Chapter 608: There’s Always Someone Better Than You (3)

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Zhong Yuling held her chest with her hand.
There was a kind of emptiness inside her body after being exhausted, which made her not have the confidence to speak at all.
“Is that… the simulation of the lightning element?”
Beside Yun Feng was a silver-white giant dragon.
Although the giant dragon only had its upper body, its enormous size and ferocious form already made people shocked!

“The simulation of the lightning element is actually a dragon…” Xiao Xiang saw this scene and his heart skipped a beat.
Xiao Lingyu’s face was even paler than before.
Xue Han was completely sullen on the side.
Ouyang Hongyu frowned hard.
It wasn’t that they had never seen a mage who used the
lightning element.
There were also lightning mages in top families, but… the simulation of the lightning element was that of a dragon.
This was the first time they had seen one!

The silver-white giant dragon roared towards the sky and its body suddenly flew out.
Its ferocious head suddenly opened its eyes.
There was pure purple in the huge eyes!

Zhong Yuling didn’t even have the strength to move, let alone escape.
She could only watch the giant dragon pounce on her.
A kind of fear suddenly arose in Zhong Yuling’s heart.
She, who had been fighting crazily every time, didn’t know what fear was at all.
However, this Yun Feng in front of her right
now made her feel… frightened!

Zhong Yuling’s entire body was soaked in cold sweat as she moved her body desperately.
However, she found out in despair that she couldn’t avoid it! The huge consumption of mental strength just then was a gamble for her as a mage! Yun Feng’s mental strength was stronger than hers.
This was
something she couldn’t predict! Even after she exhausted her mental strength and couldn’t move, Yun Feng still had the ability to simulate magic.
What level had her mental strength reached?

This time, she would probably die!
The huge silver dragon reflected in Zhong Yuling’s eyes, and the fear in her heart also flashed clearly! The four people watching the battle also had the same thought in their minds.
Zhong Yuling would die this time!

Even though they knew that Zhong Yuling would die, nobody did anything.
They all stood aside and watched, or simply ignored Zhong Yuling’s death! There was even a hint of ridicule at the corners of Xiao Xiang’s mouth, as if he was mocking Zhong Yuling for not listening to him back then.
She deserved
all of this and it was her own fault!

Although the younger generation of the first-rate families often stayed together and communicated with each other, they were extremely cold in their minds! Just like how they watched Xiao Lingyu run away without saving her!

The silver dragon suddenly stopped in front of Zhong Yuling.
Zhong Yuling’s clothes were already soaked in cold sweat, and her face was extremely pale.
The pain and death she expected didn’t come.
When she slowly opened her eyes, the silver dragon had already disappeared.
Only Yun Feng stood in
front of her with her hands behind her back.

Zhong Yuling was a bit shocked.
The four people watching the battle outside were also a bit stunned.
She didn’t kill Zhong Yuling! Zhong Yuling didn’t have any merciful intentions towards Yun Feng.
Even though it was called a spar just then, her moves were all very ruthless! Zhong Yuling’s entire body
was paralyzed there, and she panted heavily from the silence of death just then.

Yun Feng looked at Zhong Yuling with her black eyes, then looked at the four people who had been watching the battle without moving at all.
“How pathetic and ridiculous.” Yun Feng said coldly.
The expressions of the people on the scene changed drastically.
Ouyang Hongyu couldn’t hold back the anger
in his heart.
“Yun Feng, what do you mean?”

Yun Feng chuckled as her body fell from the sky.
Zhong Yuling’s body also fell rather awkwardly from the sky.
She managed to support her body as her cheeks flushed and heated up.
She had lost.
She had completely lost to Yun Feng!

“Nothing.” Yun Feng waved her hand, and the space that was sealed just then suddenly shook violently.
The space was unlocked! Seeing that Yun Feng left after saying this, these people certainly didn’t look good.
Even though Yun Feng didn’t say their names, they all knew that she was talking about them!

“Don’t think that you have any tricks up your sleeve!” Ouyang Hongyu gnashed his teeth and said, “Zhong Yuling is not strong at all! Are you trying to show your benevolence by not killing her? I think you’re the pathetic and hilarious one! In this world where the strong prey on the weak, you’ll be killed if
you don’t kill anyone! In this election, I’ll let you know what it means to be competitive!”

When Yun Feng heard this, she suddenly stopped and turned her head slightly.
She smiled at Ouyang Hongyu lightly and her black eyes suddenly became colder.
Her gaze was like an icicle that pierced into Ouyang Hongyu’s body!

“W-What kind of look is that?” Ouyang Hongyu’s heart trembled for no reason.
Yun Feng burst into laughter with disdain in her eyes!

“You’ll dirty my hands if I kill you.”


“Yun Feng, how dare you!” Xiao Xiang couldn’t help but blush after hearing that.
Xiao Lingyu even shouted impulsively.
Even though Ouyang Hongyu didn’t say anything, his face was extremely gloomy.
Xue Han didn’t say anything, but his expression was quite scary.
Zhong Lingyu was also embarrassed.
These words were like a sharp sword, piercing the dignity of the young generation that these first-rate families were proud of, completely stepping on their originally high status!

In Yun Feng’s eyes, she didn’t care about first-rate families, kings of the West Continent, or geniuses at all!

“I think you’re the ones who are insolent.” A voice sounded inexplicably.
The few of them suddenly raised their heads and saw that after the space shook slightly, a few figures appeared in the sky!

“That’s…” The few of them all gasped! A huge and fierce Fire Cloud Wolf, a handsome man with wings on his back, a cute little girl who looked ferocious at this moment, and a charming man whose face had already darkened and whose eyes were spitting fire.

“Nana!” A furious roar came along with a figure that was as fast as lightning, rushing towards the few of them.
Xiao Xiang subconsciously raised the longsword in his hand to block.
He thought it was a hidden weapon or something, but he didn’t expect that the longsword in his hand would be broken into
two in the next moment!

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Meatball suddenly opened its mouth and bit the longsword in Xiao Xiang’s hand with its sharp teeth! Xiao Han was completely dumbfounded.
He looked at the longsword in his hand that was bitten off and couldn’t come to his senses.
The ferocious expression on Meatball’s face appeared again.
It opened
its mouth and was about to bite Xiao Xiang’s neck.
Yun Feng called softly, “Meatball, he’s not worth it..”

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