Chapter 591: Whoever Stands In My Way Shall Die (1)

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“Ouyang Shanshan! If you remain silent, nobody will think you’re mute!” The young man roared fiercely with a layer of dark clouds covering his face.
He flipped his hand and held a longsword that was emitting cold light in his hand.
The body of the sword was inlaid with a specially-shaped mold.
The mold
looked like a coiling dragon that twisted around the sword.
The tip of the sword was a ferocious dragon head!

“Swish!” The tip of the longsword suddenly pointed at Yun Feng, and a stream of air surged towards her again.
Yun Feng swung the longsword in her hand abruptly, and the sword hummed.
The air flow was cut in half!

The young man gritted his teeth fiercely.
“Yun Feng, is it? You made me lose face today.
If I don’t beat you to the ground, I will change my name!”

“Hahaha, I’ll wait and see how you beat her to the ground!” The girl suddenly retreated to the side with the intention of fanning the flames.
Yun Feng’s black eyes narrowed and the sword in her hand seemed to have sensed that there was a strong enemy on the other side.
It hummed again!

“Take this!” With a furious shout, the young man’s body had already disappeared from his original position.
Yun Feng’s body instantly tightened.
Yaoyao in her arms had already been casually thrown into the bracelet space by Yun Feng, Her mental strength instantly surged out of her body and covered this


There was none! There was no trace of the young man in the range of Yun Feng’s mental strength detection.
This Monarch Level opponent indeed had some skills!

“Ha!” A deep and furious shout suddenly came from behind Yun Feng’s back.
A longsword with a faint dragon’s roar slashed out from the space, aiming at Yun Feng’s back!

“Try this!” Xiao Lingyu roared furiously as he increased the strength of the longsword in his hand again.
The longsword entered Yun Feng’s body at a lightning speed!

Xiao Lingyu watched the longsword stab into Yun Feng’s body and the corners of his mouth curled up proudly.
However, in the next moment, his expression changed! There was no sound of the longsword piercing into her body, no blood, and not even the feeling that his sword had touched anything!
Yun Feng’s body suddenly distorted in a short period of time and then disappeared! An afterimage.
This was just an afterimage of Yun Feng!

The expression of the young girl who was watching the battle in the sky suddenly turned cold.
Xiao Lingyu was a Monarch Level warrior! Even if this woman was a Monarch Level summoner, how could she compare to a Monarch Level warrior in terms of speed and strength? If she was a summoner, what was

with her speed and strength?

Xiao Lingyu was obviously stunned too.
Looking at the afterimage that was stabbed by the sword, he was a bit dumbfounded.
He was probably as shocked as Ouyang Shanshan!

“Youlll die if you’re distracted.” A cold voice suddenly came from Xiao Lingyu’s side.
Xiao Lingyu subconsciously turned around abruptly and swung the longsword in his hand, hitting Yun Feng after her sudden appearance.
The swords in their hands clashed at this moment!

A deep dragon roar accompanied by a humming sword whistle!

“Damn!” Xiao Lingyu cursed in his mind.
He only felt an incredible power suppression coming from Yun Feng’s longsword.
That wasn’t the effect of using fighting energy or even combat techniques.
As a warrior, Xiao Lingyu knew clearly that this was pure power from her body!
“Buzz…” After the swords in their hands reached the peak of the confrontation, they suddenly separated.
The moment they separated, an obscure energy wave spread out from the area where they were fighting!

Ouyang Shanshan suddenly waved her hand, and the barrier formed by the fire elements enveloped her, barely blocking the spread of the energy wave.
Ouyang Shanshan stared at Yun Feng, her heart trembling.
A summoner had such power! What kind of freak was that woman?

“Who are you?” Xiao Lingyu stood somewhere in the sky, and the web between his thumb and index finger was numb.
It was the result of the power contest with Yun Feng just then! Other people might not know, but Xiao Lingyu knew clearly that he used 70% of his strength in the fight just then.
70% of the
strength of a Monarch Level warrior was only on par with hers!

Yun Feng stood on the other side, and her hand was also painful from the shock.
She didn’t have any fighting energy inside her body at all.
She could only use the strength of her body to fight with Xiao Lingyu just then.
However, it was impossible for her to defeat the man in front of her with this pure energy!
The utilization of her fighting energy and the outburst of her combat techniques were at the Monarch Level.
Yun Feng, who didn’t have any fighting energy at all, didn’t have any chance of winning with her physical strength!

Yun Feng put away the longsword in her hand.
Xiao Lingyu could be considered an equal opponent.
Yun Feng also knew that he didn’t use his full strength, but he already made her feel exhausted when he didn’t use his full strength.
Without magic, she couldn’t win!
The longsword disappeared.
When she held the wand in her hand, Xiao Lingyu and Ouyang Shanshan’s faces darkened.
Yun Feng suddenly waved the wand in her hand!

“Hiss..” A clear sound of tongue flicking sounded, which made people feel cold all over their bodies.
A giant ice blue python appeared next to Yun Feng.
The giant python opened its eyes abruptly with a ferocious look and a dark blue vertical line in its pupils.
The giant python opened its mouth and let out a

snake-like roar!

“Magic Simulation!” Ouyang Shanshan’s heart skipped a beat when she saw this scene.
Feeling the magic waves from the ice blue python, Ouyang Shanshan became cold.
Monarch Level mage, a real Monarch Level mage!
“Get out of my way, Xiao Lingyu!” Ouyang Shanshan shouted furiously as Xiao Lingyu’s body suddenly flashed from the side.
A wand appeared in Ouyang Shanshan’s hand and she waved it too…

“Roar.” A furious roar sounded.
Violent fire elements surged out of Ouyang Shanshan’s wand and quickly gathered around her.
A fiery red lion appeared!

A python against a lion; water element against fire element!

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A trace of distorted fluctuation suddenly appeared in a hidden space.
Black elements spread quietly and a figure suddenly reappeared in this space.
He looked at the situation in the sky and chuckled.

“Luckily, I didn’t miss the best part.” The thick black elements enveloped his body again and the person who just appeared disappeared silently again.

The fierce battle in the sky was still going on.
Ouyang Shanshan and Xiao Lingyu stood aside, both of them looking a bit pale.
Yun Feng looked at the two people opposite her..
That summoner also made a move, which meant that she was fighting against two people!

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