Chapter 543: Magic Beast Auction (5)

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“The friend who’s bidding against me offers one more ore than I do every time.
Do you have no confidence? Isn’t it too boring to bid like this?” The other party couldn’t stand it anymore.
Even though his voice was calm, the suppressed anger in it was obvious that he was on the verge of collapse.

Yun Feng put on a smile.
“If you think so, just tell me your highest price.
If I can’t afford it, I’ll give it to you.”

“Humph!” A heavy snort sounded.
“A thousand!” With uncontrollable pride, the voice spread throughout the hall.
Some of the people in the hall shivered.
A thousand ultimate ores! A sky-high price! A real sky-high price!

Yun Feng was silent for a while, and the other party suddenly burst into laughter.
“If you don’t have the capital, don’t bid against other people and embarrass yourself in the end! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bid!”

Ling, who was standing on the auction stage, didn’t take the other party’s words seriously.
He asked slowly, “My Lady, do you still want to bid?”

Yun Feng chuckled as her cold voice echoed in the hall.
You’re truly generous.
I’m impressed.”

Everybody twitched hard again.
My God! 1,500 ultimate ores! I’ll be satisfied with one percent of those!

“F*ck, you’re messing with me!” Following the furious roar, a powerful aura was released from a certain place and pressed towards Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s expression was slightly cold as mental strength surged out of her body abruptly, blocking the other party’s aura.
It then turned into an extremely strong impact force and smashed fiercely in the direction of the attack!

The energy waves of the two people collided fiercely.
Although there was no physical attack, it caused a strong tremor and the entire hall shook a few times.
Ling’s voice came.
“Please restrain yourselves.
The auction is still going on! The highest bidder wins.
Is there anyone else who wants to bid higher?”

The other party didn’t say anything.
A thousand was his highest price, so he certainly couldn’t bid again.
Yun Feng won the Flower Eagle with the price of 1,500 ultimate ores, which gave the other people present a clear understanding.
This was an auction that belonged to a small group of people.
They were just an audience at best.

Yun Feng won the Magic Beast for 1500 ultimate ores, which set a new high.
The record holder of the auction couldn’t help but click his tongue.
This was the highest price in the history of the Magic Beast Auction!

Yun Feng was remembered by everyone for the two high prices.
Even though nobody saw her, they knew that she must have a lot of money.
She might be someone from the three halls!

The second Magic Beast was a fire-element Magic Beast.
Its species was quite rare, which caused a craze.
Yun Feng, who contracted Little Fire, certainly wouldn’t change her Magic Beast.
Xia Qing was only a wind-element Magic Beast and didn’t need a fire-element Magic Beast.
Yun Feng didn’t participate in the bidding for this Magic Beast.
Without a strong competitor like Yun Feng, the level of bidding was obviously much lower than before.
The person who shouted for a high price just then also didn’t make a sound.
She was probably just targeting the wind-element Magic Beast.

There were also double-element summoners, but they were few.
Yun Feng, as a five-element summoner, was probably the first.
The second Magic Beast was sold for only five hundred ultimate ores.
Ling was obviously a bit dissatisfied.
After all, the price was much lower than the one thousand and five hundred just then.

However, it couldn’t be forced.
After all, only those who needed fire elements would bid.
The success depended on whether the auction house could get the Magic Beasts of all other elements.

The second one was pushed down, followed by the third one.
When the staff came up, they were holding an exquisite box in their arms.
They put the box on the stage very carefully and retreated.
Ling stood next to the box and gently touched the edge of the box with his finger.

“It’s very rare to see water-element Magic Beasts on this continent.
After all, it’s difficult for water-element Magic Beasts to live on land.
You have to go to a specific area to find such Magic Beasts.
Among the water-element Magic Beasts, the merfolk race is the most crazy.”

Right after Ling said that, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly froze for a few seconds.
Yun Feng was also stunned.
The merfolk race was a Magic Beast race that wouldn’t appear on the continent.
They lived at the bottom of the Endless Ocean.
That mysterious and terrifying ocean was a place that humans couldn’t step into!

The League of Summoners could even get the Magic Beasts of the merfolk? Yun Feng couldn’t help but stand up and stared at the box with her black eyes.
The expression of the level-9 summoner in the hall also changed and she stared at the box.

Ling smiled slowly and gently pressed a button on the box with his white-gloved hand.
“Pa!” The four sides of the box dropped, revealing what was inside.

That thing was half a meter tall and emitted a glittering luster.
There was some blue elemental energy floating on its surface.
Although it was weak, it did exist.
Yun Feng’s breath tightened and her heart couldn’t help but jump.
That was… an egg?!

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A huge egg that was half a meter tall stood on the stage.
There were tiny water elements on its surface.
Looking from afar, it looked like it was surrounded by blue mist.
Nobody knew what was inside the egg.

Ling stood next to the egg that attracted everyone’s attention and glanced at the audience.
“Everyone can see that this is an egg that hasn’t hatched yet.
We all know how difficult it is to get the eggs of the merfolk.
Magic Beasts that haven’t been hatched are the easiest to tame.
Even as pets, the name of the merfolk can astonish everyone.”

The moment that was said, some people in the audience gasped.
Some summoners looked awful.
How could such a rare and precious Magic Beast be reduced to a pet? How could the Summoning Union allow such a thing to happen?

“That’s what the seller wants, even though it’s a shame to summon the alliance.
The seller has his own idea.
He doesn’t need ores to trade.
He has a specific request.
And the first person who fulfills his request can take the egg away.”

No ores? Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Everybody held their breath and focused.
That level-9 summoner was almost frowning..
If they didn’t want ores, there would undoubtedly be a lot of variables.
And what was the seller’s request?

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