Chapter 672 Going Home (3)

After Yan Che disappeared, Xia Qing took a few deep breaths.
She had been holding herself back just then.
The pressure that Yan Che exuded made Xia Qing very uncomfortable.
If she didn’t grit her teeth and hold on, she really wouldn’t have made it.
Xia Qing sat on the ground with a pale face and tiny beads of sweat on her face.
Thinking of what Yan Che said, Xia Qing felt a little cold.
Yun Feng was her only teacher!

“Qingqing, what’s wrong?” Lan Yi’s warm voice sounded next to her.
He helped Xia Qing up with his big hands.
Xia Qing shook her head and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

Lan Yi only frowned slightly and didn’t ask further.
After Yun Feng left, he and Little Fire stayed here not only to take good care of the Yun family, but also to take care of Yun Feng’s only disciple, Xia Qing.
“Are you still not going to contract that flower hawk?” asked Lan Yi.
Xia Qing chuckled.
She wanted to contract it in front of Yun Feng, but Yun Feng left in a hurry, and Xia Qing didn’t have time to do so.

“I originally wanted to let my master see it, ha… I’ll contract it as soon as possible.”

Lan Yi nodded and touched Xia Qing’s head.
“Brother Lan Yi, where’s Brother Little Fire?”

At the mention of Little Fire, Lan Yi frowned again.
“Brother Fire is outside.
Hell come back sooner or later.
Don’t worry.” Lan Yi looked at Xia Qing with his blue eyes, taking in the loneliness that flashed past the little girl’s face.
A solid wall seemed to have been erected between Little Fire and Xia Qing during this period of time.
The harmony between them was already gone, like two strangers.
Little Fire didn’t tease Xia Qing anymore.
It didn’t stay in the Yun family for long.
Most of the time, it wandered outside.

Xia Qing sighed helplessly.
She didn’t know what exactly happened.
What happened? She was still so happy with Brother Little Fire that night and she was still riding on him.
However, everything changed when she woke up.
The Little Fire from before was gone, completely gone.

“Qingqing,” said Lan Yi thoughtfully.
Xia Qing looked up and waited for Lan Yi to speak.
“If, I mean if…”

“If what?”

Looking at Xia Qing’s clear eyes, Lan Yi suddenly couldn’t say anything.
He stopped talking and couldn’t say anything anymore.
“Nothing.” Lan Yi smiled and rubbed Xia Qing’s head with his hand.
The wings on his back spread out abruptly, as if a kind of inexplicable emotion surged up.
Lan Yi spread his wings and left.
Xia Qing stood on the spot in a daze.
Lan Yi’s words kept lingering in his mind.
What did he want to say?

Yun Feng directly put Yun Luochen into the Dragon Palace and had to travel at full speed.
Yun Luochen, who was only at level 7, didn’t have the ability to fly.
It was also very dangerous to cross the mountain range.
The Dragon Palace was the safest place.
Yun Feng had been frowning along the way.
She held Yaoyao in her arms and Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Qu Lanyi followed her and observed Yun Feng for a long time.
Finally, he said, “Are you worried?”

Yun Feng turned around slightly and smiled when she saw the worry in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
“I’m not worried about anything.”

Qu Lanyi leaned over and held Yun Feng’s hand, holding her slightly cold little hand.
“The Yun family of the West Continent has Little Fire and Lan Yi.
They’ll be fine.” Yun Feng nodded.
Even if the Li family and the Shi family did anything, there was nothing to be afraid of.
She didn’t have to worry at all.
“Qingqing won’t be in danger.
Don’t forget that she’s a summoner too.” Yun Feng chuckled.
She was indeed a bit worried about Xia Qing.
Although her strength had increased, her combat experience was zero.
However, with Little Fire and Lan Yi, she wouldn’t be in danger.
That was the reason why she went to the East Continent so peacefully.

“Are you worried about the situation on the East Continent? That president of the Magic Union? Or are you worried about why he went there?” Qu Lanyi said indifferently, but his voice directly floated to the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and her face became a bit cold.

“You also know what the gods’ relics represent.”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
He and Ao Jin had seen the words on the door with their own eyes.
Yun! Only the door that Yun Feng could enter meant something.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin certainly knew what it meant.

“If it was just a coincidence that he went there, so be it.” Yun Feng’s deep voice came out.
Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows slightly.
“What if it wasn’t a coincidence?”

“If it wasn’t a coincidence, I would ask for a lot more from him than just Mu Canghai.” Yun Feng looked cold when she said that.
There were too many possibilities.
All of them might be related to the Yun family’s ancient secret.
Why did the mysterious president of the Magic Union come to the Western Continent? That was the most unbelievable!

“Of course you have to ask what you need to know.
However, if Uncle and Brother see your face, they’ll be worried.” His warm fingers slowly rubbed Yun Feng’s eyebrows.
“The Yun family is going to have a new life.
If you go back with this expression, you’ll scare that kid.”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly as her expression finally relaxed.
She came back this time to celebrate the little life Mu Xiaojin was giving birth to.
This was the continuation of the bloodline of the Yun family.
She really shouldn’t go back with such an expression.
Her father and brother would definitely be extremely worried when they saw her.
This should be a happy moment.
As for the things that should be worrying, she should bear them alone.

“You’re right.
I should be happier.” Yun Feng smiled.
Qu Lanyi suddenly pulled Yun Feng into her arms.
Yaoyao was shocked.
Meatball gnashed its teeth in dissatisfaction.
Qu Lanyi put his arms around Yun Feng’s waist and held her in his arms.
The two of them were still flying in the air.
The wind blew again and again.
Qu Lanyi lowered her head and put it next to Yun Feng’s ear.
Warm air directly blew into her ears.

“Don’t shoulder everything yourself.
You still have me.”

Yun Feng slowly raised her head.
There was an intoxicating gentleness in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
Yun Feng stared at him for a few seconds.
“The wind was too loud just then.
What did you say?”

Qu Lanyi’s face stiffened and the corners of his mouth twitched.
Was there a man more unlucky than him in this world? It was supposed to be a moment of warmth and love, but the woman he loved suddenly said that.
It was too depressing!

“Nothing.” Qu Lanyi gnashed his teeth and turned his face to the other side.
She must be one of the least romantic people!

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