Chapter 656 You Have to Win Splendidly (3)

The members of the Yun family were all surprised.
Reaching level 7 in such a short period of time was truly astonishing.

Yun Feng was also happy for Yun Luochen’s improvement.
The low-level Bone Remodeling Solution had helped him a little bit.
Yun Luochen’s own efforts must be credited too.
He indeed didn’t let anyone down, and Yun Feng planned to do something else to give Yun Luochen a surprise.

When a longsword with nine holes and nine crystals was handed to Yun Luochen, all the elders of the Yun family widened their eyes!

“Yun Feng, isn’t this…” Yun Tianfan wanted to give it back to Yun Feng without thinking, but Yun Feng smiled and gave the longsword in her hand to Yun Luochen, forcing it into the hands of this dumbfounded young man.
“A weapon with nine holes and nine crystals.
The cost of making it must be quite high!” Yun Yuntian said in a deep voice.
Yun Luochen’s hands shook a little as he looked at the nine cores on the side of the sword, which were all emitting dazzling light!

“What level are these Magic Beast Cores?” asked Yun Luochen in a daze.
Yun Feng smiled casually.
“They’re just ordinary Magic Beast Cores.
You don’t have to worry about them.
You don’t have to consider me an outsider.
My surname is Yun.
The Yun family’s business is my business.”

Hearing what Yun Feng said, the few elders of the Yun family couldn’t help but feel touched in their hearts.
Yun Tianlin’s wife was doubtful of Yun Feng at first, but now, she had completely put aside her worries.
Yun Feng’s current actions were enough to prove that she truly cared for the Yun family.

Yun Luochen held the longsword in his hand tightly as excitement surged in his eyes.
A weapon with nine holes and nine crystals! If this was revealed, even the Shi family would be more or less envious!

“Now that everything is ready, I think we can begin.” Yun Feng’s words made Yun Tianfan’s expression tighten.
A glint of light flashed through Yun Luochen’s eyes.
Right, his special training.
Everything he had been doing these days was for this day! “Alright, the Yun family should change as well.” Yun Tianfan sat in the main seat and clenched his fists.
Everything would change from now on!

Declare war!

A thunderclap exploded in Jushui Town.
The Yun family had declared war on the Li family! This news spread to every corner like bamboo shoots after the rain.
Everyone knew about it.
At once, the topic that had just calmed down in Jushui Town became heated again!

It turned out that the silence of the Yun family was just the calm before the storm! The Yun family dared to declare war on the Li family! What was the Yun family’s problem? They were a family without a rank.
Did the cuckolding this time make them want to bite someone?

Everyone was discussing spiritedly.
An unranked family declared war on a third-rank family.
Such a thing hadn’t happened in Jushui Town in a long time! Ever since the news of the declaration of war spread, people were competing to see who would sit in the seat of the third-rank family.
Some people scoffed at the Yun family, but some people still had high expectations for the Yun family.
Gradually, there were two loud waves of voices that stirred up the originally peaceful Jushui Town.

After hearing the news, the Shi family was also quite surprised.
After all, nobody would have thought that the Yun family would declare war on the Li family! They thought that the Yun family would at most fight with the Li family in private or whatever, but they didn’t expect it to be escalated to a contest for the third-rank family’s position!

The Shi family suddenly felt a bit anxious at this moment.
The fact that the Yun family dared to challenge the Li family proved that the Yun family had some confidence.
The Shi family had never cared about the Yun family before, but now, they were extremely enthusiastic and wanted to know if the Yun family would rise to the ranks of the third-rank families this time! Once they did, the Yun family would be extraordinary like before!

The Shi family was a bit confused at the moment, but they still maintained a neutral attitude.
After all, it didn’t really matter who won or lost between the Li family and the Yun family.
The Shi family wouldn’t suffer any loss, but there might be a change in the person they wanted to build a good relationship with.

At this moment, Shi Caihua was also in a rather complicated mood.
The battle between the Yun family and the Li family was between Li Zhong and Yun Luochen.
The battle between the two young men who had been circling around her in the past made Shi Caihua feel a bit superior.
Shi Caihua had more or less given up in her mind.
It would be great if the Yun family could rise to the top.
Then, Yun Luochen would have the looks, strength and status, and would certainly be worthy of her!

While Shi Caihua was tempted, the young men of the two families had already forgotten about her.
The Li family wasn’t surprised and accepted the challenge.
They accepted it calmly.
The Li family’s master had already expected this day to come.
Luckily, he had asked Li Zhong to focus on practicing during this period of time, so he was on guard.

After Li Zhong came out of seclusion, the result of his practice made the Li family’s master quite satisfied.
Li Zhong’s original strength was at the peak of level 5, but he had already successfully broken through to level 6 now.
The Li family’s master was delighted to see his quick breakthrough.

“Don’t worry, father.
Yun Luochen’s strength just reached level 5 two months ago.
My strength was already above his.
Unless a miracle happened in the two months, he won’t be stronger than me!”

The Li family’s leader wasn’t as optimistic as Li Zhong.
After all, Yun Feng was still here.
However, when he thought about it carefully, even if Yun Feng was strong enough, it didn’t mean that she could make a person’s strength increase rapidly.
If she could really increase his strength, it wouldn’t be real.
There was nothing to be afraid of.
Thinking of this, the Li family’s leader was a bit relieved.

Very soon, the Yun family declared war on the Li family.
The battle between the two families would be witnessed by the Shi family and the audience of Jushui Town.
This battle of the third-rank family’s position attracted everyone in Jushui Town.

There were at least a few hundred people living in the town that wasn’t small.
On this day, all of them flocked to the arena.
It was far from the start of the battle.
There was already an endless crowd around the arena.
People were talking about the upcoming battle.
It was hard to say who would win the title and status of a third-rank family! “Aren’t you going to join in the fun?” In a simple house in Jushui Town, a man put on his pants and his clothes.
He looked at the woman on the bed with a lewd smile on his face.
“No matter what, it’s still the Yun family.
Are you willing?”

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The woman on the bed didn’t say anything.
She just looked awful.
The man burst into laughter.
“Hahaha, you regret it?”

The woman bit her lips and blushed.
The man grabbed the woman fiercely.
“Slut, you still have the face of regret? Hahaha, you’re only fit to let other people play with you.” The man walked out with a lewd smile.
The woman sat on the bed in a daze and her hand hung on the thin bed fiercely.
She wanted to bite her teeth to pieces!

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