She slowly closed her eyes, breathing the familiar and unfamiliar air.
When she opened her eyes again, a touch of fierceness and passion came out of her black eyes.
A summoner, she would get the Yun family the second summoner!


In the ancestral hall of the Yun family, the layout was simple and solemn.
The tablets of the leaders of each generation of the Yun family were here.
Meanwhile, a tight-looking middle-aged man was standing in the quiet ancestral hall.
it was the Yun family’s leader of this generation, Yun Jing.

The middle-aged man was handsome.
Although he had reached the middle age, his body was strong and there weren’t many wrinkles on his face.
His facial features carried a hint of heroic spirit.
And yet, his black eyes had a glint of sorrow right now.


The middle-aged man’s eyes gazed right above the family tablets.
A picture was hanging there and the man inside the picture had short black hair.
His smile was calm and gentle like water, but the burst of elegance around his body could still be truly felt through the picture.


This was a man who could laugh at everything.
He was an absolute powerhouse, and he was the only summoner that appeared in the Yun family throughout the generations!

“Ancestor, Yun Jing let the Yun family down…” Yun Jing murmured and his entire body knelt on the floor.
His knees made a banging sound when they hit the ground.
Looking closely, the floor Yun Jing was kneeling on had already dented slightly.

Yun Jing closed his eyes and lowered his head.
There was stubbornness in his stiff body.
The pride and dignity in the blood of the Yun family made him feel ashamed in front of this ancestor of the family!

The Yun family had once been glorious and incomparable, but their light also became dimmer with the death of the summoner ancestor.
The leaders of the family of each generation all had an unspeakably heavy responsibility, to find the Yun family another summoner!


Every generation carried hope in their minds, but every generation failed.
Apart from that great ancestor, there was no second summoner in the Yun family.
Even so, the Yun family didn’t give up their hope because of their accumulated glory and dignity.
They believed that the fate of the Yun family and another summoner would entwine.
If they could have the first ancestor, there would definitely be the next!

And yet, hope was beautiful after all.
Developing until now, the huge amount of property of the Yun family had already been nibbled without the protection of enough strength.
And now, the Yun family only had one-thousandth of all the assets they had during their heyday.
Compared to the past, they were now declined and quite pitiful.

Not only that, the history the Yun family was proud of was now the scar of others flogging them.
The other families despised and ridiculed them more.
They shamed the Yun family for seeing themselves as superior and they shamed the Yun family for overrating their ability.
Someone even said that it was just a coincidence that the summoner ancestor appeared.


The declined Yun family could hardly survive under the oppression of the large families and they also had less and less members because of various reasons.
Until this generation, Yun Jing had only three children and Yun Jing’s brothers had already passed away.

Yun Jing originally had two sons, but his younger son, Yun Qi, was murdered by someone! His wife also left him, which made it worse for the Yun family that had very few members.
Their property was exploited and they were oppressed and humiliated by the other families, but he gritted his teeth and got through it, as he still had two children and the Yun family still had two descendants!


However, Yun Feng was dead.
The bottomline of this fearless man was crossed.
He couldn’t bear it anymore.
Being tolerant didn’t mean he could be bullied and remaining silent didn’t mean there wouldn’t be an outbreak! His daughter was dead, one of his sons was also dead and his wife was gone.
All the anger burst out at this moment like fire across the border which couldn’t be extinguished.

Revenge! Whatever it took, even if he had to sacrifice his life, it was time for people to pay for the blood debt they owed the Yun family!

“Ancestor, Yun Jing is disrespectful.
The Yun family has to decline in my hands after all…” Yun Jing looked up with tears welled up in his eyes.
That was the anger of not being able to lift the burden on his shoulders.
That was the pain that the Yun family was about to collapse because of him!

He clenched his fists and many blue veins appeared.
Even though he knew that doing this would make the Yun family completely collapse and have no chance of rising again.
Even though he knew this would ruin everything the Yun family had, Yun Jing didn’t want to be like this anymore!

What else could he lose? His son, his wife, and now his daughter! The Yun family still had Sheng.
As long as Yun Sheng was here, the bloodline of the Yun family would never end! As for him, it was time for those people to pay the price!

“Bang, bang, bang!” He banged his head on the ground three times.
Blood had slightly oozed out of Yun Jing’s forehead, but he didn’t seem to feel the pain.
His black eyes looked at the picture of the ancestor above firmly.
“Ancestor, please forgive me for being unfilial!” The man in the picture was still smiling calmly, but the smile carried a hint of arrogance and fierceless, just like the pride and dignity of the Yun family which couldn’t be deceived!


“Father, father!” Someone screamed outside.
Yun Jing frowned and stood up from the floor.
Why was Sheng so anxious? Perhaps…

Yun Jing opened the door of the ancestral hall, making a banging sound.
Nobody could enter the ancestral hall without his permission, even his children.
So, when Yun Sheng saw his father coming out from the ancestral hall, he was slightly startled and then quickly ran over.

“Sheng, is the Lin family here?!” Yun Jing walked over quickly as he frowned tightly.
If the Lin family really came this time, he would never let them provoke and humiliate his family.
He would fiercely fight back!

“No, father…” Yun Sheng ran in a hurry and panted rapidly, then said with a tremor in his voice, “It’s Feng… She… She’s not dead…”

“What are you talking about?” Even Yun Jing, who was calm and didn’t show his emotions, couldn’t repress the excitement in his heart.
Yun Feng… wasn’t dead! His daughter was still alive! How was that possible?

“Father, Feng is alive.
She’s really alive!” Yun Sheng said loudly and repeatedly.
He also couldn’t believe it like his father, but the lifeless person on the bed opened her eyes again.
He didn’t see it wrong or hear it wrong.
She called him brother.
His dearest sister was indeed alive!

Yun Jing stode forward.
He strangely slid dozens of meters forward like the wind.
Yun Sheng was slightly shocked and then followed Yun Jing quickly.
Looking at his father’s tight back, Yun Sheng’s eyes turned a bit red.
The leader of every generation of the Yun family suffered great pressure.
It was even worse in Yun Jing’s generation.
Yun Sheng had been a sensible child since he was small.
He understood his father’s sufferings and hardships, and he had known how to take care of his siblings at a very young age, so that his father didn’t have to worry about them.
However, there wasn’t a summoner in this generation of the Yun family after all.
Even though his father still looked the same, Yun Sheng saw the disappointment in his eyes.
The longer he repressed his emotions, the more fierce it was when there was an outburst.
Once Yun Sheng thought about what his father would do if something really happened to Yun Feng, he couldn’t help but feel frightened and sorrowful.
Luckily, Feng wasn’t dead.
She was still alive.

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