The leader of the branch hall looked embarrassed.
It wasn’t that he didn’t know about Yu Xiu.
It couldn’t have been easy for Yun Feng to escape from such a powerful Magic Beast.
Besides, she was in such a sorry state.
It was natural that the Magic Beast was injured.

The leader of the branch hall tightened his facial expression.
“If that’s the case, I’ll certainly check it myself.
If you turn out to be a liar, the Bright Moon Hall won’t just let you go!” His fierce gaze glanced at Yun Feng, and Yun Feng’s face was full of coldness.
“If that’s the case, I’ll take my leave.
As for the bounty, I’ll come and get it in a few days.” After saying that, Yun Feng turned around and left.
The leader of the branch hall narrowed his eyes and watched Yun Feng leave.
When Yun Feng disappeared from his sight, the leader of the branch hall suddenly stood up.
“Watch her carefully.
Watch her every move.
Don’t let her leave Wind Moon City until I come back!” After saying that, the leader of the branch hall immediately flashed and disappeared in the space.

Yun Feng returned to the hotel.
She hadn’t checked out yet.
When they entered her room, Little Fire and Lan Yi showed up from the Rings of Contract.
Both of them were a bit shocked.
They didn’t expect their master to destroy Yu Xiu so easily.
Yun Feng barely gave an explanation before her body collapsed again.
Qu Lanyi quickly checked and found that she had exhausted her mental strength again.
This time, Yun Feng had not only fused two elements, but also added another element.
The fusion of three elements was still too exhausting for Yun Feng right now.
In addition, since she wanted to completely destroy Yu Xiu, Yun Feng didn’t hold back.
She had already reached her limit.

During the days when Yun Feng was unconscious, no one went out.
They all stayed with her.
Looking at Yun Feng’s sleeping face, Qu Lanyi smiled again helplessly.
The light elements slowly moved around Yun Feng’s body, working on the recovery.

“Fusing the three elements, did you try too hard?” asked Qu Lanyi softly.
He stared at Yun Feng with his black eyes and felt sorry for her.
Exhausting one’s mental strength time and time again was actually very harmful to the body.
It would also be a great deal of damage if she was exhausted every time.

After all, the rapid consumption of mental strength was too much for anyone in a magic profession.

While Qu Lanyi was in a daze, he suddenly felt that his Sound Transmission Jade flashed a few times.
He took out the Sound Transmission Jade.
After a few rings, Yun Sheng’s anxious voice came.
“Qu Lanyi! What happened to my sister? Why isn’t Feng answering me?”

Yun Sheng’s voice was almost like a roar with a lot of anxiety and worry.
He couldn’t wait to rush to her from the other end of the Sound Transmission Jade.
Qu Lanyi slightly moved the Sound Transmission Jade further away and looked at Yun Feng, who was sleeping on the bed, before he replied, “It’s very rude to wake someone up.
Even if you’re Fengfeng’s brother, you can’t do that.”

The Sound Transmission Jade suddenly stopped talking.
Then, it roared, “Qu Lanyi, how dare you touch my precious sister!”

Little Fire and Lan Yi were silent on the side.
The two of them looked like they didn’t hear anything.
Yaoyao had been sitting on Yun Feng’s bed, watching her attentively without doing anything else.
Meatball, who was sitting on Little Fire’s head, opened its mouth and yawned in boredom.

Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
“Brother, I’ve touched her a long time ago.” Indeed, he had.
He had touched her every part.

“You… Damn it! How would Feng like you? I won’t allow it.
Absolutely not!” Yun Sheng was probably stomping madly, but he couldn’t do anything about it.
Mu Xiaojin’s gentle voice came from the Sound Transmission Jade, as if she wanted Yun Sheng to calm down.

“How dare he touch Feng! I’m going to kill him!” Yun Sheng’s roar continued.
“Alright, alright.
Xiao Feng has someone she likes.
As her brother, you should feel happy…”

Hearing Yun Sheng’s roar, Qu Lanyi asked, “What’s the matter?”

The Sound Transmission Jade buzzed a few times and Mu Xiaojin’s voice came.
“Qu Lanyi, you must take good care of Xiao Feng.
She’s impulsive, after all.
You must take good care of her!”

Qu Lanyi smiled.
“Don’t worry.
I’ll certainly look after her.”

“Hm, that’s great.
I want to tell you some good news this time…” Mu Xiaojin suddenly sounded a bit shy.
Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows as Yun Sheng said, “Tell Feng that her sister-in-law is pregnant.”

Qu Lanyi was dazed, and so were Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Meatball, who was still yawning, suddenly stopped and blinked its big eyes.
“Brother, you’ve been working hard.” Qu Lanyi smiled.
It had only been half a year.
Yun Sheng had truly been working hard.

“Cut the crap! I’ll wait for you to come back.
I…” The Sound Transmission Jade flashed a few times.
Before Yun Sheng could finish, Mu Xiaojin’s voice came.
“Don’t disturb Xiao Feng.
Take care of her.”

The communication was cut off.
Qu Lanyi put away the Sound Transmission Jade with a smile in his eyes.
Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at each other.
There was going to be a grandkid in the Yun family… Master would definitely be very happy! However, they didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl…

Qu Lanyi glanced at the girl who was still asleep with gentleness in his eyes.
Fengfeng, your brother and sister-in-law already have a child.
You haven’t given me an official title yet.
There’s still a long quest for me to finish.

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In the outer area of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the smell of blood kept lingering and covered this area densely.
Almost all the Magic Beasts in this area were gone, as if they were a bit afraid of this place.

A figure flashed quickly from the sky with a strong momentum.
As soon as the person arrived, the pungent smell of blood hit them.

The branch leader stood in the sky and frowned.
He looked at the nasty scene on the ground.
Broken limbs and pieces of flesh were everywhere.
It was very bloody.

The branch hall master landed on the ground from the sky and looked carefully.
There were only two corpses of Commander Level people on the ground.
Those pieces of flesh clearly didn’t belong to humans.
They should belong to Yu Xiu.
When the branch hall master saw Yu Xiu’s miserable death, he couldn’t help but feel shocked..
Even he didn’t dare to face Yu Xiu head-on.
He didn’t expect that Yu Xiu would be completely killed and die so miserably!

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