Chapter 556: Who’s Plotting Against Whom? (4)

Following this hoarse and awful roar, a huge creature suddenly appeared.
It had a huge body full of toad lumps, a pair of bat wings on its back, and a huge single eye with an orange-yellow pupil.
Its fat body carried a pungent smell.
When the four people behind saw this, one of them couldn’t help but vomit on the spot.

“What’s this… so disgusting!”

“F*ck, I’m so disgusted!”

The four people following her stepped back continuously.
The oppressive aura emitted by Yu Xiu already made their faces pale.
After all, they were only at the Commander Level.
How would they be able to defeat the powerful Yu Xiu?

Little Fire and Lan Yi were ready for battle at any time.
Yaoyao also became impetuous.
The black vertical lines in her eyes suddenly lengthened, which was a sign of her anger.
Yun Feng stared at Yu Xiu, which was running crazily not far away, and keenly noticed that a figure in the sky quickly disappeared.
An extremely faint blue color entered Yun Feng’s eyes.

When the prey in front suddenly disappeared, Yu Xiu let out a furious howl.
It was a sound similar to that of an insect fighting to the death, which made their brain hurt.
The four Commanders behind them couldn’t resist anymore.
One of them vomited blood on the ground and stopped breathing.
The other three turned around with pale faces and wanted to run quickly.

“There’s new prey!” Yu Xiu’s terrifying single eye suddenly caught Yun Feng and the others.
It opened its mouth and its huge meat tongue shot out abruptly, extending almost a hundred meters!

“Swish…” The meat tongue came at them like lightning.
Yun Feng’s eyes darkened as she grabbed Yaoyao and jumped into the air.
Qu Lanyi, Little Fire and Lan Yi did the same.
Although Yun Feng and the others easily dodged the attack, the four Commanders weren’t so lucky.
Even if they wanted to dodge, it was already too late!

“Poof!” The tongue of flesh pierced through a person’s body and the person let out a violent scream.
In just one breath, his life had already been taken away! Yu Xiu’s tongue suddenly rolled back and that body was also swept away.
Yu Xiu opened its mouth and swallowed the entire body!

“Humans are indeed more delicious.” Yu Xiu chewed her body as a few drops of blood oozed out of the corners of her mouth.
The faces of the remaining two people changed.
Yu Xiu certainly wouldn’t give up after eating one.
Its huge meat tongue attacked again, targeting the remaining two living people!

Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold as she flipped her hand abruptly.
A sharp icicle had already landed, piercing straight at Yu Xiu’s tongue! “How dare you hurt me?” Yu Xiu’s tongue was injured by the icicle.
It roared furiously as its body rushed forward, causing the ground to shake.

The remaining two people immediately ran back desperately.
Seeing the fat and strong front limbs, Yu Xiu stomped on the ground fiercely.
Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the ground, and tree roots and stone thorns appeared on the cracks!

“Ah…” Two screams rose one after another.
Their bodies were penetrated by the stone thorns in an instant, and dark red blood slowly dripped on the stone thorns.
Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked when they saw this.
Yu Xiu was too cruel!

“I’ve dealt with them.
It’s your turn now.” Yu Xiu rolled its orange eyes and stared at Yun Feng.
It suddenly put on a weird and awful smile.
“It’s you…”

Yun Feng slightly raised the corners of her mouth and stood in the air.
“It was my mistake not to blow you up.” Yun Feng had to use the elemental fusion energy to get away, but it seemed that this Yu Xiu wasn’t seriously injured.
The energy of the fusion of elements was so huge that it couldn’t hurt Yu Xiu.
Yun Feng knew in her mind that the situation was getting more and more tricky.

“Hahahaha! You want to kill me, Yu Xiu!” Yu Xiu laughed crazily.
The lumps on its body kept secreting mucus, as if it would secrete this liquid whenever it was excited.
Its orange eyes suddenly burst out with resentment.
“Thanks to you, I’ve rested for a while.”

The elemental fusion energy still caused some damage to Yu Xiu, but the damage wasn’t fatal at all! Yun Feng stood in the air and quickly thought of countermeasures in her mind.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had already transformed into their original forms of Magic Beasts at the first moment.
Both of them looked at Yu Xiu nervously.

“Today, I’ll eat you to vent the anger in my heart!” Yu Xiu suddenly raised her head and let out an ear-piercing roar.
The enormous bat wings on her back spread out abruptly, casting a thick shadow.
Her tongue suddenly attacked Yun Feng.
Yun Feng quickly threw Yaoyao into Qu Lanyi’s arms, and her body flashed agilely in the air.
“Protect Yaoyao!”

Little Fire and Lan Yi both roared and rushed towards Yu Xiu with Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi caught Yaoyao in a panic.
Yaoyao was about to rush forward, but Qu Lanyi held her firmly in her arms.
The sharp teeth of the sea demon appeared and bit at Qu Lanyi fiercely.

“Hiss…” Qu Lanyi frowned, but didn’t let go.
He quickly retreated to a safe distance with Yaoyao in his arms.
During this time, Yaoyao had already bitten more than once.
Qu Lanyi’s arm was full of wounds caused by the sea demon, but he could only grit his teeth and not let go.
He had no choice but to obey his wife’s order.

The tongue of Yu Xiu was as agile as the most flexible weapon.
It bounced in the air countless times and had a wide range of attacks.
Yun Feng couldn’t get close to its body under the attack of the tongue.
She couldn’t avoid this battle.
Since she couldn’t avoid it, she must win!

She flipped her hand and held the other wands of the Monarch Level in her hand tightly.
She raised her arm slightly and a huge roaring fire element filled the area around the wand.
“Fire Arrow!” The huge fire element arrow suddenly flew towards Yu Xiu.
The moment it got close to Yu Xiu, it suddenly transformed into countless clones and attacked Yu Xiu like a rain of fire!

The tongue of Yu Xiu suddenly swept towards Yun Feng.
Yun Feng flashed and avoided the attack of the tongue.
The fire rain hit the body of the Yu Xiu and made sizzling sounds.
The stimulating smell on the surface of the body quickly formed a transparent film..
Yun Feng’s fire element attack was completely blocked outside of the film!

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