries? Who dared to go up the ring alone like this? This wasn’t any other place.
This was the world of mercenaries!

“Swish, swish, swish, swish!” As soon as Yun Feng said that, a few people had already stepped on the ring.
They all glared at Yun Feng.
Seeing that, Gitte also understood what Yun Feng meant.
He immediately waved his hand.
“If you want to fight, we’ll do as you wish!”

The level assessment hadn’t started yet, but another battle that made people’s blood boil had already begun!

Yun Feng was standing alone on the ring, and there were five to six strong men opposite her.
There was an inexplicable killing intent on their faces.
The way Yun Feng killed the man here just then undoubtedly gave them a resounding slap!

“You’ve been hiding for three days.
That’s quite surprising.” One of them said with disdain and then sneered.
“Are you trying to suffer because of your pride?”

Yun Feng smiled.
She knew the consequences of attacking.
She knew that this action would arouse everyone’s anger and she certainly knew what she had to face! If she wanted to resolve the conflict between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the mercenary groups of the empires, she must be stronger than them! When conflicts were involved, the two sides of the conversation were never equal.
Whoever suppressed the other party would be the winner.
And Yun Feng had to be the winner! The first thing she had to do was to awe these mercenaries!

“Cut the crap with her! We’ll have an assessment after we deal with her!” said the other person patiently.
The few of them immediately lit up their weapons and unleashed their fighting energy.
With a roar, they all lunged at Yun Feng and raised the weapons in their hands, smashing them with all their strength!

Their attacks blocked Yun Feng’s every angle.
She couldn’t escape even if she were a bird!

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