Chapter 60: Ready (1)

The news was so sudden, so sudden that he wouldn’t believe it was true if Little Fire wasn’t standing right in front of him! Why would Yun Feng become a summoner? Why couldn’t they detect it in the test last time? All these weren’t important anymore!

Seeing the excitement on her father’s face, Yun Feng said softly, “Father…” She understood the astonishment in her father’s heart.
As the leader of the Yun family, a heavy burden was put on her father’s shoulders.
The hope of having a summoner was undoubtedly the heaviest one.
A few centuries of anticipation weighed on her father’s shoulders.
So, how could he not be emotional at this moment?

“Great, great… I finally lived up to the expectations of the ancestors of the Yun family…” Yun Jing mumbled as the tears welling up in his eyes were forced back.
Looking at this slim body in front of him, his daughter, Yun Feng, a strong sense of pride rose from the bottom of Yun Jing’s heart!

Little Fire glanced at the emotional Yun Jing in slight confusion.
In its eyes, Yun Feng’s father, Yun Jing, was just a level-5 warrior, someone it could knock away with one slap.
It was a bit not used to being stared at like this.

When Yun Feng saw that her father had already calmed down from the emotions at the beginning, she smiled gently.
Her matter wasn’t the priority right now.
Her father also knew that the Yun family was facing a crisis at the moment.
The Lin family wouldn’t show any mercy at all this time.
They wouldn’t give up until they exterminated the Yun family.

“Father, ask brother to come home.
The Lin family will definitely send someone to deal with him.”

A hint of appreciation flashed through Yun Jing’s black eyes.
It was indeed pleasing to see that her daughter was thinking about whether her family was safe or not at such a moment.

“Feng, don’t worry.
I’ve already sent someone to deliver a message to Yun Sheng.
He’ll probably be on his way back tomorrow.”

Yun Feng pondered silently.
Tomorrow? With the Lin family’s speed, they would certainly gather their men as quickly as possible.
If her brother came back tomorrow, he would probably run into the Lin family.
Then, her brother’s safety…

“No, if he gets back tomorrow, he’ll definitely run into the Lin family!” After pondering for a while, Yun Feng said calmly.
Yun Jing couldn’t help but frown after hearing her.
Did he send out the message too late? He had already notified Yun Sheng at the fastest speed, but compared to the Lin family who was in a hurry to take revenge, they would be even faster.

“I’ll go to pick up Sheng right now!” Yun Jing immediately made a decision, but Yun Feng shook her head and put up a comforting smile on her face.
WIth her here, nobody could lay a hand on her father and brother!

“Father, the Lin family will surely hire some masters and these masters will be divided into two groups, one for you and me, and the other for brother.
I’m the one who killed Lin Meng.
The target of the Lin family is me and I’m the person they want dead the most! The group of people who come for me will probably be the main force.
If I’m right, only a couple of them will be sent to attack brother.
If you rush to meet with brother, the Lin family will definitely be prepared for it, or may even prepare more.
By then, things will get a little knotty.”

Yun Feng analyzed systematically.
After hearing that, Yun Jing’s impetuous heart also calmed down slightly.
He couldn’t help but see his daughter in a different light.
When did this start? Feng could manage on her own and could analyze the situation calmly!

There were traces of admiration in Yun Jing’s eyes.
Yun Feng didn’t think much.
Under the current situation, she had to stop the biggest attack force and she couldn’t let the Lin family notice anything strange.
Since this was a game, she might as well be a player in the game.

“Sheng is just a level-2 mage.
If he really runs into the people of the Lin family, I’m afraid…” Yun Jing’s face darkened.
Based on his understanding of the Lin family over the years, they would certainly hire many level-5 masters, or even some at level 6.
He didn’t have to worry about Feng at all now, but for Yun Sheng, it was still uncertain whether he could come home safely.

“Father, don’t worry.
I won’t let anyone touch brother! We both can’t go anywhere.
So it’s the only one who can.” Yun Jing smiled as she caressed Little Fire’s head.
Yun Jing looked at Little Fire in shock.
Even though it was the Magic Beast contracted with his daughter, he was still a little frightened, because this Fire Cloud Wolf seemed to be different…

When Little Fire heard Yun Feng mentioning it, it couldn’t help but shake its head.
It avoided Yun Feng’s hand that was caressing its head, then looked up and stared at Yun Feng with its black wolf eyes.
If it was right, its Master wanted it to…

Yun Feng glanced at Little Fire with a smile as she squeezed its fluffy ears.
Little Fire was extremely obedient in front of Yun Feng.
Even when she squeezed its ears, it still looked harmless and showed a kind of cuteness instead.

“You’re right.
That’s it.”

Once Yun Feng finished talking, Little Fire’s black eyes couldn’t help but widen.
It looked at Yun Feng like it couldn’t believe it.
Its Master wanted it to be a bodyguard! As a Mutated Magic Beast, it had to go to be a bodyguard and the person it had to protect wasn’t even Yun Feng, but a level-2 mage! This was a kind of humiliation.
This was a complete insult to it!

Little Fire breathed heavily through its nostrils and a glint of anger flashed through its wolf eyes.
Yun Jing immediately had his heart in his mouth after seeing this.
He was worried that this Magic Beast would open its mouth and bite his daughter.
And yet, Yun Jing seemed to have forgotten that Yun Feng was a summoner.
Little Fire could only listen to her.
Refuse to obey her? Don’t even think about it.

Yun Feng shook her head at Little Fire.
Fierceness burst out of her smiley black eyes, which made Little Fire tremble.
“Are you going or not?”

As Little Fire looked into Yun Feng’s eyes, the hair around its body stood slightly.
In the end, it growled helplessly to show that it would obey her order.
Yun Feng patted Little Fire’s head with a smile.
This move startled Yun Jing again.
This middle-aged man still hadn’t got used to the interaction between Yun Feng and Little Fire.
He was always worried that Little Fire would do something to Yun Feng.

Yun Feng looked up and saw the anxious look of her poker-faced father.
She couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart.
“Father, Little Fire will ensure brother’s safety.
It’s a level-6 Magic Beast.
No matter how many masters the Lin family hired, it can keep brother safe!”

Yun Jing was stunned again.
Level 6! God… So, his daughter had already reached level 6! Another huge surprise smashed down.
Yun Jing thought perhaps today was a special day.
For him, this might be the most incredible day he had had in so many years.

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