Chapter 676 She’s Back (3)

The two soldiers waved the spears in their hands and the three men also took out their weapons.
Both parties were enraged.
When they were about to fight, a cool voice appeared like water.
“In my opinion, there’s no need to fight.”

Both parties turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing there with a handsome young man next to her.
The girl was holding another little girl in her arms.
The little girl was extremely beautiful too.
The fluffy thing on the girl’s shoulder made both parties gasp!

Yun Feng pushed Meatball with her finger and didn’t say anything.
She walked over slowly and the two soldiers chuckled.
“Look, this little girl understands the truth.
Call me grandpa and I’ll let you go!”

Yun Feng raised her head.
“You’re mistaken.
I was talking to them.”

The soldier was stunned.
The three men of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng in confusion.
“It’s beneath our dignity to fight with them.
After all, this is Ovey’s territory.
We have to be careful.” Even though Yun Feng looked like a teenage girl, the three men all obeyed her unconsciously.
When the three of them nodded unconsciously, they were all a bit surprised.
What was wrong with them? Why were they so obedient to a little girl?

“You’re also from the Red Maple Mercenary Team?” asked a soldier suspiciously.
“Who cares if she is or not? She’s on the side of the Red Maple Mercenary Team right now!” Another soldier yelled a bit furiously.

Yun Feng smiled.
Everything had to be reasonable.
“Is it a rule in Ovey that they have to call you grandpa before entering the city? According to your logic, you should call me grandma when you leave the city, right?”

The three people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but feel amused after hearing that.
Qu Lanyi also smiled helplessly.
The two soldiers immediately blushed.
“What grandpa and grandma? Why should I call you grandma when you’re out of the city?”

“If that’s the case, why must I call you grandpa when I enter the city?”

“That’s… Humph! Even so, the Red Maple Mercenary Team can’t come in!” The soldier suddenly thought of something and said loudly with confidence.

“Why can’t we go in? Don’t think we don’t know that you’re looking for trouble!” Yun Feng and the others roared.
It seemed that Ovey’s soldiers had been looking for trouble with the Red Maple Mercenary Team for a long time.

“Looking for trouble? The Red Maple Mercenary Team has caused enough trouble for Ovey! Ovey’s important figure is in the city right now.
Of course, we have to be on guard! Do you understand that? People who aren’t from Ovey can’t enter! Not even rats!”

“You…” The three members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but feel enraged again.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I wonder who this ‘important’ figure is?”

“Humph! This big shot is a rare genius on the East Continent! He advanced to the Commander Level in just one year.
He’s the genius that Ovey is proud of!”

“Pfft…” The three people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team laughed again.
“Genius? Commander Level? I’m really amused.
He doesn’t deserve to be called a genius that’s rarely seen in a hundred years!”

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team! Don’t think that your Young Lady is a genius.
Where is she? She’s been gone from the East Continent silently for a year! They said she went to the West Continent, but I don’t believe it! She was probably torn apart by the Magic Beasts when she crossed that mountain range.
There wasn’t even any residue left! All of you look extremely proud.
She’s already gone.
What’s there to be proud of?”

Yun Feng listened quietly about her being missing for a year.
The woman that they thought were missing happened to be standing here!

“How dare you insult the Young Lady!” The three members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were immediately enraged.
Even though they had never seen the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, they knew her story very well.
Back then, it was the Young Lady who led the Red Maple Mercenary Team into the four-star mercenary group! Without the Young Lady, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wouldn’t be where it was today! The Young Lady was the pillar of the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Goddess of the Red Maple Mercenary Team! They could be insulted, but they wouldn’t let anyone insult the Young Lady!

“I said that, so what? Our Ovey’s genius is the real genius! If your Young Lady doesn’t like it, you can come and have a contest! She can come!” The two soldiers laughed loudly.
The three people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t hold it in anymore.
Their fighting energy burst out and they had already swung their weapons!

Yun Feng raised her hand slightly, and the two soldiers who were laughing suddenly froze.
They tried to close their mouths, but to no avail! They could only look around with their eyes wide open.
When they saw the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth, both of them broke out in cold sweat! The three soldiers of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were blocked by an invisible force.
A gentle force neutralized their attacks.
Yun Feng was already standing in front of the three of them.
A strange feeling surged in the hearts of the three soldiers of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
They had an inexplicable trust in this girl!

The two soldiers were frozen, and their mouths were wide open.
The muscles in their jaws were probably sore and weak, but they could only maintain this movement.
Their eyes were even watery.
Yun Feng walked over with a smile.
“Guys, who’s that young genius? May I have the honor to know his name?”

Yun Feng said with a smile.
The two soldiers could only blink their eyes desperately.
Yun Feng moved her finger gently and the two of them suddenly shut their mouths.
The sides of their chins were extremely sore.
“You… You…” The two soldiers looked at Yun Feng and were a bit stumped.
Qu Lanyi casually said, “Our patience is limited.”

“Just… just say it! Ye, it’s Young Master Muqing!”

Yun Feng suddenly smiled when she heard this name.
Muqing? So, it’s the old friend.
She didn’t expect that he would advance to the Commander Level in just one year.
It was indeed surprising.
It wouldn’t be wrong to call him a genius.

“Humph! He can’t compare to the Young Lady at all!” The three people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team said gloomily.
The two soldiers were about to retort, but they quickly shut their mouths again.
They didn’t dare to say anything, fearing that Yun Feng would make them unable to close their mouths again.

“Please tell Muqing that his old friend is here to visit him.” Yun Feng said something that shocked everyone with a smile.
The two soldiers opened their mouths again.
The three people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were also shocked!

“W-Who are you? How can you meet Young Master Muqing so easily?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Tell him that Yun Feng is here to visit.”

The two soldiers guarding the door couldn’t close their mouths at all this time.
One of the three members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team suddenly widened his eyes! There were tears in his eyes.
The other two soldiers were a bit confused.
They didn’t understand what was going on when they saw the extremely excited person.
“What’s wrong with you?”

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