Chapter 618: What’s Going On (2)

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“shut up!” Yan Tianhao roared.
“What do you mean you have your own decision? I’ll have the final say!”

Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
“Yan Ming, I think it’s better to tell your father the truth.”

Yan Tianhao was stunned.
What truth? Yan Ming pondered for a long time.
Yan Tianhao had already gone to such an extent without permission.
If he didn’t tell him the truth, Yun Feng would leave in anger.
By then, this plan would be meaningless.

“Master Yan, there’s something I need to clarify.
It’s between me and Yun Feng.
We should talk about this when we get back.”

The few of them returned to the Yan family’s house.
Yan Ming briefly told him what happened.
The details weren’t highlighted.
Yan Tianhao’s face had already turned completely black in the end.
After Yan Ming said that, Yan Tianhao suddenly slapped the table next to him, “Yan Ming! How dare you!”
Yan Ming stood there without changing his expression.
Yan Tianhao’s anger didn’t scare him at all.
“It happened too suddenly.
I was just acting according to the situation.”

“You…” Yan Tianhao was so angry that the muscles on his face were shaking, Yun Feng and Yan Ming had nothing to do with each other at all! She was only a fake fiancée!

“So, Master Yan, please think carefully before you talk.
With the Yan family’s current strength, isn’t it a bit arrogant to want her as your daughter-in-law?” Yan Ming said indifferently.
Yan Tianhao’s face was pale.
What Yan Ming said was exactly what Yan Tianhao wanted.
Yun Feng had nothing to do with
Yan Ming, Yan Tianhao was happy that she had nothing to do with this illegitimate son.
This proved that Yan Jincheng had a chance! Yan Jincheng was much better than this illegitimate son! Once Yun Feng fell in love with Yan Jincheng, the Yan family would truly be like a tiger with wings! However, what
Yan Ming said reminded Yan Tianhao cruelly that the Yan family was nothing right now!

“We’ll deal with this matter later.
Yun Feng, please do your best for the Yan family.
Yan Ming! You played tricks on me! You won’t get the position of the Yan family’s leader this time even if we win the contest this time!” Yan Tianhao was waiting for this opportunity.
He couldn’t let this illegitimate son take
over the Yan family’s business!

Yan Ming smiled coldly, as if he had already expected what Yan Tianhao said.
“Master Yan, I think you should face the reality.”
Yan Tianhao smiled obsequiously.
“Yun Feng, please tell me.
If the Yan family can do it, T’l certainly do it!”

“The reason why I helped the Yan family is because of my deal with Yan Ming.
To be honest, I got what I wanted from Yan Ming, and I want to help him become the family’s master!”

Yan Tianhao’s facial features suddenly froze.
Yan Ming was also very calm.
“W-What?” Yan Tianhao asked subconsciously.
Yun Feng continued, “If you remove Yan Tianhao’s right of inheritance, I’ll certainly use other means to help him get to this position.
When I get something, I always pay enough in
If Yan Ming cancels the deal, I’ll have nothing to do with the Yan family at all!”

Yan Tianhao finally understood after hearing this.
The Yan family’s current situation was all because of Yun Feng, and the reason why Yun Feng helped the Yan family was because of Yan Ming! In other words, the Yan family relied on Yan Ming right now! Without Yan Ming, Yun Feng had nothing to do
with the Yan family at all!

By then, the favor of the Hall Master, the spot of the guardian, and even the envy and flattery of other families would all be reduced to zero! The Yan family would still be that unknown second-rate family!

Yan Tianhao sat there with a tense body.
His mind was constantly suffering and he also felt that it was extremely tricky.
He thought that this was the best opportunity for Yan Ming to get lost, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t kick him out at all!

“Haha, I’ll remember what you said, Yun Feng,” Yan Tianhao struggled for a while and said.
Yan Ming raised his eyebrows calmly and Yun Feng nodded.

“Twonder if you have time tomorrow, Yun Feng?” Yan Tianhao’s black eyes glittered.
He must make good use of this period of time.
Yun Feng wouldn’t stay here forever.
He must think of a way to let Yan Jincheng meet Yun Feng!

“What’s the matter?” Tomorrow was the day of rest.
Then, the four contestants who qualified would be divided into two groups to compete.
Yan Tianhao laughed.
“I just want to meet a few people based on my relationship with you, Yun Feng.
You know that it’s a bit difficult for me to meet these people.”
“Hmph, you’re really good at making the best use of things.” Yun Feng smiled coldly.
Yan Tianhao gave a dry laugh and glanced at Yan Ming.
Yan Ming’s black eyes glittered.
“Yun Feng, please help me.”

“Fine, let’s see them tomorrow then.”

“Yun Feng, please come alone tomorrow.
As for the others…” Yan Tianhao glanced at Yan Ming and Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi looked at Yan Tianhao unhappily.
What was this old man thinking?

“Got it.” Such a request annoyed Yun Feng, Yan Tianhao laughed and didn’t say anything else.
Yun Feng realized Yan Tianhao’s intention the next day.

“Come, come, my little friend Yun Feng.” Yan Tianhao’s enthusiastic voice made Yun Feng even more frustrated.
At this moment, she was brought into a very fancy restaurant by Yan Tianhao.
The environment was quite good and there were very few people.
However, Yun Feng still attracted a lot of
attention along the way.
Yun Feng was quite a big shot in Canglan City.

Yan Tianhao led Yun Feng to a private room, blocking out all the curious gazes outside.
When Yan Tianhao opened the door, Yun Feng thought she would see those so-called big shots, but she didn’t expect to see a pretty boy.
‘The moment Yun Feng came in, the pretty boy immediately stood up, as if he was a bit nervous.
It was obvious that he had dressed up meticulously.
The person in front of her had a reasonably handsome face, but he was wearing too much makeup.
“Come, come, have a seat.” Yan Tianhao pulled out a chair and Yun Feng sat down patiently.
The pretty boy opposite her also sat down.
Yan Tianhao said with a smile, “It was a bit presumptuous for me to invite you this time.
I had no choice yesterday.”
Yun Feng raised her brows.
This old man was indeed thinking about something else.
Yun Feng had a guess in her mind as to who this pretty boy opposite her was.

“Yun Feng, my young friend, to be honest, this is my most proud son, Yan Jincheng.
Jincheng, greet her!” Yan Tianhao immediately urged Yan Jincheng to greet her.
Yan Jincheng stood up with a blush.
“Yun… Yun Feng, hello.”

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