Chapter 669 Invisible (5)

Shi Caihua’s face was completely pale.
Master Shi couldn’t help but feel anxious.
“Caihua, what’s wrong?”

“Miss Shi, are you still insisting that this child is Yun Luochen’s?”

“The child in her womb belongs to Yun Luochen, of course.
Caihua…” Before Master Shi could finish, Shi Caihua had already fallen on the ground with shaking legs.
Master Shi immediately understood something after seeing this and his face immediately darkened.
“Bastard, you bastard!”

“Father… I didn’t have a choice…” Shi Caihua was full of tears and couldn’t stop crying.
Master Shi knew that he had truly lost face this time.
He had completely thrown his face into his pants!

“Goodbye!” The Master of the Shi family immediately dragged Shi Caihua out.
Qu Lanyi didn’t forget to add, “I’ll have to trouble the Master of the Shi family to explain the news circulating outside.” The Master of the Shi family trembled abruptly and quickly dragged Shi Caihua out.
Yun Tianfan was relieved.
If Qu Lanyi wasn’t here, the Yun family would really have married Shi Caihua.

“Brother Qu, thank you so much.” Yun Tianfan raised his hand at Qu Lanyi, who smiled.
“It’s my family business.
You don’t have to thank


This sentence made Yun Tianfan stunned.
“Your family business… Are you also a member of the Yun family?”.

Qu Lanyi burst into laughter.
“Well… I will be, sooner or later.”

The news of Shi Caihua’s pregnancy spread like wildfire, and the Shi family hit themselves with the rock.
They couldn’t take back the news they spread even if they wanted to.
They couldn’t smooth things over either.
After all, Shi Caihua was really pregnant.
They were supposed to abort the baby in her belly secretly and then claim that it was a miscarriage.
However, some people from the Li family came to them.

The Li family, which had been demoted to an unranked family, had a tough life.
After all, there was a huge gap between level 3 and the unranked.
However, when the news of Shi Caihua’s pregnancy spread, Li Zhong’s eyes glittered.
The child in Shi Caihua’s stomach was his! The Li family found the Shi family as if they had found a life-saving straw after hearing the news.
Naturally, the Shi family wouldn’t admit it.
However, the news that the father of the child in Shi Caihua’s stomach was Li Zhong spread like wildfire again.

The child in Shi Caihua’s stomach was Li Zhong’s.
They were together all day at that time and they pursued love crazily.
It was inevitable that things would go wrong.
Yun Luochen was innocent and he didn’t have that kind of feelings for Shi Caihua, so he certainly wouldn’t cross the line.
However, Li Zhong was different.
He kind of liked Shi Caihua.
In addition, he had never been rigorous.
Even though he was only fifteen, he had already had sex more than once.

Shi Caihua couldn’t resist the temptation and crossed the line with Li Zhong just like that.
She had never thought that there would be a day when she would get pregnant.
Jushui Town was truly dramatic right now.
Yun Feng’s arrival seemed to have caused many twists and turns.
Under the scorching pressure, Shi Caihua still married Li Zhong.
The Li family and the Shi family were tied together.
Even though the Shi family was unwilling, they had no choice but to accept it.
With such a burden and such a scandal, the reputation of the Shi family in Jushui Town plummeted.

Without a doubt, the Yun family was on the top seat.
Even though they had just been promoted to a third-rank family, nobody dared to offend them.
Everyone came to the Yun family because there was an impressive figure holding the fort.
Yun Feng!

Yun Feng was still refining the Dragon Palace.
Two to three months had already passed.
Apart from the tenth floor, Yun Feng had only refined the first and second floors.
Even though there were only two floors, it wasn’t a problem for her to store a hundred people.

After finishing the refinement of the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng was shocked to find that her strength had increased! The two to three months of seclusion and refinement had raised her strength to the advanced stage of the Monarch Level! Yun Feng found it unbelievable for a moment.
In the end, she thought about it carefully.
When she refined the Dragon Palace, her mental strength had been interacting intimately with the Dragon Palace.
Some factors in the Dragon Palace must’ve sped up her cultivation speed and given her some help.
It was a surprise that she advanced to the advanced stage of the Monarch Level! And then, someone came to the Yun family of Jushui Town.
The arrival of this person shocked Yun Feng greatly.
After Yun Feng finished her seclusion, Yun Luochen was already standing in front of Yun Feng’s door when she opened it.
“Luochen, what’s the matter?” Yun Feng asked.
Yun Luochen nodded and looked at Yun Feng nervously.
Yun Feng sensed that something was wrong.
“Did something happen?” She sped up and walked forward.
Yun Luochen quickly shook his head and said, “No, someone’s here for you.
It seems that he’s here to see you.”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
A man came to find her on purpose? And he even came to the Yun family of Jushui Town? Yun Feng frowned.
Who could it be? An uninvited guest or an old friend?

When Yun Feng arrived at the front hall, the person who came to find her was sitting there.
Seeing her coming over, a beautiful smile appeared on his face.
Qu Lanyi was sitting on the side with half of his face darkened, looking very unhappy.
Yun Feng looked at that person and was a bit surprised.
How did he come back?

“Miss Yun, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Ling was still wearing ordinary clothes, which made him look refined and decent.
There was a humble smile on his fair face, and his eyes behind the glasses were shining with gentleness as he greeted Yun Feng.

Yun Feng walked over and was very surprised to see Ling.
Since when did he, as the receptionist of the Union of Summoners, start running errands? He even came here from the Bright Moon Hall area.
He must have come to see her on purpose.
Did something happen?

“It’s been a long time.
I’m indeed a bit surprised to see you here.” Yun Feng nodded at Ling with a smile at the corners of Ling’s mouth.
“It’s fine to say that I’m here on purpose.
After all, it’s been a long time since I last saw you.” “If you have something to say, just say it!” Qu Lanyi said with a bad expression on the side.
Yan Che wasn’t here.
He didn’t know where this man with a weird personality had gone.
It seemed that he was too active.

“Why are you here?” Yun Feng asked quickly.
Ling wasn’t angry at all because of what Qu Lanyi said.
The smile on his face didn’t change at all.
“I came to the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall for something.
I can tell you the news, so that you won’t waste your time and energy.”

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