Ming Xuan glanced at the others.
The four of them quickly echoed, “Whatever Guardian Ming Xuan says, we’ll do it!”

“That’s right.
We’ll just follow Guardian Ming Xuan.”

Ming Xuan chuckled and looked at Yun Feng.
“Yun Feng, you haven’t said anything.
What do you think?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Since you said so, let’s go together.”

Ming Xuan nodded.
She glanced at Yaoyao and turned her gaze back.
“Then let’s go forward.
We can split up a bit and search carefully! After all, those who are trying to escape won’t hide in cities or villages.
I think we have a higher chance of finding them!”

Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth.
Was there even a need to look? He was right here! The ten of them were scattered on the Barren Plains.
There were weeds that were half a knee high everywhere on the Barren Plains.
Looking around, there was really nothing here.

Yun Feng certainly wasn’t in a hurry to find someone, but she still had to put on an act.
“Do you have more of these masks?” Yun Feng asked.
Qu Lanyi’s eyebrows jumped a few times.
“Fengfeng, do you think this is cheap? I stole it from my home.
Where did you get the second one?”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
If she didn’t have a second mask, how would she be able to create an impostor Qu Lanyi? Qu Lanyi crept closer.
Yaoyao was walking with Lan Yi right now.
Qu Lanyi finally had a chance to get close to Yun Feng.

“However, I have other things, but they’re not as good as the one on my face.” Qu Lanyi breathed hot air next to Yun Feng’s ears.
Yun Feng’s body trembled slightly.
She was about to dodge, but Qu Lanyi quickly extended his arm and grabbed Yun Feng’s waist, pulling her into his arms.

“Let me hug you.
I’ve been holding back for so long…” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng tightly and felt the soft fragrance in his arms.
He had indeed been suffocating these days.
He could only watch Yun Feng and couldn’t do anything to her.
Especially after Yaoyao appeared, he was even more so.
The beauty in his heart was right in front of him, but he could only watch.
Qu Lanyi indicated that he was under too much pressure as a man.

Yun Feng blushed and didn’t struggle, but let Qu Lanyi hold her.
This man had been sticking to her since they met.
She could see that he was looking more and more like a starving beast.

“Alright, are you done?” Yun Feng said in a low voice.
Qu Lanyi mumbled like a spoiled child, “No, of course not!” Yun Feng struggled free from the man’s arm, and Qu Lanyi could only withdraw his hand in frustration.
He flipped his hand, and a translucent mask appeared in his hand.
“Although it’s not as good as the one I’m wearing, it’s not bad.
Normal people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

Yun Feng looked at the item in Qu Lanyi’s hand carefully and couldn’t help but exclaim in her mind.
That mask was only a thin layer.
It should be as thick as a layer of skin when it was attached to the face.
It was truly hard for people to notice.
Perhaps this mask was only used once, unlike the one on Qu Lanyi’s face, which could be used countless times and changed countless faces.

The exploration was still going on.
Although the Barren Plains was huge, the ten-person team had also finished exploring it in a short time.
Everybody expressed that they had found nothing.
Ming Xuan said, “In that case, let’s move forward.”

“Master Ming Xuan, are we still going forward?” Someone asked in doubt.
Ming Xuan turned around.
“Of course we have to go forward.
We have to continue exploring.”

“B-But if we go any further, it’ll be…”

Yun Feng looked forward.
If she walked further, she would enter the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
Even though it was the outer area, it was still the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

“The area we’re exploring includes the outermost area of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
Follow me.” Ming Xuan glanced at the person who spoke and walked forward without looking back.
The other four people looked at each other.
They were all at the Commander Level.
Even though their strength wasn’t bad, they were truly a bit frightened when they entered the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range… Ming Xuan was a summoner, but they weren’t!

Yun Feng pursed her lips and followed.
The other four people could only brace themselves and follow her.
There were ten of them anyway.
Even if something happened, it shouldn’t be a big deal… At worst, there would be other people in front of them!

They entered the outermost area of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range with different thoughts in their minds.
As soon as they entered, Yun Feng already felt that something was wrong.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately tensed up and looked around, transmitting telepathically, “Master, it’s too quiet here.”

Yun Feng held Yaoyao’s hand and walked forward.
Feeling the overly quiet aura around her, her mental strength quietly surged out to explore the surroundings.
No, there wasn’t a single Magic Beast around.

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Maybe we haven’t reached the area where Magic Beasts appear, Yun Feng thought in her mind.
Looking at Ming Xuan who was leading the way in front, she walked so calmly.
Was she familiar with this place?

The other four people followed behind carefully, as if they were ready to run at any moment.
Only the sound of footsteps kept echoing in this dark forest, which seemed unusually clear in this quiet space.

The few of them had already advanced a long distance and officially entered the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
Yun Feng frowned fiercely.
There was still no aura of a Magic Beast.
This was too weird!

“Master, she’s gone!” Little Fire roared.
Ming Xuan, who was leading the way, suddenly disappeared.
“Where’s Guardian Ming Xuan?” The four people behind asked with a trembling voice when they saw that Ming Xuan had suddenly disappeared.
Yun Feng frowned.
Before she said anything, a powerful aura was already approaching from afar, getting closer and closer!

This is… Yun Feng widened her eyes.
Qu Lanyi was also shocked.
Both Little Fire and Lan Yi cursed, “How did we run into it?”

“Prey, hahahaha, prey!” A hoarse and awful roar resounded in the forest.
Accompanied by a terrifying pressure, the ground also shook violently.
A giant creature was approaching at a high speed!

Yun Feng’s face also became completely gloomy.
She wasn’t unfamiliar with this momentum..
When she crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, she had already met it.
It was Yu Xiu!

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